4 acts advance to the top 24 - Recap

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The results are in for the toughest night of the season. Eric & Olivia, Sebastien “El Charro De Oro”, Horse, All That!, Eric Dittelman, Joe Castillo, Olate Dogs, Unity In Motion, Ulysses, William Close, Lindsey Norton and David “The Bullet” Smith wait backstage to be called out for results. Nick Cannon comes out and says that the Tony Award Show “Once” are there and also Cher Lloyd. He welcomes the crowd and judges. Howie says that America had the best night and worst. They have been hearing complaints

David “The Bullet” Smith, Olate Dogs and Ulysses come out for the first results of the night. They look back at the previous night’s performances. Sharon says sorry to Ulysses for buzzing him and says that she has her suspicion. The act moving on to the Semi-Finals is Olate Dogs. They say that this is incredible. Sharon says that she is more than delighted and can’t wait for more.

Cher Lloyd comes out and sings her hit single “Want You Back”. She shows that she has what it takes to be a superstar in the music industry.

William Close, Sebastien “El Charro De Oro” and Unity In Motion come up for their results. They look at the night before. Howard says that they are all great and this is the horror of last night. The act going through to the Semi-Finals is William Close. He says that the competition is amazing and says that he is excited to be chosen. Howie says that he truly is original. He says that he does something that he has never seen anything like him before.

Joe Castillo, Eric & Oliva and Horse come to the stage for their results. They look at the night before. Howie says that this is a nice line up because they are so unique form one another and says that he can’t call it. The act moving on to the Semi-Finals is Joe Castillo. He says that he is honored and humbled. Howard says that he really is a guy with a heart and says that the themes are huge and says that he is an amazing talent.

“Once” performs on stage and shows their talent of a hit Broadway show and that they deserve the Tony Award that they have received.

The final results of the night come and All That!, Eric Dittleman and Lindsey Norton come out. They look at the performances from the night before. The act leaving the competition is Lindsey Norton. She says that this has been amazing. This leaves All That! and Eric Dittleman left. The judges are in charge of the vote. Howie says that he has to go on instinct and goes with Eric Dittleman. Sharon says that this is so hard and says that she is going with All That!. Howard says that they are both great, but he has to go with Eric Dittleman. Sharon decides to use her Wildcard pick on All That!. This means that they will return again. The show returns in 3 weeks!