Season 17

365 :17x01 - Episode No. 1701

One really smart dog figures out how to open his own can of food; Cats the musical (montage), with felines at their funniest set to music; a sky-diving man who freaks out before he makes the big leap, and Tom's Home Movies.
Director: Vin Di Bona

366 :17x02 - Episode No. 1702

Wedding blunders; a grandfather with a firefly trapped in his navel; a fortunate dog that lands a large fish.
Director: Vin Di Bona

367 :17x03 - Episode No. 1703

Tennis and table-tennis blunders; a pastor who has trouble staying awake during a wedding; a baby's ordeal with oatmeal; a father's experience with back-hair removal.
Director: Vin Di Bona

368 :17x04 - Episode No. 1704

A boy who tries a cannonball in an unlikely place; trick basketball shots; Tom Bergeron's home movies; a new spin on drive-through shopping.
Director: Vin Di Bona

369 :17x05 - Episode No. 1705

A Halloween-themed episode featuring people startled by scary costumes.
Director: Vin Di Bona

370 :17x06 - Episode No. 1706

A tribute to “Yankee Doodle Dorks” includes a model rocket with an unfortunate trajectory, a soldier's reaction to his wife's pregnancy and a collection of baseball blunders.
Director: Vin Di Bona

371 :17x07 - Episode No. 1707

A field of six contestants vies for a $100,000 prize. Also: A viewer wins a Disney vacation in the Mediterranean.
Director: Vin Di Bona

372 :17x08 - Episode No. 1708

A Thanksgiving-themed episode featuring a turkey on fire, a pants-less football player, and skiing and sledding bloopers.
Director: Vin Di Bona

374 :17x10 - Episode No. 1710

Christmas blunders include a clumsy Santa Claus, a shoddy house-decorating job and a tree that won't stay upright
Director: Vin Di Bona

375 :17x11 - Episode No. 1711

Clips of New Year's Eve shenanigans, including children's poolside antics; a boy having a seat on his birthday cake; a woman's clumsy dancing; and a raccoon that's inebriated after eating fermented berries.
Director: Vin Di Bona

376 :17x12 - Episode No. 1712

A look at water-sports gaffes features a kneeboarder coming in for a hard landing and an out-of-control Jet Skier. Also: clips of animals, including a hot-dog-eating seagull and an acrobatic squirrel.
Director: Vin Di Bona

377 :17x13 - Episode No. 1713

In this special episode, clips include mistakes at public events and some people with unique talents.
Director: Vin Di Bona

378 :17x14 - Episode No. 1714

An acrobatic bodybuilder taking a tumble; a man on a rope swing making a hard landing; a boy on a treadmill; a car parked in a toy rocket's path.
Director: Vin Di Bona

379 :17x15 - Episode No. 1715

A field of six competitors vies for a $100,000 prize with videos that include an encounter with the tooth fairy and a meatball mishap.
Director: Vin Di Bona

380 :17x16 - Episode No. 1716

In this episode, a cheetah finds himself in a precarious position involving a vehicle at an animal park, a teenager feels fruity after getting a pumpkin stuck on his head, and a dog attacks a piñata when he perceives it as a thread. These three videos and much more in this episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos.
Director: Vin Di Bona

381 :17x17 - Episode No. 1717

A cat is seemingly insulted when a little girl makes a comment about its weight. Also: practical jokes; birthday bloopers.
Director: Vin Di Bona

382 :17x18 - Episode No. 1718

Office bloopers include a man frightened by his coworkers' fake bat and another whose tie gets stuck in a laminating machine.
Director: Vin Di Bona

383 :17x19 - Episode No. 1719

Funny wedding clips include two women both catching the bouquet and then fighting over it, and a ring bearer not wanting to give up the wedding band.
Director: Vin Di Bona

384 :17x20 - Episode No. 1720

Funny clips include animals being pranked, a Christmas dinner is lit on fire, children having problems finding Easter eggs and funny basketball accidents.
Director: Vin Di Bona

385 :17x21 - Episode No. 1721

This episode features clips including a rubber bird that gets up in the freezer, a man who gets a pistachio nut stuck to his lip and a yard made a mess by a dog.
Director: Vin Di Bona

386 :17x22 - Episode No. 1722

Clips include people getting frightened by e-mails, accidents while fishing, a woman who loses her wig during an amusement park ride, a little boy having fun with whipped cream and raccoons stealing candy from a bowl.
Director: Vin Di Bona

387 :17x23 - Episode No. 1723

Clips include a teenager's hair getting stuck in an electic mixer, baseball accidents, the groom's cell phone ringing during his wedding and people throwing pies at each other.
Director: Vin Di Bona

388 :17x24 - Episode No. 1724

This episode features clips including practical jokes, brothers and sisters fighting, above-average animals, people hanging out at the playground and more...

Also, the last 7 weekly 10,000 dollars winners compeet for 100,000 dollars in AFVs last "100,000 Dollar Show" of season 17.
Director: Vin Di Bona

389 :17x25 - Episode No. 1725

AFV's 17th season finale is named "Grand Prize Spectacular". In this episode, the three 100,000 dollar winners in this season compeet for a trip to Disney Land Resort in California, to stay in the Mickey Mouse Penthouse, sailing on Disney Cruise Line to the Bahamas and spending a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite in Disney Land Resort in Florida. It's all part of Disney's "Year of a Million Dreams Celebration". Also, Tom took the Disney Cruise Line himself to Disney's own private island in the Bahamas, "Castaway Cay".
Director: Vin Di Bona

390 :17x26 - Episode No. 1726

Conclusion of the 17th-season finale, in which three $100,000 winners from last season compete for a grand prize that includes Disney vacations and a cruise to the Bahamas.
Director: Vin Di Bona
Classification: Variety
Genre: Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 15, 1990
Episode Order: 23
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