Las Vegas Round (3) - The top 48 contestants are revealed - Recap

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Tonight 150 contestants are left and only 20 spots remain as the Stand-By acts get to show that they have what it takes to make it into the next round. As the contestants get ready Turf is a little late. He gets ready quickly and gets downstairs. The contestants practice their routines and then wait for their chance to show that they have the real talent. Howard, Sharon and Howie take their seats to await the oncoming acts.

The Magic Category is first up. Jarrett & Raja (39 & 32), Hawley Magic (30) and Giani (54) are to perform. Hawley Magic comes out and does a levitation act. Howard says that he would have liked more. Giani comes out and he tries to do a mind trick and misspells Milan. Jarrett & Raja and they go big by making an entire orchestra appear. The judges are impressed.

The Band Category is next. The Distinguished Men of Brass (24-60), The All Ways (19-22), Wordspit, the Illest! (20-27), The Emily Anne Band (27-31), The HillBenders (24-35) and Dillon Havins and Friends (12-52) are to perform. The All Ways come out and play. They are followed by Wordspit, the Illest! and they show their talent. Howard says that he loved Wordspit. The HillBenders come out and sing. Dillon Havins and Friends are up and attempt their best. The Emily Anne Band come out and sing. The Distinguished Men of Brass come out and they show their skill. Howard says that they stepped it up.

The Danger Category is next. Serengeti Steve (42), Cliff’s Demo Team (7-55), Kota Sports (7-16) and LionDanceMe (14-35) are up next. LionDanceMe come out followed by Cliff’s Demo Team. They both step it up. Kota Sports show their skills. Last up is Serengeti Steve. He brings his Cobra and kisses it. Howard likes it, but Sharon and Howie are not impressed.

The Kid Category is next. Unity In Motion (11-16), Danielle Stallings (14), Lil Babywockee (6), Lil Starr (6), The Williams Bruthuz (11 & 18), The Cos Fam (11-17) and Tevin McGuire (13) come out to perform. Lil Babywockee comes out and shows her talent. Howie says that America would love her. Lil Starr follows her and shows her stuff. Sharon says that she is cute and Howie says that they have to push someone else out if they want her. Danielle comes out and sings. The Cos Fam comes out and dances. Tevin comes out and sings and Howard says that he likes his voice. Unity in Motion come out and dance. Howie says that there were a few mistakes. The William Bruthuz come out and show something new. Howard says that they didn’t show something new though.

Next up is the Acrobatic Category. Summer Lacy (28), Donovan & Rebecca (44 & 36) and Benn Mendoza Circus (18-35) are up to perform. Summer comes out and shows a hoop acrobatic act. Sharon says that was new. Benn Mendoza Circus comes out and do an Alice In Wonderland act. The judges say that they should stick to acrobatics. Donovan and Rebecca come out and they show their strength. Howard says that they have versatility.

The Rap Category is next and The Rhymatist (43), Burton Crane (77), Granny G (80), Rob Hayes (26) and Svet (25) are up to perform. Rob comes out followed by The Rhymatist. Svet comes out and mixes in a violin. Granny G comes out and makes Howie smiles until she is dressed risqué. Sharon loves it. Burton comes out and Howard says that it was the same tune to Whacha Gonna Do. Rob is insulting the other acts.

The Dance Category is next. LCD – Lisa Clark Dancers (14-18), Battle Born (21-30), The Scott Brothers (47 & 48), Old Shoes, New Shoes (44 & 63) and Inspire the Fire (13-29) are up to show their stuff. Battle Born come out and show their skills. They are followed by Old Shoes, New Shoes. The LCD – Lisa Clark Dancers come out and dance. The Scott Brothers come out and show their craft. Sharon says that they were superb. Inspire the Fire comes out last and they had a lot of struggles in rehearsing with injuries and a sick member. However, they pull it off the best they can. Sharon loves the enthusiasm and Howie loves them.

The Novelty Category is next and Michael Nejad (55), Big Barry (70), Rock Star Juggler Mike Price (33), John Pizzi (49), David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s (26-30) and The Two Bits (70 & 85) want to show their stuff. David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s is first and he paints Elvis. Howard liked the performance. John comes out and puts his ventriloquism to another stage, but it doesn’t seem to hit it off with the judges. Michael comes out and plays Bad Romance on an interesting instrument and a shovel violin. Rock Star Juggler Mike comes out and juggles in the dark. The Two Bits come out and dance. Big Barry comes out last and sings. Howie says that he loves him, but Howard doesn’t like it.

Last up is the Solo Dance Category. Elusive (21), Lindsey Norton (17), Stepz (22) and Turf (21) are to perform. Lindsey comes out and shows them something more intense. Howard says that she stepped it up, but Howie doesn’t agree. Elusive comes out and he says that he has to feel the music because he is deaf in on ear and partially deaf in the other. Howard doesn’t think he can hold up. Stepz comes out and Sharon asks what it means to him to be there. Turf comes out and the judges are impressed. Howard can see this means a lot.

The decisions are going on and there are 20 spots to give. The judges sit down and start to go through the acts that they think are the best. They don’t always agree with the choice, but come to the final 20 spots. Some acts get through while others don’t and are sent home. Last decision comes down to Turf and Stepz. With only one spot left it goes to Turf. The Top 48 is now formed. Next week is the LIVE shows!