Austin Auditions (2) - Recap

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The Auditions continue for another day in Austin, TX. The second day of auditions in the country state begins and the judges get into their seats to wait for the oncoming acts to see if they have what it takes to win the big prize at the end and be able to entertain mass amounts of people.

First up for the night is Aurora Light Painters (38-46), performance artists. They say that they have been doing this for many years and want to share their painting with lights with the world. They come out on stage. They create pictures with light. Howie says that they have had originality and this tops it. Sharon says that it was spectacular to see that. Howard says that he has never seen that before and says that it was amazing. They vote them through to the next round.

However, not everyone has talent as it is apparent with the next acts. These include a headstand singer, a washboard musician and a weird dancer.

Hoping to be weird, but get through to the next round is “Doppleganger Circus Sideshow” (23, 36), sideshow entertainers. They pull out an apple and put it in the girl’s mouth. Howard buzzes. The guy cuts an H in the apple with a chainsaw and the girls covers her mouth. She got lock-jaw from the apple. Howard says that the greatest part of this is when she got lock-jaw.

After a bunch of horrible acts, the judges are starting to think that this is a bad idea. Hoping to turn things around are Eric & Olivia (20), college students. They are together as singers, but not together as a couple. They come out and Howard tells Eric to close the deal. They start singing. Afterward, Howard says that they broke through and says that the twist was good. Howie says that the arrangement made it in a small setting. Sharon says that she disagrees with Howie because it is original. They vote and Howie says no. However, Howard and Sharon say yes.

Next up is Richard Grossman (58), an opera singer. He says that singing opera is very easy and that he just needs to project. He comes out on stage and sings. It is bad and the judges all buzz him. Afterward, Howie asks how it went and Richard says that he did good. How he says that it was off tune. Howard says that it was bad. Sharon says that it was quite chapped. They vote and it is a no for him.

Up next is Eric Dittelman (26), a mind reader. He says that he was into magic, but loved more of the psychology of it. He comes out and gives the judges paper. They draw their pictures and Eric manages to guess them one right after another with duct tape over his eyes. Afterward, all the judges are shocked on how he did that and say that it was amazing. They vote and Eric gets through to the next round.

This sets off a montage of acts that have a unique talent that the judges like that include an acrobat, singer and dancer. They all show that they have talent and get through to the next round.

Last up for the night is Andrew De Leon (19). He says that growing up, he was alienated and that singing was an escape. Because of his Goth style, he is an outcast. He says that he wants to show what he can do. He comes out and sings. He has a High Soprano voice. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Howard asks if he performed in front of anyone and he says no. He asks about voice lessons and he says no. Sharon says that he has an amazing voice and he is an individual. Howie says that he is great. They vote him through to the next round. That is it for Austin, TX!