The Semi Finals (1) - 12 of the top 24 acts perform - Recap

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The first round of the Semi-Finals is underway and Turf, The Scott Brothers, Edon, Eric Dittleman, Bria Kelly, Todd Oliver, Tom Cotter, Joe Castillo, Academy of Villains, Andrew De Leon, Donovan & Rebecca and William Close are going to be performing tonight. Nick Cannon comes out and says that only 3 of tonight’s acts are going to be able to get through. Howard says that they are going to have to get critical.

First up for the night is Andrew De Leon. He says that this has helped him realize that people accept him. During rehearsals, things don’t go right. He says that he doesn’t want to go home. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Howie says that he did very well and hit every note. He says that he hopes people vote. Howard says that there is parts where he feels that it is a little strange, but his story is personal. He says that he is delightful, but wishes he had more training. Sharon says that he needs to take the makeup off and people will take him more seriously.

Todd Oliver is next. He says that everywhere they go they want to take Ervin’s picture. They come out and do what they do best. Sharon says that he has gotten better and better and loves the new confidence. Howie says that he loved how it was a talk show and says that he is possibly a headline act. Howard says that he proved that he is a headline act and says that he knows what he is doing. Howard says that he deserves to go through.

Next is Donovan & Rebecca. They say that they wanted to work together and say that it took weeks and months of training. Tonight they are going to showcase Rebbecca’s strengths. They come out and do their best. Sharon gives them a standing ovation. Afterward, Howard says that this is a spectacular act and says that every time this act is seen is incredible. However, on TV, it doesn’t translate that well, but loves it LIVE. Sharon says that she loves Rebecca’s abs and says that they deserve to be in their final. Howie says that with only 3 acts are allowed through and they deserve that spot.

Up next is Edon. He says that he loves that his dad supports him and says that he has gotten a few marriage proposals. Tonight is really big and hopes it is enough to get to the finals. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Sharon and Howie give him a standing ovation. Howie says that was amazing and says that he is the best singer in the competition. Stern says that a lot of girls are going to be voting. He says that he was a little bored. He says that he may have made it rough. Sharon says that he picked the best song and says that she felt the emotion.

The Scott Brothers are next. They say that this routine is going to be more technical and they say that their mother is there. They come out and do their dance routine. Afterward, Howard says that they are the best dance act because they always bring something different. However, this time it is a little fatigue and doesn’t think it is going to be good enough. Sharon says that they have a huge level of talent and wishes them luck. Howie says that they need they need one move that dazzles the voters.

Next is Eric Dittleman. He says that he is going to focus on Howard, but is going to try to focus on everyone. He comes out and has Howard color his self portrait. He matches it correctly and gives America a treat that he can read minds. Sharon says that was fascinating and says that she is impressed. She says that she didn’t get the audience illusion. Howie says that he got everything and says that it is amazing how he can read minds, but can’t find a girlfriend or move out. Howard says that he was not bored with this and says that they have exceptional talent and there are only 3 acts allowed to go through and he deserves to go through.

Turf is next. He says that he has been dancing on the streets to get a chance and says that he has to win this competition. He says that he has never tried something new and he is going to do more dance. He comes out and does his thing. Afterward, Howie gives him a standing ovation. Howie says that he thinks that he is the best dancer in the competition. He says that he takes the stage as one guy and says that he wants people to put him through. Howard says that he tried something different, but is afraid to his similarity of his act. He says that he is pulling for him though. Sharon says that he pulled her back in and he loved the routine.

Next is Bria Kelly. She says that she sings Country Music and feels that she wants this so badly. She says that she puts a tone of pressure on herself. She says that she is never going to give up on this. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Sharon says that she has a great voice, but the song needed more emotion. Howie says that tonight she needed to blow the roof off, but she is surrounded by amazing talent. Howard says that her voice was better than the other singers. He says that technically her voice is better then those who sang tonight.

Joe Castillo is next. He says that he had no idea that he would be making it so far. He says that he wanted to tell the epic stories and tonight he wants to open the eyes of America. He comes out and does his best. Afterward, Howard says that tonight it is a tough evaluation and the audience might feel that they have seen this before. He says he loves what he does. Sharon says that he never ceases to amaze her and says that she feels bad and tries to be better. Howie says that he is making art with sand and hopes that America votes for him.

Up next is William Close. He says that he is a father now and wants to show that it is about family and his goal is to show them something new. He says that he is excited. He comes out on stage and plays his Earth Harp. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation from all judges. Howie says that there are no words describe it and he is deserving of winning this. Sharon says that she hopes that they got the immensity of this and says that it is incredible. She says that every time he brings something new. Howard says that he loves this and says that what they are seeing is growth and it is unique and original.

Next is Tom Cotter. He says that his family is why he is doing this. He says that his father gave him support through his entire life. He says that he is going to be there in the audience. He comes out and has Comedy on demand. He has Howie pick a category and he picks College. Howie says that is amazing and says that was amazing and says that he also deserves votes. Howard tests him by picking a category and Todd delivers. He says that he is amazing and that it was great. Sharon says that he is an amazing comic and says that the content was a little bit more edgy and she loved it.

Last up for the night is Academy Of Villains. They are shooting for the stars. However, one of he girls breaks her kneecap and they had to change their routine. They come out and do their routine. Afterward, Howie and Sharon give them a standing ovation. Sharon says that it is amazing what he does and says that he is so unique and thanks them for being part of the show. Howie says that they are his favorite dance troupe ever. He says that it was amazing. Howard says that he is going to rain on the parade and says that it was similar and got a little bit bored. That is it for the performances. It is up to America on who goes through to the Finals.