Season 19

414 :19x01 - Episode 1901

Season 19 rolls in with clips of men undergoing a hair waxing session; a brother offering unwanted help to his younger sibling on a diving board; a puppy who hates bathing; and a deer kicking a man.
Director: Vin Di Bona

416 :19x03 - Episode 1903

Among this episode's clips includes wedding mistakes with a groom who loses grip on his bride. Also, parents uncover their daughter's hiding place for food she didn't eat, and people finding out a loved one is pregnant.
Director: Vin Di Bona

417 :19x04 - Episode 1904

This episode features clips of birthday snafus; a couple's attempt at catching a squirrel inside their home and videos of cats and dogs.
Director: Vin Di Bona

418 :19x05 - Episode 1905

The clips in this episode includes mean brothers destroying the performance of their sister, a boy who sleeps while standing up and a man not knowing that he exited a restroom with a paper trail.
Director: Vin Di Bona

419 :19x06 - Episode 1906

Among clips included in this episode are baseball mishaps, practical jokes, firecrackers startles a man, and a woman is scared by a fake mouse, plus animal antics from a bulldog who wants a butterfly removed from its nose, and an alligator which steals a fisherman's catch.
Director: Vin Di Bona

420 :19x07 - Episode 1907

Clips from this episode includes a man experiencing a karma-like run-in with a ceiling fan, football follies and the reaction from a child caused by a woman's skin care routine.
Director: Vin Di Bona

421 :19x08 - Episode 1908

This special holiday episode includes clips of a clumsy Santa Claus, a dog stealing a cat's treats, a little boy's unusual version of "Jingle Bell Rock" and a girl who wants to solo on "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer."
Director: Vin Di Bona

422 :19x09 - Episode 1909

The first $100,000 show of the 19th season includes clips of a cat resisting a bath, a toddler performing a US-themed dance routine, a 3-year old playing with a hula hoop, a brother mocking his sister at a dance recital and a kid rushing the routine of blowing the birthday candles out on a cake.
Director: Vin Di Bona

423 :19x10 - Episode 1910

This episode's clips include a woman awaking to find her kitchen has been trashed by her dog, a trampoline montage, and surprising animal escapes.
Director: Vin Di Bona

424 :19x11 - Episode 1911

Clips include basketball blunders and amazing shots, a dog grinning at a camera, Johnny Cash's voice can make crying quadruplets laugh and a man spends an unusual amount of time fixing up his eyebrows.
Director: Vin Di Bona

425 :19x12 - Episode 1912

This episode includes clips of children making their choices of who they'd like to see as a president; people's reaction to a prank e-mail they received; a woman's bowling style looks dangerous and destructive; a bulldog who sounds like he says "I Love You"; an a wife's conversation with her husband as she gives birth.

426 :19x13 - Episode 1913

Clips included are a man scaring his family with a fake spider, a dog gets caught inside a refrigerator, swearing children, a cat vs. dog run-in and videos of practical jokes.
Director: Vin Di Bona

427 :19x14 - Episode 1914

This weeks clips include a dog's impression of E.T. : Extra Terrestrial, babies speaking for the first time, teenagers watching a childbirth video in health class.
Director: Vin Di Bona

429 :19x16 - Episode 1916

The clips featured in this episode, includes funny baseball mishaps, kids trying to pull out their own loose theeth, the eruption of a boy's homemade volcane and a man pranking his girlfriend with a crab on the beach.

Source: ABC

430 :19x17 - Episode 1917

Clips include two dogs having trouble on a treadmill, a mom and her son falling in the kitchen, a funny sketch of the 10 best shoe clips of all times, a kid saying a bad word during Christmas and a rocket launch going terribly wrong.
Director: Vin Di Bona

431 :19x18 - Episode 1918

Clips include a young woman falling off a swing, a funny sketch about which of three kids got bitten by a crab, a kid singing a Christmas song during a freezing winter, a dog managing to sneak into the refrigerator and a man failing to make a tree fall.
Director: Vin Di Bona

433 :19x20 - Episode 1920

Clips in this episode include unorthodox wedding proposals, a woman rescues a squirrel, a teenager takes one wild ride at an amusement park and a dog which attempts to outfox people.
Director: Vin Di Bona

436 :19x23 - Episode 1923

$100,000 will be awarded by one of seven people at the shows ending. Meanwhile, clips include a little boy's knowledge of presidents, the adventures of a woman under anesthetic at the dentist, a kid's basketball is stolen by a dog and people attempting to save a squirrel.

437 :19x24 - Episode 1924

Season 19 ends as three of the $100,000 winners battle it out for the grand prize. This seasons winner will receive a membership at Disney Vacation Club, with a choice of traveling anywhere in the world for 50 years.
Director: Vin Di Bona
Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Variety
Genres: Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Sundays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 15, 1990
Episodes Order: 23
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