Wild Card Show - 2nd chance - Recap

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Tonight 4 acts are going to be chosen to be able to go through to the Semi-Finals and they are split up into groups. For Piers: Anna and Patryk, Doogie Horner, Kruti Dance Academy, and Harmonica Pierre. For Sharon: RNG, Rudi Macaggi, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, and Michael Grasso. For Howie: Swing Shift Side Show, Connor Doran, The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, and CJ Dippa. It is the Wildcard Show and anything can happen! The show kicks off normal and it is the last chance for the acts to make it into the Semi-Finals.

First up is Kruti Dance Academy and Piers tells that he brought them back because they were the ones with big potential. They dancers start off and show their Eastern dancing and they are synchronized perfectly. They dance with no mistakes. Piers tells that his decision was warranted and that it was a great performance. Sharon tells that it was exotic, and beautiful. Howie tells that he agrees that they are talented but at this time, he has a problem with whether or not they deserve a spot in the Semi-Finals.

Next up is Rudi Macaggi and Sharon tells that he combines danger and intrigue. He has the plan to deliver even more danger. He is going to attempt to do a flip into rope. Piers buzzes. Sharon tells that the technique is great but that she is somewhat disappointed. Howie tells that you can’t rush genius. He tells that it was not that good. Piers tells that he downsized the danger level and that it was only dull.

After the break, CJ Dippa is up and Howie tells that he brought back CJ because he wanted to give him another chance. He is singing a song that singing a song dedicated to a dancer in Studio One Dance Company. He gets on the stage and raps. Piers buzzes. Howie asks how CJ did this performance and he tells that he didn’t give it his all. Howie tells that he wasn’t up to par. Piers tells that it is very big of CJ that he admited that it was not the best. Piers tells that he was too flashy and that he wasn’t himself. Sharon tells that the song was the best but that it just needs to be polished.

Next is RNG and Sharon tells that she brought them back because they belong in the contest. They are going to give it their all and they enter the stage. They show their roots to the hip hop they did first and Piers buzzes. At the end they use what Howie said when they last performed about it being a dance recital to which Howie is shocked. Sharon tells that she is happy she brought them back and loved the attitude. Howie tells that they are phenomenal but are they up to par with the rest of the rest of the talent. Piers tells that it wasn’t good enough and that they had attitude but it was disorganized.

Harmonica Pierre is up and Piers tells that he brought him back because he is a wonderful character that is committed. Pierre plays Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” on the harmonica and it is amazing! Howie tells that he only buzzed because it was Piers’s pick and Piers has buzzed their acts. Howie tells that it was good, but not good enough for the Finals. Sharon tells that it was amazing in talent but also believes that it won’t make it as a headline act.

Next up to perform is Michael Grasso and Sharon tells that he was amazing and that she wanted to see him back. Michael says that it is going to be a lot more dangerous then before and will get a better result. The first standing ovation of the night and they keep cheering. Sharon thanks him and tells that he was amazing. Howie tells that he is the first act of the night to be worthy of the competition. Piers tells that Sharon has a knack for talent and that it was amazing.

The Hot Shot Tap Dancers are up and Howie brought them back because they deserve a second chance. Piers, of course, buzzes. Howie tells that they started off spectacular but got boring. Piers tells that the choreography was boring and that they all feel that they are not up to the level. Sharon tells that they dance as a team instead of individuals.

Next act Doogie Horner and he starts to make fun of the competition and gets the crowd laughing. He gets a positive from Piers and he tells that he brought the comedy again and it was funny. Sharon calls him a wied man but a funny man. Howie tells that he wanted to bring Doogie back but Piers already got him. Howie tells that his material was great and that America is going to love him.

After the break, Connor Doran and Howie tells that he brought him back because everyone was mesmerized the last time he performed. He receives a standing ovation and Howie tells that he doesn’t need to say anything because the crowd going wild. Piers tells that it was amazing and that he brings the kid in everyone out and Sharon asks how he flies the kite indoors. Connor tells it is all about motion and Sharon tells that he created magic.

Up next is Anna and Patryk and Piers brought them back because they are very good ballroom dancers. Piers gives them a standing ovation and the rest of the audience as well. Piers tells that they are amazingly talented and tells that is fun to watch. Sharon tells that she feels that she is watching 20 year olds but they are really Howie still feels about their talent is not that good for the talent show.

Michale Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon are up and Sharon tells that she brought them back because she believes in them and they are going to give America everything they have. They perform a sensual dance and there is a moment in the dance when Michale drops Ashleigh. Everyon stands on their feet fearing the worst. But it is a trick and everyone is fine. Sharon tells that she was frieghtened and calls them naughty people and she loved the act. Howie tells that it was amazing and that they really got him scared. Piers tells that it was really great and really thought that they had their first fatality on the stage.

The last act to perform is Swing Swift Side Show and Howie brought them back because they have the wow factor and the gross factor. They enter and Sharon buzzes! Piers buzzes too. They finish and Howie tells that it is a wow factor. Piers tells that they are revulting and that it was not that good. Sharon tells it is not her thing but tells that it was interesting. The acts have performed and only 4 acts are going to be able to continue onto the Semi-Finals. Who will be going on and who will be going home?