Final Audtions - Recap

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The auditions come to a close tonight and they look back at all the cities that they have been to in order to find the talent that is worthy of a $1 Million act and a headline act in Las Vegas. The judges get in the auditorium and get ready for the on-coming talent.

First up for the night is Smooch the pig. Thia, the trainer, says that she has been training the pig for years to do tricks and wants to show America that it is not just for the dogs. They come out and Sharon is in love already. Howard talks to Thia and Smooch gets bored and lies down. The act starts and Thia has a little trouble getting Smooch back on its feet. It is a mediocre act and Howard buzzes. Howie says that it was lovely, but it is a no to Vegas. Sharon says that Smooch was hypnotizing and says that it is a yes from her. Howard says that he is in a crazy mood but still says no.

This sets off a crazy montage of horrible acts that include a bad martial arts act, a silly dancer and a horrible rapper. They all don’t shine on the stage and get their ticket back home and not on to Vegas.

Next up is Lil Starr (6), a tap dancer. She says that she wants to be able to win the $1 Million to buy more headbands. She comes out and dances. She gets the crowd on their feet. Afterward, Sharon and Howie give her a standing ovation. Howie says that she is really good. Sharon says that she was unstoppable up there and votes yes. Howard says that she is terrific, but doesn’t see it as a $1 Million act. Howie says that he liked it and says yes.

After a group of acts that score points with the judges, next up is Jacob Williams (23), a stand-up comedian. He says that he doesn’t like big crowds because it kind of makes him sick. He comes out and does his routine. He makes the judges and crowd laugh. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Sharon says that she loved the material. Howie says that he has a career ahead of him. Howard says that this was gamble that paid off.

Next up is “787 Crew”, a dance crew from Puerto Rico. They say that they gave up everything to be there and want to be the first team to win America’s Got Talent. They show what they have and afterward, the crowd chants “Vegas”. Sharon says that it was great. Howie says that it was energetic and says that it was full of talent. Howard says that they are one of the best acts that they have had on the stage. Howard says that the money they spent to fly here is a great investment. They get through to the next round.

Next up is Trish Paytas (23), a computer programmer who can talk really fast. She begins her act, but she is buzzed. Howard says that it gave him a headache. Sharon says that she couldn’t understand her. She says that she needed to make up a talent to see Howard. Sharon tells Howard to give her a hug. He does and she starts dancing with her. Howie says that it is a no for Vegas. Howard says that he is a yes and tells her that they are going to have fun in Vegas. Sharon says that it is a no. She walks off stage happy to have seen Howard.

Next up is Mark Ofuji (52). He says that people like to listen to his impressions. He says that he doesn’t care if anyone doesn’t like it because he will keep going. He comes out on stage and begins. However, he is buzzed off right away. Howard says that he couldn’t understand him. Sharon says that there is not enough time for her to tell

Up next is Mary Joyner (21), daughter of Florence “Flo-Jo” Joyner and Al Joyner. She says that she has been pursuing music and it is her dream. She begins singing. Afterward, Howie says that they just fell in love with her. Howard says that she did a tremendous job. Sharon says that she is genuine when she performs. They vote and she makes it to Vegas. That is it for the auditions for this year of America’s Got Talent. Next stop Vegas!