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Results Show - Recap

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Results night and the Top 4: Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb wait to hear if they have done enough in America’s eyes to make it through to the next round. Ryan Seacrest comes out and welcomes the crowd. He says that he is going to announce shocking news for the judges and contestants. The Top 4 come out and sing “Girl On Fire”.

After the performance, they show a Ford commercial with the Top 4 and when they come back, Ryan is not there. The Top 4 read the teleprompter. Ryan runs in and apologizes. They show a video of the contestants talking about 5 things in 20 seconds. Amber is the winner of the challenge.

They take a look back at the night. For Amber, Jimmy says that she was great on Power of Love. However, the other song was wrong. She is in trouble. For Kree, Jimmy says that she didn’t redeem herself and says that to have a great performance, she needed a good song.

Stefano Langone comes out and performs his new single “Yes To Love”. He shows that he has what it takes to be an artist in today’s music industry.

They continue to look back at the night before. For Candice, Jimmy says that Candice played it safe and she needed to move forward. He talks about Jimmy going on stage and says that he feels that Nikki is sweet on him. Ryan tells Candice that Drake counldn’t make it, but it turns out, he does and Candice is happy and hugs him.

Lee DeWyze comes out on stage and sings his new single “Silver Lining”. He shows that he still has what it takes to be a successful recording artist.

They take a look at the night before. Last up is Angie. Jimmy says that she won the night because she had two great performance and says that she was a little in her head when she stepped away form the piano. Jessie J tweeted that she loved it. Mariah tells Angie that her at the piano is working.

They get to the results and they are going to form the Top 2 and the Bottom 2. Amber Holcomb is told to go to the far side, Angie Miller goes to the near side, Kree Harrison goes to the near side and Candice goes to the far side. The Top Two are Kree and Angie. This means that Amber and Candice are the Bottom Two. The person that could be leaving is No One! That is the Idol surprise because they will combine the votes from this week with next week.