4 You Tube acts advance to the top 24 - Recap

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The YouTube/Snapple Show Results are in and for the 12 acts, it is only good for 4 of them. Nick Cannon comes out and has Gabby Douglas come out. The crowd cheers for her. The crowd chants USA. Gabby says that she is honored. Nick asks how her experience was and she says that it was amazing. Afterward, Nick says that Karmin and are there tonight.

Cast In Bronze, Reverse In Order and Academy Of Villains are called to the center of the stage. They take a look at the night before. The act going through to the next round is Academy Of Villains. They say that they love the judges and America and say that they will not let them down. Howard says that this was great and says that they were consistent and were winners last night.

Karmin comes out and sing their hits “Broken Hearted” and “Hello”. They show that they deserve the success that they have gotten and continue to receive. Nick and Gabby come up to them and Gabby asks if they really thought that this would get this far and they say that they didn’t.

7 In Unison, Bria Kelly and Rudy Coby come out to the center of the stage. Sharon says that they all had great courage to come up there. The act going through to the Semi-Finals is Bria Kelly. She thanks America and says that they are everything. Howie says that America got it right.

The Magic of Puck, Eric Buss and Melinda Hill come to the center of the stage and the act going into the next round is The Magic of Puck. He says that he has worked so hard for this. Sharon says that she is happy and says that she is glad that he is on the show.

Randall is there and he is the Honeybear whisperer. He does his comedy sketch. Afterward, Randall says that YouTube has given him to give a voice to animals. After the sketch, they take a look into the life of Howard Stern.

Romeo Dance Cheetah, Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots and Drew Erwin come to the center of the stage for the final spot of the night. The act leaving the competition is Romeo Dance Cheetah. The judges have to decide. Howard says that Clint’s timing was good and says that Drew’s needed to know how to hold the audience. Howard says that he is going with Clint. Sharon says that Clint delivered something different and says Drew has courage and says that she has to go with Clint. He says that he is excited. That is it for the YouTube/Snapple results!