New York City auditions (2) - Recap

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America’s Got Talent is back for another round of auditions in New York and it is day two! The judges are ready for the talent to prove what they have to offer and that they are going to win the spot that is so coveted. With the hopes high from the judges that New York is going to represent, they start up the acts! First up is 74 year old Mary Ellen who wants to sing a Patsy Cline song and play the keyboard at the same time! Warming up, Mary Ellen starts and sings off key. She is startled by Pierce’s buzzer. Sharon tells her to go on but that was a bad mistake as her singing is horrible! After the second buzz by Sharon, Mary Ellen speeds it up with a Yodeling Medley. Howie start to get into it. Pierce tells Mary Ellen that she looks like Sharon and feels the wrath that Sharon has. Howie tells that he liked her act and wants to see more but Pierce says no. Sharon has a soft spot for her and sends the old timer through to Vegas to find what she is looking for.

Back after the break, that talent has something to prove and the judges want high expectations as stated in the beginning and a range of acts make it through. Rudi Macgaggi attempts to balance on his head on a basket ball, on a stool and champagne bottles and does it! Howie, Pierce, and Sharon all tell Rudi yes and he moves on to Vegas. A dance group from the 80’s called Spangles Dance Company brings back the famous past time and makes it through with Howie saying that he felt his Mullet returning. Eric the, impresses the crowd with his talent of the yo-yo! Pierce calls him incredible.

Next is magician Michael Grasso who wants to attempt some magic on the America’s Got Talent stage and impresses when he makes his assistant disappear and then transfer from the box that she was in to outside with only a wave of the curtain! The crowd cheers them on and the judges tell it was amazing. Howie was amazed and Sharon likes the style. Pierce calls it brilliant. Backstage they are still trying to figure out how Michael did it in the first place.

Back in New York, it is about the dance troupes as they go through. Anna and Patryk impress with their young aged dancing skills and the audience and judges are amazed. But this is not the same for “Just the two of us”, a married couple who want to attempt to impress the judges with their lute and flute playing and singing. They tell that there is not any two instruments that rhyme like flute and lute. The singing is atrocious and you can hear a “you suck” from the audience. Howie senses the love, but it is a no for him. Sharon found two instruments that rhyme “sitar and guitar”. The judges say no to the couple but they are not disappointed and still have each other.

The talent is not getting any better when the next act shows up. It is “Chale” who wants to be a singer and voice over talent. Walking on with confidence he attempts to impress the judges and the audience boos him off the stage. The judges buzz him out and they all say no. Next up to loose are: Little Willie who doesn’t impress with his bizarre act, Mainstream Orchestra with their attempt to get though an act doesn’t hit the right cords for the judges that sounded a massive merry-go-round. Sharon calls it ridiculous. It appears that the talent has hit yet, another snag.

Hoping to redeem New York again is 10 year old Nina Majares and dance group “Legit” who want to sing and dance for the judges. At 10 years old the girl has a voice that impresses the crowd and the dancing isn’t that bad either! Pierce says that it was a good but not great. Sharon tells that Nina has stage presence but wants to see more of her. Howie calls her adorable and wants her to make it more. Howie says yes, Pierce says that she is not ready and says no, and Sharon tells that she is not ready yet and doesn’t listen to the crowd and says no. So, the little girl goes off stage and cries off the stage.

America’s Got Talent is back and next is 58 year old Alice Tan Ridley. Mother of an Oscar winner, Alice wants to show her stuff as a singer. Singing “At Last” she shocks the audience with her soulful voice and perfect pitch. This woman showcases her voice beautifully and gets the crowd on their feet. Howie tells that she has an amazing voice. Pierce tells that it was the best audition of the day. Sharon is shocked she isn’t signed yet. Alice makes it through to Vegas and who knows if she will follow her daughter’s success as well?

Next up after the break the auditions are coming to a close and the last act is illusionist Chip Cooney. Entering the stage with his materials, he attempts to wow the audience. Starting the act he throws dust out and makes “Disney magic” as Nick Cannon says back stage. It is funny as all his magician tricks go sour on purpose. His last act involves him tying himself up and getting out with his shit over his head. Howie loves the fact that he is making his acts go bad on purpose. Sharon tells that he is talented and fun to watch. Pierce doesn’t get it and is certain that he is not going to have a vote and Chip goes through to Vegas thanks to Howie and Sharon! The New York auditions are over and they move onto the next city!