Tampa Auditions (2) - Recap

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The auditions continue and they are in Tampa Bay, FL again. Nick Cannon comes on stage and introduces judges: Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Howard Stern. They get into the auditorium and take their seats to wait for the oncoming talent.

First up are “The Untouchables” (8-13). They are a dance group where the choreographers of “Miami All Stars” have organized a group to show their stuff. They show what they have on stage. Afterward, Sharon says that it was precise and is impressed with the 8-year-old. Howard says that they are amazing and says that he loves the act. Howie says that it was all phenomenal. They vote them through to the next round.

Tampa Bay keeps bringing on the talent in the ways of a singer, a magician and a dance duo. The judges say yes to them with no problems.

Next up to try to get through is a trio of puppeteers named “Puppets On Hand”. They come out and they say that they do tabletop puppetry. They try to impress with their puppet worms, but get booed from the crowd. Howie likes the act and gives them a standing ovation. He says that people are going to talk about this act. However, Sharon and Howard don’t agree with him and tell the puppeteers that it is a no.

The talent goes on a spiral downward with the bad acts with a trio of horrible dancer, a paper cutter, a strange dance crew and an air sex master. All the judges don’t like what they like and say that it is a no.

Next up is a group of pirates called “Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew” (28-30). They are a Pirate Rap Group. They start rapping and the crowd doesn’t like them. All three judges buzz. Howard calls it pathetic. Sharon doesn’t have anything to say and Howie says that he didn’t get a chicken dinner with that act and says that it is like Medieval Times. They walk the plank so to speak.

Next up is “Twiggy The Waterskiing Squirrel”. The owner of the squirrel says that the act is outside. Everyone goes outside and the owner puts Twiggy on. She goes around and around. They go back inside and Howard says that it is going to have to be a no because all Twiggy did was go around in a circle. Howie says that he is interested to see more. However, Sharon says that it is a no for her because it is not big enough.

Hoping to turn things around is “American BMX Stunt Team”. They come out and say that it is dangerous and they have suffered a lot of injuries. They do their act and don’t crash. They impress. Afterward, Howard says that they are the best. Sharon says that she enjoyed it and loves the danger aspect to it. Howie says that the age range is amazing. They vote them through to the next round with no problems.

Lindsey Norton (16), an acrobatic dancer is next. She has a bubbly personality and shows her act. Afterward, she gets a standing ovation. Sharon says that she is beautiful and is a great role model for 16 year olds. Howie says that it is good and Lindsey is giggly. She says that she is so excited. Howard says that she is inspirational. They vote and it is an easy yes.

Last up for the night is Big Barry (70) a retired restaurant owner. He says that he is 4’10” and loves to sing. However, he is not good. Howard buzzes him. The crowd boos him. Sharon says that it was “interesting”. Howard says that this not good. Howie says that he wants him to stand next to Howard. He goes on stage and Howie says yes. Sharon says no. Howard gets suckered into allowing Barry to Vegas. That is it for the performances. Next week, the auditions come to a close.