4 acts advance to the top 24 - Recap

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The results are in and for four acts; it is the ticket to the next round. For the rest, it is a ticket home. For LionDanceMe, Turf, The All Ways, Hawley Magic, Lisa Clark Dancers, Aurora Light Painters, Danielle Stallings, Donovan & Rebecca, Big Barry, Tom Cotter, Ben Blaque and Tim Hockenberry it could be the end as they wait nervously backstage as the night begins. Nick comes out and says that Traces and Gavin DeGraw are going to be performing tonight. Howard says that last night was great and says that no one knows what is going to go through. They get to the results.

Tim Hockenberry and Turf go to the center of the stage for the first results. They look back at the night before. Sharon says that she can’t call it and says that she couldn’t guess. The act moving to the Semi-Finals is BOTH! They celebrate with a hug. Howie says that he couldn’t be happier.

After showing a video of Howie messing around with the contestants, Gavin DeGraw sings on stage with his single “Sweeter”. He shows what it means to be a multi-platinum recording artist in today’s music industry.

Lisa Clark Dancers, The All Ways, Aurora Light Painters and Big Barry make their way to the center of the stage. Howard says that each of the acts had troubles he says that his mother loved the Lisa Clark Dancers. He says that all four are in trouble. The act going into the Semi-Finals is nobody. They all walk off the stage. Howard tells Barry that he added a lot of fun and excitement. Sharon says that she is not surprised.

Tom Cotter, LionDanceMe and Hawley Magic come to the center of the stage for their results. After looking back at the previous night, the act moving on to the Semi-Finals is Tom Cotter! He says that he completely blown away. Sharon says that she called it and says that she is really for him.

Traces come out and perform to a theme of the Olympics. They do what they do best and show why they are the hottest show on Broadway. They show a flawless performance with accuracy.

Danielle Stallings, Donovan & Rebecca and Ben Blaque come out with the final results of the night. They look back at the night before and it is judges’ choice. The act that leaves now is Ben Blaque. This leaves Danielle Stallings, Donovan & Rebecca for the judges’ vote. Donovan says that they have a lot more to show and Rebecca says that there are many ways. Danielle says that she has the whole package and would be a dream come true. Howard says that says that both are amazing. He goes with Donovan & Rebecca. Sharon says that Donovan & Rebecca are amazing, but she says that she has to go with Danielle. Howie says that they both are amazing and says that he is going with Donovan & Rebecca. This means that Danielle is going home. Next week, 12 more acts will perform.