Wild Card Results Show - Recap

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The Results are in and the last 4 spots are up for grabs. This is the last chance for the hopeful’s dreams to come true. Nick Cannon comes on stage and it make or break time and introduces the two guest stars Leanne Rhymes and Chris Angel that are going to be performing tonight. They go to the judges and Piers tells that all his acts did an amazing job and it is anyone’s game.

Krudi Dance Academy, Michael Grasso, Swing Swift Side Show, and Rudi Macaggi are the first up for the decision of America to see if their act is going to be able to go on to the next round and who is going to go home. Sharon says that two of her picks are up and says that Rudi wasn’t that good but Michael Grasso was amazing. The one act to go through to the Semi-Finals is Michael Grasso. Sharon tells Michael to keep stepping it up and she tells that she has faith that he could do even bigger and better.

After the break, Chris Angel is on stage and has the judges strap him in a strait jacket. Houdini did the trick in 5 minutes and Chris is going to perform the escape in 1 minute. He gets strapped in and does the trick. After that he gets locked in a box and somehow gets out. The show that he does in Vegas is „Believe”.

Next up to get their decision are: The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, RNG, Anna and Patryk are up and Piers tells that Hot Shot Tap Dancers and RNG had great chemistry but not that good dancing. But for Anna and Patryk, he tells had the best. The act moving on is Anna and Patryk. They thank Piers for bringing them back and that they are really happy to be moving on to the next round.

Up next are CJ Dippa and Connor Doran. And the act going onto the Semi-Finals is Connor Doran. Howie tells that he needs to make it bigger and he tells that he is proud of him and can’t wait to see him again.

After a short break, Leanne Rhymes takes the stage and she sings her new single. She shows that she is worthy for her position in the top stars of music and at the end, she gives the performers advice to always give 100%, leave all the other stuff outside and to believe in themselves.

After the wait, Doogie Horner, Michael Lepari and Ashleigh Dejon and Harmonica Pierre come on stage. The one act that will not be going through to the next round is Doogie Horner.
Harmonica Pierre and Michael Lepari and Ashleigh Dejon give their plea to the judges and Pierre says that the Harmonica is the most important instrument in the world and it and Michael tells that they have a lot more to show them. The judges have the decision and Piers picks for Pierre and Sharon picks Michael Lepari and Ashleigh Dejon. Howie apologizes to Pierre for the opening buzz and tells that he has to go with his gut and pick Michael and Ashleigh. So the acts moving onto the Semi-Finals are: Michael Grasso, Anna and Patryk, Connor Doran, and Michael and Ashleigh. Tune in next week for the Semi-Finals!