Austin Auditions (1) - Recap

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The auditions continue and this time they are in Austin, Texas. With everything big in Texas, the hopefuls all want to show that they have talent to warrant the $1 Million prize and a headline act in Las Vegas. Howard, Sharon and Howie arrive and take their seats to wait for the coming auditions.

First up is Sebastien “El Charro de Oro” (10-30), a Mariachi Band. They say that he wants to impress with his voice and tell a story. They come out sing. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Sharon says that she was entertained. Howie says that she is like a Male Mexican Jackie Evancho. Howard says that he took the roof off the place. They vote him through with an easy yes.

However, not everyone is great in Texas as they show some “interesting” acts that do not impress. These include a impressionist and a sideshow act that fail to get the love from the judges and audience.

Next up is “Bandaz Brothers” (34, 58), acrobats. They say that they grew up with their talent and it is in the family. As uncle and nephew, they come out on the stage. They says that they are going to do a balancing act. They start and they almost loose it, but recover. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Sharon says that her old heart was going and says that it was amazing. Howard says that the shaking was great and they show that it is real. Howie agrees and says that it was great. They get through to the next round.

Next is a Tim Poe (35), a War Veteran. He says that back in 2009, he was in Afghanistan and was hit with a grenade and it caused his stutter. He says that music helps him. He says that he is nervous. He starts singing and afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Howie says that it is great that he doesn’t stutter when he sings. He says that he is a phenomenal talent. Sharon says that he has a rich tone and says that it was a perfect choice of song. Howard says that when he sings, he isn’t pushing it and says that he did a good job. They vote and he gets through to the next round.

The energy continues as one act after another get through to the next round with their unique talents. This includes a pair of contortionists and a boy who can sing really well. They both get through with no problems.

Next up is Lulu, a dancer. She says that she has been dancing for a while and she had to take a break to raise her kids. She comes out in a bikini and is overweight. She starts to pole dance and Sharon and Howard buzz. Howie encourages her and at the end, Lulu does the splits. Afterward, Howard says that there were times he thought that she wasn’t going to get up there. However, it is not a million dollar act. Sharon says that it is not good enough, but appreciates her enthusiasm. Nick comes out and shows his skills on the pole and Howard gives him money.

Up next is Joe Castillo (64), a performing artist. He draws a face in the sand and morphs it into other two and draws a patriotic scene. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Howie says that was original and patriotic. Howard says that not everyone could do that and says that it is a yes from him. Sharon says that she loved it. He gets through to the next round.

Last up for the night is David Smith (34), a human cannonball. He says that he has been in this since he was 19-years-old. With 15 years of experience, he has only suffered minor broken bones. The judges go outside to witness the act. It is raining and he is still going through with it. David gets in the cannon and it fires. He flies through the air and he lands it in the net. Afterward, Howard says that he is a lot of fun to watch. Sharon says that she loved the fact that she is in it with her. She says that he surprised her. Howie says that he needs to see it again and they vote him through to the next round. That is it for the 7th round of Auditions!