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Season 18

391 :18x01 - Episode 1801

Clips include a tractor sinking in water, a newly-married couple falling down the church stairs, two guys breaking the ceiling lamp while playing with a football, a woman accidentally falling in a pool while walking backwards, Tom's Home Movies and a montage of hilarious children.
Director: Vin Di Bona

392 :18x02 - Episode 1802

This episodes clips include a look at wacky dogs, birthday cake mayhem, a man who opens his door while in a car wash and mishaps at the playground.
Director: Vin Di Bona

393 :18x03 - Episode 1803

Clips include workplace woes: children making messes; and a parrot with harsh words for a cat.
Director: Vin Di Bona

394 :18x04 - Episode 1804

A Halloween-themed episode featuring people startled by scary costumes.
Director: Vin Di Bona

395 :18x05 - Episode 1805

Clips include cake mishaps; a man with a novel way of drinking champagne; a painful encounter with a crab; and contentious cats and dogs.

Director: Vin Di Bona

396 :18x06 - Episode 1806

Clips include a stingy cat who doles out pieces of food to a dog, one at at time.
Director: Vin Di Bona

397 :18x07 - Episode 1807

Among this weeks clips include: a girl spilling hot chocolate on her brother, and another mistakes his siblings underwear as a mask.
Director: Vin Di Bona

398 :18x08 - Episode 1808

The seven finalist videos are gathered for the chance to be crowned the funniest video and claim the $100,000 prize.
Director: Vin Di Bona

399 :18x09 - Episode 1809

Another look at clips from holidays past, including a clumsy Santa and a boy who experiences a dental problem as he opens a present. Also, kitchen bloopers.
Director: Vin Di Bona

400 :18x10 - Episode 1810

This episode features clips of football blunders, a little girl's vegetable mishap and a man who needs to learn how to fall from a tree.
Director: Vin Di Bona

401 :18x11 - Episode 1811

Clips include: A mother's gift surprises her daughter; children saying the funniest things; and a wedding toast which gets a new groom in trouble with his bride.
Director: Vin Di Bona

402 :18x12 - Episode 1812

Featured clips include reactions from a rollercoaster ride and trampoline bloopers.
Director: Vin Di Bona

403 :18x13 - Episode 1813

This episode features clips including a mom who has a prank pulled on her by her son, a man not having a very good time during his water slide ride, a dolphin being chased by a dog and a woman attacked by an ostrich.
Director: Vin Di Bona

404 :18x14 - Episode 1814

The best practical jokes in the history of the show, including the video deemed the greatest gag ever in 18 years of primetime hilarity, are featured in "AFV's" Top 10 Practical Joke Countdown. Clip highlights include a man scared by Dracula jumping out of a coffin, a man who dresses as the Grim Reaper to scare his mom, practical jokes that backfire, fake lotto pranks, a dad who fools his son into thinking he's slept through the night and that it's time for school, and a guy who teases his terrified buddy with a large iguana.

Source: ABC
Director: Vin Di Bona

405 :18x15 - Episode 1815

Featured clips include a gift of a box of worms from a son to his mother, and a man on a disastrous water slide ride. Also, wacky animals, a dog chasing a dolphin, and a woman attacked by an ostrich.
Director: Vin Di Bona

406 :18x16 - Episode 1816

America's Favorite Pet clips includes a dog who really knows his way around, and inside of a refrigerator, and animals who are great thieves.
Director: Vin Di Bona

407 :18x17 - Episode 1817

Tonight's prize of $100,000 will be won by one of five finalists. Clips shown include a little boy who struggles with a water fountain, an entertaining man performing at a water park, siblings struggle to figure out the sex of their mom's baby, and a praying mantis scares an unsuspecting man.
Director: Vin Di Bona

408 :18x18 - Episode 1818

Clips include a woman who inhales a bug while riding on a roller coaster, a sports mascot who becomes disoriented, a dog with a paper towel fetish, a charging buffalo at an animal park, and crabby newlyweds.
Director: Vin Di Bona

409 :18x19 - Episode 1819

This episodes clips include a dog's escape from a gated area, coworkers add a live mouse in a womans coffee cup, sour candy tasted by young twins, a boy with an unusual wrestling technique, and a boy tries to sneak a piece of cake out of the refrigerator.
Director: Vin Di Bona

410 :18x20 - Episode 1820

Clips included feature the funniest family moments such as a man fainting as he tapes his wife giving birth, and a little boy telling his grandfather that he is known as a cheapskate. Also included is a dog stealing a slice of pizza from a fridge, and a musical salute to people who ride roller coasters.
Director: Vin Di Bona

411 :18x21 - Episode 1821

The 400th episode in the series history includes wedding mistakes, a college dorm with its own waterslide inside the hallways, and a little girl who uses powered chocolate to make her mess.
Director: Vin Di Bona

412 :18x22 - Episode 1822

The clips featured in this episode includes a beehive stinging a man videotaping them, a hilarious montage of basketball bloopers and a skydiver who gets sick in the air.
Director: Vin Di Bona

413 :18x23 - Episode 1823

In order to determine which home video is truly the best of the best, previous winners are brought back in order to compete for a special price: an all expenses paid trip to one of Disney’s many resorts.
Director: Vin Di Bona
Classification: Variety
Genre: Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 15, 1990
Episode Order: 23
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