The Top 6 perform - Recap

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The Finals of America’s Got Talent are here and performing for $1Million prize and a Headline Show in Las Vegas are: David Garibaldi & His CMYK’s, Joe Castillo, Olate Dogs, The Untouchables, Tom Cotter and William Close. Nick Cannon comes out and welcomes the crowd.

First up is David Garibaldi & His CMYK’s. David says that he was emotional and says that his wife and child mean everything to him. He says that this is a moment where they can bring it and go somewhere no one has gone. He says that he wants to inspire people. He comes out and paints. At the end, it is Albert Einstein. Howard says that this is fabulous and says that he did a great job with it. Sharon says that it was amazing and says that the timing was great. Howie says that each and every time he comes out, he produces something interesting.

Tom Cotter is up next. He says that he would not be anywhere without his family. He says that he has been at this for 25 years and says to win this would mean a lot for him and his family. He says that he hopes to win it all. He comes out and delivers a random comedic skit from the dice. He delivers it perfectly. Howie says that he scratched and clawed his way to the top. Howard says that he wanted more at the end. He says that he deserves to win this all. Sharon says that this is the first time they have had a comic in their Final. She says that he is a funny guy.

Next up is “The Untouchables”. They say that they are excited that they are there and they want to show all they have on stage. They come out and deliver a smooth routine. Afterward, Sharon gives them a standing ovation. Sharon says that it was fantastic and says that it was great. She says that that they should be so proud of themselves. Howie says that they are far beyond their years, but doesn’t like this routine as the last one. Howard says that every line and move was perfect and it is hard to believe that they are so young.

Joe Castillo is up next. He says that he never thought that he would be in the Finals. He says that he loves drawing stories in the sand and says that tonight is going to be a tribute to the show. He comes out and draws the judges in the sand. Howard says that is amazing and says that he was amazing. Howie says that he is so moved and says that he touched his heart. Sharon says that it should have been more spiritual.

William Close and the Earth Harp Collective are next. William says that he is overwhelmed a bit because everything is leading up to this. He says that he is doing the biggest performance and says that he needs to bring his best. He comes out and does great performance. He gets a standing ovation from all judges. Howie says that every time he steps it up and hopes that everyone is enjoying at home and says that wherever he is, he wants to see him in concert. Sharon says that he is going to have shows all over the world and says that it is just the beginning for him. Howard says that this was an intelligent move and says that everything was unique.

Olate Dogs are the last act of the Finals. They say that this means a lot to them and says that they love the country that has allowed so much. They have been doing this for a long while. They come out and put on a show. One of the dogs messes up a little. At the end, Sharon says that they make her so happy and says that it is great. Howard says that they are phenomenal and says that it is going to be interesting to see who is going to win this. Howie says that this was amazing and says that it is a great way to end the act. That is it for the performances. Now it is up to America to pick the winner!