4 acts advance to the top 24 - Recap

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The results are in for the four acts that are going through to the next round and for Distinguished Men Of Brass, Edon, Jarrett & Raja, Lil Starr, Todd Oliver, American BMX Stunt Team, Nikki Jensen, The Scott Brothers, Michael Nejad, 787 Crew, Shanice & Maurice Hayes and David Garibaldi & His CMYK’s, it could be the end of the road. With only 4 spots being given, it is going to be hard. Nick comes out and says that Cirque Do Soleil “Zarkana” and Will.I.Am are going to be performing tonight. Sharon says that the voting is tough and they have no clue.

Michael Nejad, Shanice & Maurice Hayes and Nikki Jensen come to the center of the stage for the results. After looking back at the night before, Howard says that all contestants are amazing. He says that they know his pick on this. The act going through to the Semi-Finals is Shanice & Maurice. They come forward and Maurice is happy and says that they will continue to try to deliver. Howard says that they were great and they deserve to be there.

Cirque Do Soleil “Zarkana” performs on stage. They show that they have what it takes to warrant the success that they have and will continue to have on the stage.

The Scott Brothers, Lil Starr and 787 Crew come to the center of the stage for their results. After looking back at the night before, Sharon says that it is such a difficult call and says they are all amazing. She says that she is confused. The act going through to the Semi-Finals is The Scott Brothers. They come forward and they say that was awesome and thanks America. Howie says that talent is subjective and says that he agrees with America. Howard says that the singers are not going to be on top.

David Garibaldi & His CMYK’s, Jarrett & Raja and American BMX Stunt Team come to the center of the stage for their results. After looking at their performances from last night, Howie says that he doesn’t know if the BMX was captured on the TV. He says that they all were great. The act moving on to the Semi-Finals is David Garibaldi & His CMYK’s. They come forward and David says that they feel grateful and says that is amazing. Howard says that they won the night.

Will.I.Am comes out on stage and performs. He shows what it means to be a recording artist. He comes out with Eva Simons and they sing their new single.

Distinguished Men Of Brass, Edon and Todd Oliver come out for the final results of the night. They come to the center of the stage and after looking at how the acts did last night, the act leaving is Distinguished Men Of Brass.

This leaves Edon and Todd Oliver for the judges’ vote. They come up and Edon says that the show is about finding undiscovered talent and says that he will step it up. Todd says that talking dogs can make people laugh. Howie says that he has been tweeting and says that he says that they are both good, but has to go with Edon. Howard says that the dog act is original and says that he has to go with Edon. This means that Todd is going home. Next week another 12 hit the stage!