Los Angeles auditions - Recap

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America’s Got Talent is back for another season and this season has it all like last season except for one tidbit, they have a new Judge! Nick Cannon is in an airplane announcing the talent. The judges Pierce Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and new judge Howie Mandel enter are introduced and they are all smiles and ready to begin another season of America’s Got Talent. Nick promises that this year is going to be the best show we have ever seen. America’s Got Talent takes on cities: New York, Orlando, Chicago, Portland, and Dallas.

Starting in Los Angeles the judges enter and Nick Cannon gets the crowd started and introduces the judges. The prize to be won like always is 1 million dollars and a headline show in Las Vegas. First up in Los Angeles is “Future Funk”, a 5 year old and 9 year old dance act. The two little dancers agree that if they won the million dollars that they would buy toys. Looks like they have their priorities strait, right? They start their dancing and get the crowd going and 9 years old kid break dances and the two boys have fun on the stage and end with a head spin! Howie says that it is his first WOW moment. Pierce says that they are the best dancers for their age. Sharon says that they are the “future funk”. The two boys dance their way into the way to the next round.

After the break 31 year old newly American Ranses Valentt up for the challenge and when he gets on stage Howie accidently buzzes his buzzer and Ranses laughs with Howie and it is certain that Ranses is nervous. This Brazilian turned American starts off singing. With his fauseto voice, Nick jokes that if the viewers at home have a dog he apologizes. First to buzz is Howie. Sharon buzzes right after and then Pierce. The whole time the crowd was booing Ranses off the stage. He thanks the judges and attempts to leave but Nick tells him that the judges want to talk to him. Pierce says that he has a unique voice but he is not right for the competition. Howie buzzes his buzzer accidently again.

The next scenes is a montage of bad acts that involve Howie getting used to his buzzer with the different acts of Timur and the Dime Museum, Barmen group Dare to Flare who drop glass after glass on stage, Lui Attanasi enters with some background dancers and sings horribly, Chainsaw Chicks carve through ice and a chainsaw breaks. The acts showed that they didn’t have enough talent to get through to the next round.

After the break Howie is still not used to the buzzer as he accidently hits it again. Swingshift sideshow enters the stage and Nick tells them not to do anything that will make them have nightmares. They start with one of the girls stapled pieces of paper to her forehead and breasts. Nick is off stage starting to feel queasy. The guy in the group drills a giant corkscrew through his nose and jaw to which Pierce turns away. The other girl puts a needle through her cheek and the act ends with sword swallowing. Nick is doubled over. Pierce said that they were disgusting but compelling to watch. The freak show act had no effect on the wife of the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne. But, Howie and Pierce are intrigued what is next and Swingshif Sideshow is through to the next round.

Ring Masters come on the stage and it looks like one guy is dancing but then he opens the suitcase and there are two of them. They start dancing and then they start to dislocate their arms and everything else and it turns out to be a contortion’s act but it is unique. Howie loves it and calls it very unique. Sharon loved it and asked if they have other dances besides the bone breaking dance and lets them through. Pierce said it was just weird for him. Despite his feelings though, Howie and Sharron tell Pierce to shut-up and puts Ring Masters through to Vegas.

A montage of success plays to which we are entertained by Bollywood dancers Mona Sampath Dance Company who impress with their Indian dancing and get through. Mas dances his hips off and gets through. Kung Fu Heroes martial art their way through that included a guy falling right on his back. Howie tells that Sharon and Pierce are fun to work with and they take a little break outside.

Next up to close the 1st day is French man Haspop who wants to show off his dance moves and show that he has got talent and wants to impress his children back at France. He starts off and impresses with his locking and popping act and has fun on stage. The crowd goes nuts after the performance and Pierce says that he has never seen anything like that before and put him through to Vegas. Sharon was left wanting more and says that she can’t wait to see more. Howie says that he deserves to do his dancing indoors. This was a good way to close the end of Day one.

Day Two on America’s Got Talent in Los Angeles and the crowd is piled in. The judges are introduced again The first act to come in, Maricar, gets the guys all excited because she is dressed in a Catwoman outfit with a whip. Pierce asks what she is going to do and what she is going to paint after which Howie says, “Does it matter?” She begins her act with her painting and sultry dancing on three canvases. The men of the audience stand up and cheer her on. She puts the three pieces together and it is the face of Catwoman to which Pierce gives her a standing ovation and not to mention other men giving her a “standing ovation”. Howie says that it was like Art meets IKEA (because she had to assemble the painting together) meets Gentleman’s Club. Sharon calls it stunning. Pierce calls it brilliant. So this sexy painter moves on to the next round.

Next up is 72 year old Evan Bearst. He is going to show off his skills as a dancer and he begins to dance around. Dancing to the oldies, it is amazing that a 72 year old could move like that. Pierce buzzes him and he ends the act after a little bit. Howie wants to know if he could sustain an audience but ultimately says no, Sharon says no as well and Pierce doesn’t think he would make it through anyways. Nick comes out and dances with him to cheer his spirits. The old timer is not going to give up and is determined to audition again next year.

After the break Hannibal Means, who has been spending 25 years in Vienna, Austria, wants to be a singer and to share his “energy”. Playing the piano and singing “Hallelujah” he remakes it to fit his voice and ruins it for Pierce with exaggerating the song a little bit. Pierce said it was not the singing that made it bad for him but it was the murdering on the keyboard. But Howie calls it a weird dream and Sharon liked it and puts him through anyways.

Another Montage of acts that get through which consists of a male cheerleading squad called “Cheer SF”, a belly dancing group Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters, and circus act Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon who wow the judges and a very excited Ashleigh jumps on her partner. Afterwards, Howie surprises Pierce with the Cheerleaders from the performances with a cheer for him. He is embarrassed and the show takes a break.

After the break, teen band “Dead off Center” are in the middle of performing and get all positive answers. The next act is George Ronith. He is an impressionist that wants to show the judges his talent. In his attempt of Marlon Brando, it was horrible. His impression of Clint Eastwood was even weirder, Sean Connery impersonation was the one Pierce buzzed to. His last impression of Arnold Swartzeneggar was horrible too. However, Howie thought it was comical and tested him on his impressions. Pierce called it a bunch of crap and Howie tells that Pierce doesn’t know what he is talking about and rambles on to which pierce says “Deal or no Deal”. Nice reference to Howie’s last hosted show eh? He gets through to Vegas.

Next up is New Directions Choir and they tell their story that they are formally homeless veterans who have gotten their life back on track. The story is inspiring but is the talent any good? Starting off, the choir is really good. Singing a gospel hit, they have a range including Carl Griffin, a man who was homeless for 25 years, has a deep, and we mean deep singing voice. The crowd and judges give them a standing ovation and Sharon said it was emotional and calls them great singers, Howie calls them inspirational, and Pierce wants to know what the performance means to them. They tell that it was the best for them and the camera shows the crowd wiping their eyes. Pierce calls it the most emotional and powerful thing they’ve seen and they move onto Vegas.

Back at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, next up is two...girls... “No Shade” who attempt to WOW the audience and judges with their tumbling, singing, and rapping. With flips, choreography at the beginning, it is all ruined when they opened their mouths. The crowd boos them and Sharon asked where they left their voices. Howie didn’t know what they were all about and suggest that they go the way of Milli Vanilli” and not sing. The two are out without a word to Nick and anyone else.

This sets off a slew of bad acts that included Noteworthy who sing all the sour notes, Christopher and the Crystoppers ruins the audience’s ears with his attempt at singing while roller-skating and has the guts to blame the microphone, and Jillia the flame balancer comes out and is rejected to which she says that it is their opinion and that they did not understand her act.

After the break to close America’s Got Talent, is Michael Grimm who wants to share his talent of playing music and gets a little emotional in the video when talking about his life. He wants it to be his time and to take him further. Entering with his guitar, Howie asks Michael what winning means to him. He tells that it would mean the world to him. Starting off he plays and sings wonderfully. The crowd loves it and he plays perfectly through to the end of his song. With a standing ovation from the crowd, Pierce was not expecting much but was amazed. Sharon says that he has a soulful voice. Howie tells him that he has talent and wants him to step it up too though and not just sit in the chair and sing. This is the beginning of his dream, and he gets through to the next round.

That is the end for Los Angeles. Time to move on to another city!