Orlando auditions (1) - Recap

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The auditions move on to Orlando and the crowd is ready to be that untapped talent that the judges are looking for! The judges Pierce Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel enter the auditorium and they are all smiles to what to expect and Howie gloats that he has performed on the actual stage as well! The prize of $1 Million and a headliner show in Las Vegas! The auditions begin! First up is Jason and he wants to impress the judges with his freestyle dancing. He starts up and he is booed by the audience and buzzed out by the judges. His dance moves were not as good as what the judges were expecting. It looked like he was skipping around stage. Nick Cannon comes out and tells that the judges are not ready for what Jason has to offer.

This set off a montage of losers that include eyebrow raising Jonathon, Cosmo P from outer space that consisted of horrible dancing and weird music, and a man dress in a colorful outfit who attempts to sing Britney Spears and can’t get Howie’s name right. But backstage he has more fun with Nick and his horrible singing. Orlando is back to prove that they’ve got some talent. Next to prove that is a dance group called “The Morphs”. This group dressed in stockings from head to toe does not impress and they walk off the stage. Billy Bob tries to entertain with his bicycle and starts trying to make music on it. Hula Monsters attempt to impress with the hula hoop twirling and they take offence when the judges don’t buy it. Stacy Weaver pains the audience’s ears with his singing. So there is a horrible time for the judges in Orlando so far.

44 years old Loney Lear wants to get Orlando out of the day of losers with his singing and he tells that he is better then last year’s winner. But unfortunately for the audience and the judges, this cowboy is no Kevin Skinner. His voice is out of tune throughout the whole song. Howie tells that he can’t find anything positive of his act. So it looks like the auditions are going to continue from bad to worse. The judges are not optimistic and are getting a little bit tired of being in the town they had high hopes for.

However, redemption comes in the way of a Crew Ship entertainer named Nick Pike and he wants to get through to Vegas. His plan and fast talking seems to be an entertaining act. He entertains the masses and even keeps his word to river dance when he dropped one bottle. After the act he tells that he dropped one so he could show Pierce that he can river dance. Howie tells that he is going through. Pierce changes his policy about you drop one you are out and calls it entertaining. Sharon puts him through as well. Looks like Nick is going to entertain more with his fire juggling, bowling pins and Chain Saw in Vegas!

After this, Orlando picked up the slack and showed that they have talent and this is through a meadly of winners. First is dance company “kruti” who impress with their Hindu dancing and they get through. Chris the singer and dancer shows that he has what it takes to be the winner and gets through to Vegas. Jayna the strong woman does a back bend and allows Nick to stand on her stomach and gets through. Elaine Tee 73 year old wants to sing and dance and entertains despite her off key voice and gets through to the next round.

Back with America’s Got Talent and 19 year old Nathaniel Kenyon wants to impress with the guitar and his voice. He enters the stage and wins the audience when he tells he works in an old folk’s home. Sitting down, Nate starts off and his voice is a little shaky but he has skills and impressed the judges and audience. Pierce buzzes. At the end of his performance, Howie noticed that he was nervous. Howie tells that he doesn’t have the best voice but he has the girl vote. Pierce doesn’t think he is ready. Sharon and Howie feel that he has the “it” factor and put the scared little puppy through to Vegas.

The auditions are back and Trystan and Krystyn want to impress the judges with their sideshow act that is not entirely safe. As they sharpen the sword on the stage. Trystan swallows the sword with no problem. Krystyn takes a drill and drills it down Trystan’s THROGHT! All the judges are sick to the stomach. There are many times that the judges had to turn away for fear that they would vomit. However it turned to be entertaining. Pierce calls the act mad but enjoyed it. Sharon found it compelling. Howie loved it too! The freaks are going to Vegas and Trystan is ok.

The auditions come to a close and a dance group Wreckless wants to impress with their dance moves and share their story of their love for each other and how hard of a life they have had. The dance group dance to a rendition to Lady Gaga’s Telephone and they are amazing! They are perfect in their timing and bring the dance level up to a new height. At the end of their performance, the group gets a standing ovation with the word “Vegas” being chanted. The group is happy and so are judges who call the dance group amazing! Pierce told that the group “kicked butt” The group become really emotional. Simply the best act of the season so far. Day one in Orlando comes to a close and they move on to another city to see which of America’s cities Got Talent!