Semi Finals (1) - 1st 12 of Top 24 perform - Recap

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The semi-finals are here and America’s Got Talent is underway for the talent that is on tonight. Future Funk, Antonia Restivo Christina and Ali, Acsendance, Dan Sperry, Kristina Young, ArcAttack, Taylor Mathews, Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Anna and Patryk, and Connor Doran are performing tonight to be able to make it to the Finals. The competition is nearing the end and all acts are going to have to step it up if they are going to be able to get the prize of $1 Million and the chance to headline a show in Las Vegas. Sharon tells that the acts have to focus on being a star and to keep up the energy. If they don’t show it, then nobody is going to know it.

First up to perform are Anna and Patryk. They want to be able to WOW Howie and show that they have what it takes to be in the Finals among the other talent. They dance to Lady Gaga and WOW the audience for certain. At the end, they get a standing ovation. Piers tells that they showed that they are stars and that they have the talent that is worth their place in the competition. Sharon tells that they are strait perfection and that they already have a huge fan base started. Howie tells that they did an amazing job and that America is going to put them through.

Next up are Christina and Ali and they have the sympathetic vote for sure but they feel that they are going to give it their best. Singing “When You Believe”, the girls hit their notes that they wanted to hit and Sharon tells that their performance was better and tells that she can’t say anything negative to them. Howie tells that at the level of the competition he doesn’t know where they will fall in the competition really. Piers tells that they are not the best singers but he can’t buzz them because of their faces and attitudes.

After the break, Antonio Restivo performs and he wants to prove that he is more then just fire. He comes on stage and does a simple disappearing act but with fire. It is very Vegas show style and Howie tells that it was amazing and that he really enjoyed his performance. Piers tells that Antonio is a really good showman and that he deserves his spot in the competition. Sharon tells that she feels that Antonio was a pyromaniac when he was a kid. Antonio says that he was and Sharon tells that it was amazing to watch.

Future Funk is ready to perform for the judges and they want to change up their act to make it likeable to everyone. During their act however, Piers buzzes them. After the performance Piers tells that they would win the cute factor but they are not good for the competition and that there are a lot more dance groups that have done better. Sharon tells that they are cute and that America could put them through based on that alone. Howie tells that he agrees with Piers that the act is not up to par with the rest of the acts and that it is hard.

Taylor Mathews is up and is changing things up by playing the piano. He gives a good solid performance and Sharon tells that she enjoyed the performance and loved that he added the piano too. She likes that he is natural. Howie tells that at the level of the competition, it needs to be WOW in the competition. He says it was good but it was not good as well. Piers tells that nerves are holding Taylor back and that he needed to bring back the happy performer like the audition piece from before if he has a chance to win.

Connor Doran is next and he decides to fly his kites to upbeat music rather then the traditional classical music. Halfway through the performance, Piers buzzes. After the performance, Connor says thank your to the audio department for turning down the buzzers. Piers tells that he buzzed because the magic of it all when Connor flew his kite to classical music was gone because he sped up the tempo and it was just boring to watch. Sharon calls Connor fabulous and Howie agrees with Piers on the song choice and says that with a Pop song, it wasn’t as hypnotizing as before and says that it has to stand out.

Dan Sperry is up right away and is ready to push the envelope with his magic and freak people out. He has Nick Cannon volunteer and he performs a magic trick that is bizarre and that involves a mechanical helper. He does his magic and Piers buzzes. After the performance, Piers tells that it was the worst magic trick he has ever seen and that the arm was really fake. Dan tells that it is about the pretending that something is there and Piers disagrees. Sharon tries to say something nice about the act by commenting on the mechanical robot and Howie tells that it wasn’t that good and that it is up to America.

Up next is Kristina Young and she gets a chance to reunite with her father again. She wants to change it a little and try something sexy and slow. However, she changes the rendition to Paparazzi by Lady GaGa and it is not good at all. She gets buzzes from everyone on the judging panel and her performance is cut short. Sharon tells that version was not good and that Lady Ga Ga is too huge and the whole thing was really wrong. Howie tells that it was kind of comical how she sang the song and he thought that it wasn’t real. Piers tells her that she took a Gamble and lost. Better luck next time if there is one.

ArcAttack performs and they show their talent with electricity is great and they mix it in with a little bit of a story and has included another member to participate. Piers tells that they are the one of the biggest acts and that they have a chance to show America their talent. Howie tells that LIVE, ArcAttack is amazing. But he tells that television doesn’t do them justice and that it was not that fun over the television.

Michael Grimm is up to perform and he is tired of sitting in bars and lounges. During rehearsals, Michael gets sick and misses rehearsals and is rushed to the doctor’s office. They tell that his throat is on fire and that he needs to rest it. But he is back to perform and sings really well. After the performance, Piers asks how he is feeling and tells that he likes his act even though he is sick and tells that Michael knows who he is and that he wants to win. Sharon tells that he is amazing and she loves his soulful voice. Howie tells that it was his moment and he shined through all the acts that performed so far.

The next performer is Ascendance and they have chosen to speed it up a little bit with there movement. But, Piers is a little too bored and buzzes. They are not as spectacular as before. They finish and Sharon tells that she likes the originality and didn’t like the music and tells that it lacked the danger or spark. Howie tells that when they were slow moving, it was sexy and interesting but with the tempo change, it was watching people climbing on the wall. Piers tells that he was bored and that it wasn’t as interesting as before.

The last performance of the evening is Prince Poppycock. He is going to give the audience a new costume and new type of song. Singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” he ads his opera voice to it and it is amazing to hear. He moves around the stage and finishes his song. He gets a standing ovation and Sharon tells Prince Poppycock that he is a star and that America is going to vote him through no matter what. The performances are over and the hopefuls must now wait for the hardest part of the competition, the Results!