Semi Finals Results (1) - Recap

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The results are in and the acts have performed, but who has gotten through to continue their dream as a superstar? Only 5 acts are going to be able to go through to the Finals and the pressure is on. The show opens with Nick Cannon walking on the stage and he tells that it was a rollercoaster night. Special guests Jimmy Fallon, Recycle Percussion, and Kyle Minoque are performing tonight and they get right into everything.

ArchAttack, Dan Sperry, Future Funk, and Kristina Young are up first to get the decision. Howie tells that he apologizes to Kristina for the three buzzes and to Dan about the trouble with his act. The decision is in and the act going into the top 10 is NOBODY! Piers is shocked and thought that ArcAttack was really good and had thought that they would have gotten in.

Recycle Percussion are back on stage and they make music with recycled parts and they are really good and worthy of the spot in Las Vegas. After their performance, Nick asks what advice they could give the performers. They say that the contestants should never give up on their dreams and says that it happened to them.

Jimmy Fallon shows his comedic genius and decides to make impressions every 10 seconds. It is really funny that he could do almost every voice which included: Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, and many others. He concludes his act and it is very funny.

Ascendance and Anna and Patryk are up to be judged and the act going through to the top 10 is Anna and Patryk. Sharon tells that America made the right decision and she is excited that they are with them and to be able to see them again perform.

Kylie Minoque sings her newest single “Get Out of My Way” and she shows what it means to be a top performer on the music charts and has it all in her performance. She is sexy and good at singing at the same time.

Next to get their judgment are Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock and Taylor Mathews. Howie is shocked that three power acts are together and tells that everyone is twittering it too. The act going through to the next round of the competition is EVERYONE! All are relieved and they tell that they’re going to step it up a notch and make everyone proud.

With only one spot left Antonio Restivo, Christina and Ali, and Connor Doran come to the stage and the one going home is Antonio Restivo. This is the judges’ choice and they talk about who to choose and they need a few more moments to vote. Piers tells that they are up there because America has fallen in love with them. He picks Christina and Ali. Howie tells that he loves the variety of acts and picks Connor Doran. Sharon has a hard time but tells that she rather break one heart instead of two and picks Christina and Ali. The acts to go through to the top 10 are Anna and Patryk, Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Taylor Mathews, and Christina and Ali.