3 Finalists are chosen to move on to the Top 6 - Recap

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The results as to who is going to get the 3 spots are in and Turf, The Scott Brothers, Edon, Eric Dittleman, Bria Kelly, Todd Oliver, Tom Cotter, Joe Castillo, Academy of Villains, Andrew De Leon, Donovan & Rebecca and William Close wait to see if they are one of those 3. Nick comes out and says that they are going to have Steve Harvey and Neon Trees. Steve Harvey comes out and joins Nick on stage. He gives his thoughts on some of the acts and adds his brand of comedy.

Nick says that they are going reveal the Top 4 and only 3 will go through. Turf, Joe Castillo and The Scott Brothers come to the center of the stage for their results. Howard says that all three of the acts are similar and he can’t call this one. The act in the Top 4 is Joe Castillo. This means that Turf and The Scott Brothers are going home. Sharon says that she knows that he will be in the Finals.

Andrew De Leon, William Close and Academy of Villains come to the center of the stage for their results. Howie says that this was his Top 3 so it is crazy that 2 of them are going home. The act in the Top 4 is William Close. Howard says that he is very pleased and says that he is doing everything that the show stands for.

Donovan & Rebecca, Todd Oliver and Edon come to the stage for their results. They look at the night prior. Sharon says that she doesn’t like this and says that they are equally talented. The act in the Top 4 is Todd Oliver. Howie says that he is happy that variety seems to be winning and he says that he has a great opportunity.

The Neon Trees perform on the stage with their hit single “Everybody Talks”. They show that they have what it takes to continue with their fame.

Tom Cotter, Bria Kelly and Eric Dittleman come to the stage. They are there for the reveal of which act is in the final spot of the Top 4. Howard says that they were all amazing. The final act in the Top 4 is Tom Cotter. Sharon says that he definitely deserves a spot in the Finals.

Joe Castillo, William Close, Todd Oliver and Tom Cotter come out for the Final results of the night. The acts moving onto the Finals are: William Close and Tom Cotter. The last pick is on the judges. Howard says that Todd Oliver is his pick. Sharon picks Joe Castillo. Howie decides to go with Joe Castillo. Next week, the last of the Top 24 perform!