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Las Vegas Round (1) - Recap

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It is Vegas Week and the contestants who made it through in Audition Round are not safe as each of them are going to have to perform again for the judges’ vote. The acts arrive in Vegas and are happy to be there. They all are having fun, but they know that it is the time to show that they are a star. Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Howard Stern arrive and they are going to have to eliminate people from the competition to just 48 acts. The contestants are told that they are going to be divided into two groups: Judges’ Favorites and Stand-By. The Judges Favorite will perform first and the Stand-By list will pick up the remaining spots. If their names are not on the list, then they are going home right now.

The acts get to the list and they find that some of them are Judges’ Favorites and others are on Stand-By. However, William Close, Olate Dogs, Bandbaz Brothers, Ivy Rose, Charlie C and David Smith don’t see their names. They come out to the stage and the judges have Ivy Rose Bandbaz Brothers and Charlie C step forward. They are told that they are going home right now. William Close, Olate Dogs and David Smith are told that they don’t need to see them perform because they are going strait through to the LIVE shows!

The Judges’ Favorites are up and it is the Danger Category first. All Wheel Sports (18-35), New Guard America (17-47), American BMX Stunt Team (21-43), Ben Blaque (32), and Cristin Sandu (17) are going to perform. All Wheel Sports is first and they give it their all, but Howard says that it is jumbled. American BMX Stunt Team is next and one of them falls. He is alright though. New Guard America performs followed by Cristin Sandu. Ben Blaque comes out and Howard loved it, but Howie isn’t too impressed.

The Female Singers are next and Mary Joyner (21), Roxy Doll (23), Brianna Prince (20), Cecilia Detwiler (17), Luna (27), Nikki Jensen (25). Mary Joyner comes out and sings and the nerves get to her and she knows it. Roxy, Brianna, Cecilia out and all show that the nerves get the best of them too. Luna comes out and she forgets the words and she is told that she is going home now. Nikki comes out and shows the judges that it is not a waste and Howard loves the originality.

The Dance Groups are next and Loyalty Dance Team (14-23), All That! (23-36), 787 Crew (19-31), Funk Beyond Control (12-16). Funk Beyond Control come out followed by All That! on stage. Loyalty Dance Team come out and the judges don’t see that they were strong as before. 787 Crew come out and impress and one of the dancers get kicked in the face. Howard says that they stepped it up despite the mistake.

Novelty Acts are next and Aurora Light Painters (31-46), Horse (25), All Beef Patty (37), Joe Castillo (64), Todd Oliver & Irving (53) and Light Wire Theater (26-34) are to perform. Horse comes out and Howie is still concerned. All Beef Patty comes out and Joe Castillo come out and show their talent. Todd Oliver & Irving come out and make the judges laugh. Light Wire Theater and Aurora Light Painters come out and Howie says that it a great idea, but Sharon thinks that it is not perfected yet.

Classical Singers Category is last up for the night. Andrew De Leon (19) Simply Sergio (47) and Luiz Meneghin (54) are to perform. Simply Sergio comes out and forgets the words. Howard points that out. Luiz comes out and sings. He admits that he could have done better. Andrew comes out on stage and he forgets the words as well. Howard says that he blew it. Sharon sticks up for him. The episode ends on that note.