12 of the top 48 acts perform - Recap

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The Final Twelve acts of the Top 48 are performing for a spot in the Top 24. Those acts are: Eric & Olivia, Sebastien “El Charro De Oro”, Horse, All That!, Eric Dittelman, Joe Castillo, Olate Dogs, Unity In Motion, Ulysses, William Close, Lindsey Norton and David “The Bullet” Smith. Judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern are introduced and the crowd welcomed by Nick Cannon. They get the night started by going outside.

David “The Bullet” Smith is up first for the night. He is attempting 40 yards and he might not be alive after this. They hype up the moment and will shoot 70ft in the air. They count-down and he is shot through the goalposts as planned. They go back inside and Howard says that this is such a dangerous act and says that he has a tough night tonight with all the acts. Sharon says that was very exciting and says that when he comes back he needs to fly over a bed of alligators on fire. Howie says that he is amazing and says that his question is what is next. David says that he can step this up and has more to come.

Next up is “All That!”. They say that they have been dancing and competed against each other before. They say that they want to show how cool this dancing can be and say that they have to step up their game. They have put in fresh and new things. They come out and start doing their dance. Afterward, Sharon says that she would like to have leather trousers and no tops with oil. She says that they want to see stuff like “Magic Mike”. Howie says that what they do is amazing and clogging is interesting, but the downfall is that they are on the same night of some amazing acts. Howard says that this is a tough night and says that he wonders if it is enough for America.

Ulysses is up next. He says that he went to the barber shop and they took too much off. They put a wig on him and he says that he deserves to be in the competition. He comes out and sings the American Bandstand theme. Sharon and Howard buzz. Howard buzzes at the end. Howie says that he was ready for something else. Howard says that they are going through tough times and says that it is just horrible. Sharon says that she loved him before, but this was too much and it wasn’t his night tonight.

Joe Castillo is next. He says that his father taught him the skill of storytelling and he decided to go to into comerical art. He says that something his father told him to do is coming to life. He comes out and amazes the crowd. Afterward, Howard says that he is amazing and unique and says that he spread an important message and says that this was great. Sharon thanks him for touching her heart. Howie says that he believes that his father is with him and that he hopes America will vote him through.

Next up is Sebastien “El Charro De Oro”. He says that he is a kid, but loves to sing love songs. He says that he has never been in love, but he can sing about it. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Sharon says that she doesn’t know much about Mariache music, but she loves his passion. Howie asks why he is crying and Sebastien says that he is one step closer to helping his brother. He says that he is right at the finish line with that performance. Howard says “My fishing gear is in the kitchen” in Spanish and says that he can’t believe that he likes this music.

Next up is Eric Dittleman. He says that he started magic when he was 3-years-old and says that he decided to get into mind reading. He loves what he is doing. He comes out in a “Deal or No Deal” themed trick and has Howie pick a case. After eliminating others, he guesses right. Howard says that was a night of television and says that he got better and better. Howie says that was amazing and says that he is the real deal. Sharon says that after tonight, America is going to be tweeting about him.

William Close is next. He says that building unique instruments and after a fire, he got the will to rebuild the house and instruments. He says that this is the first time he has felt that he was ready. He comes out and has incorporated a singer and drummers. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Howie says that he thinks that he has won this whole contest and says that he is an amazing performer, musician and engineer. Sharon says that there have been a couple of times on the show and knows that it is great and innovative, but this is at a professional level. Howard says that this is unbeatable and says that he wanted to find ordinary talent and says that he often says that they would put up their own money and do a show for him.

Up next is “Unity In Motion”. They are not just another dance act and says that the pressure is on and don’t want to make a mistake like they had in Vegas. They come out and dance. They are flawless. Afterward, Howard says that these girls are the best dance acts and says that they deserve a spot in the Semi-Finals. Sharon says that she loves everything about them. She says that Howard is right and says that it is a tough night. Howie says that he doesn’t know if the act was high enough for the Semi-Final. People are going to have to vote.

Eric & Olivia are next. They say that they met at the University of Texas and Eric says that he is dating someone. They say that together, they are amazing. They come out and sing. Afterward, Sharon says that Olivia has a great and unusual voice and says that America is going to have a tough time. Howie says that this is more lounge and coffee house type of sound. Howard says that tonight is the toughest night for all acts and says that he feels that Olivia got lost with the song.

Up next is Lindsey Norton. She says that she was signed up for dance when she was little and says that she rides ATV’s and has fun. She says that tonight it is going to be a Cirque El Solei theme. She comes out and dances. Afterward, Howie says that was so impressive and says that it is unique and says that it is like an Olympic floor dance. He says that there are so many acts that are good. Howard says that she is a beautiful young lady and says that he is scared that many of the good acts are going to go home. Sharon says that everything about her is likable and says that she loves her. She says that she should be representing America.

Horse is next. Nick comes out and says for everyone not to try this at home. Horse says that he had a horse kick him in the face. He says that he is a family man and just wants to entertain people. He comes out in a Superhero costume and repeatedly gets hit in the family jewels. Afterward, Howard says that this is entertaining and loves every moment of it. Sharon asks if his “dangling bits” are tingling. He says that they are tingly. Howie says that he has a great idea with this and says that there are many things that they could do.

The last act is Olate Dogs. They say that they started off in Chile. They say that being here is amazing for them and they are happy to show off the talent of the dogs. They come out and do what they do best. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Sharon says that they are magnificent and says that she has never seen a dog act like this. Howie says that they are amazing and says that he has never seen a dog back flip. He says that they were great. Howard says that he loves the act and says that all the dog lovers know about the bond they have and says that they need to be through. That is it for the acts. The results are tomorrow!