Hollywood (3) - 3rd 12 of Top 60 perform - Recap

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The talent continues in Hollywood and this time South Philly Vikings, CJ Dippa, Harmonica Pierre, Polina Volchek, Strange Familiar, Haspop, Luigi, Chipps Cooney, Kaya and Sadie, Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, Debra Romer, and Studio one Young Beast Society are going to be up to perform and show that they have the talent that everyone wants to see and vote on. Will they have what it takes and show that they can go all the way? The show opens with the usual entrance of the judges and they get ready to see the talent performing tonight.

South Philly Vikings are up first and are a group of blue collar workers that have a creative streak and are a dance group that want to show what they got. They come on stage and their costumes are very unique. Piers buzzes them out and they finish up their dance routine. Piers tells that it was overgrown school children in alien costumes. He tells that they don’t dance that well. Sharon tells that she needs to apologize for her “English” friend and Piers tells that he is Irish. Sharon tells that it is the reason why Piers is so mean. Sharon tells that their act is entertaining and Howie tells that he doesn’t really know what the act is all about.

Twelve-year old CJ Dippa gets on the stage and tells that it is like a dream come true. He knows that he will push through to the finals. CJ enters with a DJ and raps with one of his original songs again. He shows off his dance skills to add to the entertainment. Sharon asks when he wrote the rap and he tells that he wrote it before and he had to spice it up. Howie tells that it is he deserves to go through. Piers tells that he didn’t understand it at all but tells that he doesn’t understand any Rap so it is all good.

Harmonica Pierre is up next and he enters plays on the harmonica. Playing “Hey Soul Sister” on the harmonica he hits every note. Howie tells that he did an amazing job but he doesn’t know if harmonica is big enough to win. Piers says that he knows that harmonica is not the big talent however, he is the best harmonica player. Sharon calls him stunning and hot and tells that it is not up to the judges but to America.

Next after the break is Polina Volchek is changing her normal hula hoops and is going show her abilities as a gymnast. Piers buzzes of course. She finishes and Piers tells that he thought it was boring and it was just her dancing around with a rope. However, Sharon disagrees and says that her timing was amazing and tells that she could watch it for hours. Howie tells that Polina is an entertainer.

Strange Familiar get their chance to make it into the finals next and they are used to the bar scene and they want to follow their dreams. Singing “Time After Time”, the group sings and they are in perfect tune. Sharon tells that she has to be honest and says that she didn’t like the choice of song but that they are good enough to get through. Howie tells that it is hard to get the wow factor and that it is very important to have that. Piers goes as far to say that the girl in the group should go solo and ditch the band.

Haspop is up and he tells that he needs to be perfect in his dancing and that is what he is going to bring. Howie tells that is the Wow factor and that he really loved it. Piers tells that it takes a lot to give up what he did and that he did a fantastic job. Sharon says that Haspop brought everything and agrees with Piers and Howie and says it is the best performance of the night.

Luigi is up next and plays and sings “This Love”, he has perfect pitch and sings the best he can. Piers doesn’t like it that much and buzzes him. Piers tells that he thinks that he is a good singer, but there were parts of the song that he wasn’t top of his game and tells that he can’t win. Sharon tells that she has seen Luigi better but tells that is still an open competition. Howie tells that Luigi made mistakes and that he possibly costs himself the competition.

After the short break, Chipps Cooney is up to show his comedy and he enters the stage and tells that he ran out of illusions and will go back to his roots as a Chip-N-Dale’s dancer. But it is not good when he actually starts to strip on stage and gets buzzed by all the judges

Kaya and Sadie are up and they bring belly dancing to the stage and they dance and Howie tells that he wasn’t judging and was just watching. He is a little “too” excited and they move to Piers, who just recently got married, tells that their bellies were amazing and that they can take it to the top. Sharon agrees with Piers and tells that they were amazing and they can make it to the end.

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven is next and he is going to show the judges his talent of cycling and doing a very dangerous stunt to show that he has talent. He is blindfolded for the last part and kept everyone on the edge of their seat. Piers tells that he is a natural crowd pleasure and that he is a natural showman. Sharon says that he is fantastic and is the new stunt devil. Howie tells that he was feeling the fear and that it was amazing.

Debra Romer performs next and changes her tune to a more upbeat song and her performance is on pitch throughout the whole song. She gets a standing ovation from Piers. Sharon tells that her confidence was there and tells that she has a beautiful face and her voice is delightful. Howie tells that she is growing and she is very talented. Piers tells that she is a star. Howie chews Piers out for not respecting his opinion and they Nick suggests that they fight.

Last up for tonight is Studio One Young Beast Society. They enter the stage and they dance in unison. Howie tells that was the best dance group in the stage of the competion. Piers tells that they were all on their game and that they ended on a brilliant high. Sharon tells that they have shown their own personalities and that they were great. The performances are over for the night. Who will be joining the others in the finals? America decides!