12 You Tube acts perform - Recap

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Tonight the talent goes viral as 12 acts will perform tonight for a spot in the competition. With 4 spots available, YouTube/ Snapple finalists will be able to show their stuff on the LIVE stage to try to impress judges Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel along with America. Nick comes out and tells the audience that the acts are going to have to give it their all. Howard says that the Olympics went on and on and says that he is ready to judge and says that Jackie Evancho was a YouTube act. They get started.

Up first is “Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots”. He is an animal trainer and Kitten, his parrot, is an Evil Kanevil of parrots and is going to free fall and will do a stunt. Clint comes out and introduces that he is going to call his parrot that is in a cage at the top of a high building outside. He does and the parrot comes to him. Howie says that that it is amazing that he could do that and wonders if he can take it somewhere else. Sharon says that she thought that he had another parrot. Howard says that he deserves another shot with this and says that this was spectacular.

Next up is “Reverse Order”, a band. They say that they are a Pop/Rock band and they come from New Jersey. They travel and say that this is their dream. They come out and perform. Afterward, Howard says that they lack experience and that they need time to develop and says that the vocals needs some work. Howie says that the instinct is that they are fine, but it looked like they were pretending that this is a great party. Sharon says that they look perfect together, but they need to learn their craft more. She says that she didn’t feel it, but says that they have potential.

Up next is Rudy Coby, a magician. He says that this has been his dream and says that he tries to make a nightmare to life. He says that America is going to see something new. He comes out and does his magic. Howard and Sharon buzz. Afterward, Howard says that it was an interesting trick, but says that he was a little boring because he was too long. Howie says that he agrees that he was lost, but says that this is unique and original. He says that he loved it. Sharon says that he doesn’t have timing and tells him that he needs to cut to the chase.

Next is “7 In Unison”, a dance group. They say that they are normal teens that love to dance. They say that they are going to show something new. They come out and dance and Howie buzzes. Afterward, Howie says that he wasn’t wowed and says that he was bored. He says that they needed a standout dancer. Sharon says that they are technically great, but the jazzy too long. She says that they are not going to standout. Howard says that the audience might have fast forward or gotten up where 90 seconds seemed like 90 minutes.

Up next is Drew Erwin. He is a singer/musician who taught himself how to play. He is ready to show what he can do on stage. He comes out and sings “Torn”. Afterward, Sharon says that for never having done this, he did very well and says that it was nice. Howie says that it is commendable because the nerves are hard. He says that he needs time and hopes that people don’t care about that. Howard says that he is not ready for the competition yet and says that he is just trying to be honest. He says that it is time to buckle down and get to work.

Next is Melinda Hill, a comedian. She says that she was born in Kansas and they moved around a lot. She was extremely shy. She says that she has jokes about her mom and says that she is going to be proud. She comes out and does her comedy. Afterward, Howard says that she started strong, but lacked the right material. Howie says that tonight’s material was not good and says that it could have been the nerves. Sharon says that the atmosphere was icy and says that it wasn’t her night.

Up next is Eric Buss, a novelty act. He says that he has put in a lot of hours into this and says that they are going to enjoy this. He comes out and gets buzzes from Howard and Sharon right away. Howie says that he doesn’t know that it is a Million Dollar act, but it was fun. Howard says that this is a very unusual act and says that the act is boring and says that he needs to sale insurance. Sharon says that the it was interesting that he made the gadget himself, but says that it was strange.

Next is Romeo Dance Cheetah. He is an air guitarist. He says that he has talent and says that he is excited to show some new moves. He comes out jams out on his “air guitar” and right away Howie and Howard buzz. Afterward, it is a mix of boos and cheers. Sharon says that he is very good a miming. Howard says that he doesn’t think that this is not a talent. He looks like he was playing with himself and says that he is not good. Howie says that he has put too much time into this and needs to stop it.

Up next is The Magic of Puck, a magician. He says that he has been doing this for 40 years. He likes to have a more intimate setting with the magic. He wants to get off the cruise ships. He comes out and does a simple trick, but interesting. Afterward, Howard says that he does his trick very well, but needs to deliver something bigger and better. Howie says that he has talent and luck on being on tonight’s show. Sharon says that the presentation was confident. However, it was a little too small.

Bria Kelly is up next. She is a 16-year-old singer. She says that she is meant to sing and dreams to perform in front of millions. She says that this is what she is supposed to do. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Howard says that she did a great job and says that she has a good voice. Sharon says that she has confidence and says that she needs to try not to shout. Howie says that she is the standout act so far.

Next up, they have to go outside for “Cast In Bronze”, a one man show of bell ringing and the performer is masked. He performs “Carol of the Bells”. He gets three judges to buzz him. Afterward, Sharon says that she wasn’t sure what she was watching. Howie says that this might be a good Broadway shows and not sure it was good for this. Howard says that he had a headache outside and says that it was difficult.

The last performer is “Academy of Villains”, a theater-based dance troupe. They are more of a militant with their training and want all their dreams come true. They come out and dance. The judges give them a standing ovation. Howard says that finally it is something to be proud about and says that they are going to move on. Sharon says that this was worth it to get them. Howie says that they saved the best for last and says that they were the best in the night. That is it for the performances! Results tomorrow night!