New York Auditions (2) - Recap

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The auditions continue and they continue in New York as the talent get another chance to prove that they have talent. Judges Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne have high hopes for the City of New York. Nick Cannon comes out and welcomes the judges. Sharon says that yesterday, the crowd was great, but today it is amazing. Howard says that his parents are here and he imitates his parents.

First up is Ronald Charles (23). He comes out on stage and says that he sings and dances, However, when he starts, he isn’t good at all. The judges buzz them. Howard tells him that his dad would tell him that he was horrible. He brings his dad on stage and they talk to Ronald. They tell him that it is not going to happen.

The horrible acts continue as one act after another show the judges that they don’t have the talent that is required to make it into the next round. This include a Roller-Skating duo, a Mime act, and a guitarist. Each act get a no from the judges.

After a day full of horrible acts, it doesn’t look bright. Hoping to turn things around is John Pizzi (50), a comedian ventriloquist. He begins his act with a digital character of the judges. Afterward, Howie says that he doesn’t normally like this, but he loved it. Sharon says that the hard work has paid off. Howard says that it is was original and says that it was well thought out. They vote him through to the next round.

Next up are Donovan & Rebecca (44, 36), an acrobalance duo. They come out and say that they have a new act to show. They start and are amazing with their balancing. Howard says that they came out with something fresh and it was spectacular. Sharon says that it was from another planet and really entertainment. Howie says that no one can do this in this room. They vote them into the next round.

The talent continues to impress the judges in the form of young dancers, a girl band, and a drag queen. The acts all get their pass into the next round.

Up next is Tom Cotter (48), a stand-up comedian. He says that he has been flying under the radar and he wants to be able to prove that he can do this as a living. He comes out and begins his act. Howie gives him a standing ovation afterward. Sharon says that he delivered and it was spot on. Howard says that his laugh was genuine and says that he was excellent. Howie says that he is a big fan of his now. They vote him through to the next round.

Next is Stepz (22). He says that he is going to bring out raw talent. He was raised by his grandmother because his mother gave up on him. However, she came clean and is there for him. He comes out and does his dancing. He shows that he is a contortionist as well. Howard says that this is not the type of act that people will pay for. Howie says that a lot of the moves were unique and says that he loved it. Sharon says that this is odd for her, and wonders if he is going to fill arenas. Howie says yes. Howard says no. Sharon says that he has talent and says that he is going to Vegas.

Last up for the night is “The Savage Men” (25-35). They are a dance group. However, they are not good, even when they take their shirts off and show off their muscles. Howard says that women don’t like their physique and like his instead. He gets on stage and takes off his jacket. He dances around and the crowd cheers him on. He goes back to his seat and says that it a yes. Howie says that it is a no. Sharon votes with a no to them and says that they are too clean cut. That’s it for New York!