Results Show #5 - You Tube results show - Recap

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The votes are in, the acts have performed. Now is the time to find out who is going to win. With 4 spots available, who is going to be able to have their dream realized and which acts are going to be back in front of their web cams? There is a lot of pressure on and Sharon tells that the show took a big risk and that they had some magical moments the other night. With many acts that performed the judging commences.

Pup, Pizza Pat, Maestro Alexander Bui, and Alex Anderson are the first to face the knife. Sharon tells that her gut usually tells what the answer is but she can’t tell who is going to go through. The act going through to the semi-finals is Maestro Alexander Bui. Piers tells that he doesn’t get what Sharon was talking about the hard decision was about. Piers tells that Maestro needs to stick to the classical music but to make it more mainstream.

After the break, “Quick Change” is up and they show that they have the talent of having the success they have. No one knows how they do it as they change clothing within seconds! They perform and amaze the audience to their feet. Ending with the feather clothing change it is amazing to watch them do what they do best.

Evolution of dance’s Judson Laipply performs on the America’s Got Talent stage and sticking to his roots, he does dances from different eras. After the performance, Nick talks to him and he tells that he originally wanted it to be a closing video for his people who he gave advice to and didn’t realize that it would have generated so many hits on YouTube. He thanks his fans and leaves the stage.

The next up to go against the results are Dylan Plumber, Dan Sperry and Booker Forte. The winner is Dan Sperry and Howie runs up to the audience away from Dan. But Dan tells that he is used to people running away from him. Howie tells Dan to come back anytime and that he will be up away from him.

Next after the break is Li Yu Chun. Singing “I will always love you”, he sings with a powerful falsetto voice. With a translator he talks with Nick and he tells that he wants to thank all of his fans and for letting him share his voice with everyone.

Ryan Rodriguez and Jackie Evancho are up and it is no contest who the winner is going to be in this group. Jackie Evancho goes through and Nick tells that she was amazing and Howie tells that everyone is talking about her and they only had one question, “Is it really her singing?” She proves it is her voice by singing a few notes.

PLUtonic, Cam Hodges, and Christina Young are up and the one act leaving the competition and going home is PLUtonic. That leaves Cam Hodges and Christina Young and they make their plea to the judges to make their spot in the semi-finals concrete. They take a short break and the judges decide. Howie tells he is proud of them both and both had a few mistakes and he has to go with his gut and has to go with Cam Hodges. Sharon tells that they are so new and they don’t know their best performance yet. She chooses Christina Young. Piers tells that after hearing Jackie, it was a little hard to see if they could rise to the bar. He goes with the one with the most potential and that is Christina Young. So the 4 acts to go through are Maestro Alexander Bui, Dave Sperry, Jackie Evancho, and Christina Young.

Next week is a Wildcard SHOW!! 12 acts are going to go perform for their chance again. Michael Grasso, Connor Doran, Swing Shift Side Show, Kruti Dance Academy, Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, RNG, CJ Dippa, Harmonica Pierre, Anna and Patryk, Doogie Horner, and Rudi Macaggi. Tune in!