12 of the top 48 acts perform - Recap

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With 4 spots already taken, another 12 of the Top 48 perform. Tonight performing are: LionDanceMe, Turf, The All Ways, Hawley Magic, Lisa Clark Dancers, Aurora Light Painters, Danielle Stallings, Donovan & Rebecca, Big Barry, Tom Cotter, Ben Blaque and Tim Hockenberry. Nick comes out and welcomes the crowd. Judges Howard, Sharon and Howie come in and take their seats. Howie says that he DVR’d the performances from last week and says that the acts this week need to make sure that they have stepped it up.

LionDanceMe are first. They say that lion dancing is a tradition for them and they are a close family. In rehearsal, they fall. They come out and don’t make a mistake. Afterward, Howard says that he knows how difficult this is, but is worried that it is the same thing and America gets bored easily. Sharon says that she is amazed by the timing and she suggests doing something new. Howie says that it is amazing, but he got bored.

Turf is up next. He says that he loves what he does and that he just has to move to the beat. He says that if this goes well, he will be happy. He comes out and dances. Afterward, Howie gives him a standing ovation. Sharon says that it takes guts and talent and says that she loves how he used the stage. Howie says that there is so much passion in his dance and says that he seems to want this more then anyone. Howard says that there are other dancers and says that he wants to put more dance in the routine.

The All Ways are next up. They say that they tried out after getting together and they want to have fun. They are going to take a risk with a Lady Gaga song. They come out and sing “Telephone”. Afterward, Howie says that the song choice was too risky and says that it wasn’t clear what they want to do. Howard says that they need to keep to their style and says that tonight he didn’t want to be there with them. Sharon says that she loves the strength and enthusiasm. She says that it was screaming. She hopes that they get back.

Up next is Hawley Magic. They are happy to be in the Top 48 and tonight they are going to give it their every thing in the performance. They come out and balance on a spike. The illusion goes off without any errors. Afterward, Howard says that they did a great job tonight. Sharon says that the presentation is a little old school. Howie says that he loved the illusion and says that he has never seen that before.

Lisa Clark Dancers are up next. They say that they have normal lives and afterward, go out and dance. They say that they are doing a different style of dance and want to show the judges something new. They come out and dance. Toward the end, Howie buzzes. Afterward, Howie says that they were waiting for a step up and doesn’t seem like a $1 Million act. Sharon says that it seems like a Full Moon or something and says that this didn’t like the music and says that it was too cute. Howard says that they are being too rough and says that they are talented, but they are in the most difficult category.

Next is Aurora Light Painters. They are excited to be there and says that they are creative. They say that this can go a long way and they are doing something different and says that it is going to be very spooky. They come out and Howard buzzes. They get a mixture of boos and cheers. Afterward, Howie says that they have peaked. He says that he didn’t get it. Howard says that they are a special act and has something there, but says that the story was weak and says that needs to happen. Sharon says that the vision isn’t sophisticated and says that they need to work on it.

Danielle Stallings is next. She says that she is from a small town in Virginia. She says that the biggest show that she has sung in was of 100 people. She says that singing is her life and says that she has to bring it. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Howard says that she was incredibly memorable. Sharon says that her voice is huge and says that she loves the liability that she has. Howie says that she looks beautiful and says that he is on Twitter and says that people are saying “Dang”. He says that she is great.

Donovan & Rebecca are up next. They say that they met in New York and tonight they are going to want to make his father proud with a traditional Arial Act. They come out and do what they do best. Afterward, Sharon says that every time they do something different. She says that she hopes that it comes across how difficult this is. Howie says that they are great athletes and says that there is an emotional act. Howard says that they are amazing and says that he loves that when Rebecca shows her strength it is flawless.

Next up is Big Barry. He says that this is amazing and says that he is getting recognized a lot. He says that he has been practicing. He comes out and tries his best. Howard and Sharon buzz him. Afterward, he gets a mixture of Boos and Cheers. Howie says that if Bob Dylan and the Easter Bunny had a baby it would be Barry. He says that he is not a great singer, but a great novelty act. Howard says that this isn’t about Barry and says that it is about how Howie pushed him through and denied singers like Mary Joyner and other acts to put in place of Barry. They argue back and forth and Sharon says that Barry sings like he is on the toilet.

Tom Cotter is up next. He says that his kids make him laugh and says that being in New York is his opportunity. He says that the stage is huge. He says that it is all about the jokes and says that it has to be good. He comes out and tells a joke about idioms. Afterward, Howard says that he is phenomenal. Sharon says that his timing is amazing and his jokes are original. She hopes that he is in their Final. Howie says that he knows what he is going through and says that he is amazing.

Next is Ben Blaque. He says that he has always been attracted to dangerous things. He says that tonight he is doing the most dangerous thing and he still is working out the bugs. He comes out and shows his skill at archery. He puts four crossbows together and shoots them at his assistant. He hits all targets. Afterward, Sharon says it is great to watch and it is great. Howard says that tonight was great and says that they deserve to go through. Howie says that he stepped it up and says that he loved it.

Last up for the night is Tim Hockenberry. He says that he sings in restaurants and wants to show that he is not just a Joe Cocker and comes out and sings “Part of Me” by Katy Perry. Afterward, Howie says that his voice is haunting and says that he is his own. Sharon says that he sings with such emotion. He says that he is definitely going to stay. Howard says that he fell short tonight and says that the song choice was wrong. He says that the other two performances were great. That is it for the performances. Next are the results to see which 4 acts make it through.