Dallas auditions - Recap

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Round two of auditions and they’re back for another nerve racking time on America’s Got Talent to search for the winner of the million dollars and the opportunity to have their very own headliner show in Las Vegas. Host Nick Cannon and judges Pierce Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and newcomer Howie Mandel are in Dallas, Texas this time. The crowd is gathered and the judges have high expectations for the big state. They are lined up and ready to go!

First up is “ArcAttack” where they want to play music and incorporate lightening into the act. The jobs of the 5 guys involved are highly involved and take degrees besides one who is a janitor which is pretty comical in itself. With the music playing to the Darth Vadar theme of “Star Wars”, and it seemed nothing was going to happen. But using himself as a conductor to the electricity, one man starts to toss the lightening around and impresses the judges. Pierce says that it was the best show he has seen and Howie agrees. Sharon did not like it because of being too technical for her. But they have 2 out of 3 votes and they are through to the next round to show some more lightening tricks.

Next up is Cut Throat Freak Show who is a genital, yes genital daredevil. He has enlisted Nick to help him light and he pulls out the “you know what”. Immediately Sharon and Pierce buzz him but Howie wants to see what he is going to do. Nick tells Howie to buzz him but he is intrigued. The guy lights his “junk” on fire! The sensors block this out for the sake of our eyes. At the end of the act Pierce says never, and Sharon says no. Howie told him that he could go to Vegas and blow his stuff off but that it is a no for the competition.

Sexy singer, actor, and model Jenna Adora Somar enters the stage and attempts to impress the judges and audience with her singing and tells that it is all for Howie. To this, Howie takes notice that it is all for him. The crowd hates it from the beginning and attempt to boo her off. Pierce and Sharon buzz her off and Howie asks someone for a dollar and gives it to her. It is apparent where she is headed in her career if that wasn’t a hint enough. Sharon says that the only thing missing was the pole. Pierce complimented on her song choice and said she truly was no good.

Returning after the break, the next act ready to impress is a dog act called the “Mutley Crew”. The dogs are vocal before the act and the act begins with dogs jumping through hoops and the crowd is impressed with the act. The dogs are really talented and Pierce likes the dog act and says yes. Sharon compliments the dogs saying that they are really talented and gives them the passage to the next round. Howie agrees with both of them.

This set off a round of winners where rock band, “Le Freak” move on to the next round followed by Chip Townsend with his martial arts and brick breaking and other stuff. To which the judges want to see more. “Erin Go Braughless”, a professional burlesque dancer with some “extra baggage”, wants to make sure that Pierce is on her side as she sits on his lap. She too moves on to Vegas.

Next up after the break, Taylor Mathews wants to play the guitar and sing and make his dad proud. Walking on stage you can tell right away that he is nervous. Starting off, singing a jazzy version “Somewhere over the Rainbow” he gets the crowd going and gets a standing ovation. Sharon asks if he is still nervous after that and he said he is shaking like a dog. Howie calls it original, Sharon calls him different and calls him an individual, and Pierce says that he has an amazing voice and a girl shouts out “I want to marry you!” This country boy moves on to the next round and has made his dad proud of course.

Next is band director Ray Sanders who says that he wants to play a rare instrument, the turkey baster? This act gets quickly booted off and this set off a round of horrible acts that included: Nancy LaFancy who attempts to dance but is just disgusting, Jason Andrews who wants to show off his magician skills but it is not good, and Jason Dowty’s singing quickly gets booed. It seems that the day is not going to make a good impression. But Howie’s spirits are high as he says that it is only a draught and that it is going to recover.

Miss Donna is a flaming knife juggler is up and right away she admits that she is blind in one of her eyes and that her equilibrium is off too. The judges take cover as Ms. Donna begins her act. Throughout the act the judges are literally afraid of her and duck under the judge’s table. After the act Howie defiantly doesn’t want more, but Pierce and Sharon save her and say yes calling it interesting and is interested what is next after that.

The final act of the episode is an 11 year old white rapper named CJ Dippa. After introductions the little player, as we find out, begins and it is amazing that this little rapper and dancer can actually do it at all. He gets the crowd going and starts dancing around the stage. Pierce says “move over Eminem”. Sharon says that he has it all. Howie tells him to dump his girlfriend that he has now because he is about to get a lot more phone calls after that performance. Thus, the auditions end for Dallas and the judges are happy that Dallas represented and that it was really fun. Moving on to the next city, who will represent next time?