Season 25

50 Fugitives 50 States

Host John Walsh spotlights fugitives from all 50 states, including ex-Montana militia leader David Burgert, who allegedly engaged sheriff's deputies in a shootout in June 2011. Walsh visits the U.S. Diplomatic Security Command Center in Arlington, Va., to explore how the State Department bureau responds to threats against U.S. diplomats and citizens abroad.

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US Marshalls

The U.S. Marshals Service's 15 most-wanted suspects are spotlighted in a program exploring the work of the Marshals Service. Included: Host John Walsh tours its training facility outside Atlanta and interviews its director, Stacia Hylton. Featured fugitives include a Lake Charles, La., man wanted for murdering his estranged wife with their daughter within earshot in June 2011; and a 19-year-old suspected Pensacola, Fla., drug dealer charged with killing a toddler during a July 2011 gunfight.

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Crimes of Passion

Featured fugitives include a Pennsylvania man on the U.S. Marshals Office's 15 Most Wanted list for allegedly murdering his estranged wife in 2005.

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World's Most Wanted

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1154 :25x01 - Season 25, Episode 1

Season 25 premiere: John Walsh's weekly TV Wanted Poster moves to Lifetime after 24 seasons on Fox. In the opener, featured fugitives include a Texas woman who, police say, hired a contract killer to bludgeon her husband, a U.S. Marine veteran, to death in 2007; a New Jersey man whose dead 2-year-old daughter was found Nov. 22, 2011 in a car partially submerged in a stream; and a Maryland man charged with more than 150 child-sex counts. Also: the murder of a Chicago high-school football player.

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1155 :25x02 - Season 25, Episode 2

Featured fugitives include a Houston man charged with murdering the father of his former common-law wife; a Dallas sex offender on the run since 2004; and an unknown serial rapist in the Dallas area who has preyed on older members of the same college sorority. Also: a profile of Hagerstown, Md., hero cabbie Kathy Rhodes, who witnessed an assault committed by a passenger, then helped police catch him; the captures of a Rochester, N.Y., bank-robbery fugitive and a Providence, R.I., murder suspect.

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1156 :25x03 - Season 25, Episode 3

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1157 :25x04 - Season 25, Episode 4

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1158 :25x05 - Season 25, Episode 5

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1159 :25x06 - Season 25, Episode 6

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1160 :25x07 - Season 25, Episode 7

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1161 :25x08 - Season 25, Episode 8

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1162 :25x09 - Season 25, Episode 9

Featured fugitives include a California man who allegedly impregnated a teen he had taken to Mexico in 1998, then left her there; and a Georgia man wanted for murdering his girlfriend in 2008. Also: a hero report on York County, Pa., cops Cody Becker and Edward Pague, who rescued a woman and her three children from their burning apartment in 2010; and an update on the capture of two Washington, D.C., men charged with a double murder.

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1163 :25x10 - Season 25, Episode 10

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1164 :25x11 - Season 25, Episode 11

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1165 :25x12 - Season 25, Episode 12

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1166 :25x13 - Season 25, Episode 13

A report on sex trafficking in the U.S. and around the world.

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1167 :25x14 - Season 25, Episode 14

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1168 :25x15 - Season 25, Episode 15

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1169 :25x16 - Season 25, Episode 16

Featured fugitives include a suspected South Florida smuggling-ring leader. Also: a report on a love triangle that split two families and ended in a shootout.

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1170 :25x17 - Season 25, Episode 17

A report on the drug-related murders of a South Carolina couple; an update on the hunt for former South Carolina cop Daniel William Hiers, who's wanted for the 2005 killing of his wife. Hiers is also on the run from child-molestation charges.

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1171 :25x18 - Season 25, Episode 18

Cases include the murder of a boxer and a 2003 shooting spree that left four people dead in a South Carolina motorcycle shop.

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1172 :25x19 - Season 25, Episode 19

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1173 :25x20 - Season 25, Episode 20

Married couples wanted for a variety of crimes, including fraud, child molestation and murder, are among the featured fugitives.

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1174 :25x21 - Season 25, Episode 21

Agents hunt for Eric Justin Toth, an ex-teacher accused of possession and production of child pornography. Also: a visit to the FBI's New York field office for a look at a new investigative method that's been instrumental in solving cold cases.

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1175 :25x22 - Season 25, Episode 22

The focus is on female fugitives.

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1176 :25x23 - Season 25, Episode 23

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1177 :25x24 - Season 25, Episode 24

Featured fugitives include a California woman accused of torturing her daughter. Also: an interview with the father of a missing California girl; a report on a shooting at an unexpected family reunion.

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1178 :25x25 - Season 25, Episode 25

Featured fugitives include an assault-and-robbery suspect who allegedly impersonated a police officer, and a man wanted in the killing of his sister. Also: a profile of a police officer searching for his godson's killers.

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1179 :25x26 - Season 25, Episode 26

A look at sex-trafficking case studies includes one that involves an undercover operation by the Vancouver, Wash., police department.

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1180 :25x27 - Season 25, Episode 27

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1181 :25x28 - Season 25, Episode 28

The search for the killer of a Chicago flight attendant who was stabbed to death in her home.

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1182 :25x29 - Season 25, Episode 29

A hunt for Brian Maurice Fuller, who was arrested for allegedly orchestrating a Dallas robbery in which a woman was beaten and her diamond ring stolen. He posted bail and then disappeared. Also: a report on a romance that fell apart and turned deadly.

Source: Lifetime

1183 :25x30 - Season 25, Episode 30

An investigation into rapes and murders committed by the so-called Potomac River rapist, whose DNA is linked to at least 10 sexual assaults. Also: the capture of a criminal in Mexico that was the result of viewer tips.

Source: Lifetime

1184 :25x31 - Season 25, Episode 31

Criminals who betrayed their families are hunted, including the shooter in a murder-for-hire plot and a dad who allegedly shot to death his two daughters. Also: two young men who reportedly suffered years of sexual abuse from a close family member.

Source: Lifetime

1185 :25x32 - Season 25, Episode 32

An investigation into the 2009 shooting death of inline-skating prodigy Brian Scott, who was gunned down inside a Brooklyn coffee shop. Also: A bank manager's mother and son are taken hostage during an attempted robbery.

Source: Lifetime

1186 :25x33 - Season 25, Episode 33

A night out with friends ends in tragedy for a young Army veteran just home from Afghanistan, and Boston police are on the trail of the alleged killer, who has hightailed it to the Caribbean. Also: A father returns home to find his 11-year-old son and the housekeeper stabbed to death, and investigators suspect that the killer and the youngster may have met online.

Source: Lifetime

1187 :25x34 - Season 25, Episode 34

A mother and daughter team up to fight a rapist; a girl disappears after her boyfriend tries to evade drug charges; robbers terrorize the streets of Palm Beach County in Florida. LIFE

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1188 :25x35 - Season 25, Episode 35

The use of social media to track criminals, pursue pedophiles and locate missing people is explored. Included: the murder of a professional billiards player; the slaying of a middle-school teacher.

Source: Lifetime

1189 :25x36 - Season 25, Episode 36

A search for a child rapist and murderer in Indiana. Also: The murder of a former Playboy Bunny is investigated.

Source: Lifetime

1190 :25x37 - Season 25, Episode 37

A search for alleged killer James Edelen, who is a suspect in the 2009 murder of Markus Arnold in Flint, Mich.

Source: Lifetime

1191 :25x38 - Season 25, Episode 38

A married man is confronted by a woman's volatile boyfriend. Also: the search for a father who allegedly abused his daughter.

Source: Lifetime

1192 :25x39 - Season 25, Episode 39

A hunt for a killer who murdered a woman on her birthday. Also: an update on the search for missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman, who disappeared on June 4, 2010.

Source: Lifetime

1193 :25x40 - Season 25, Episode 40

The search for a man who shot two people at a Maryland nail salon. Also: A dad is stabbed to death at his son's birthday party; and a cold-case murder in New Jersey is investigated.

Source: Lifetime

1194 :25x41 - Season 25, Episode 41

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1195 :25x42 - Season 25, Episode 42

A 28-year-old murder is investigated. Also: a homicide case in which a son allegedly killed his mother over money.

Source: Lifetime

1196 :25x43 - Season 25, Episode 43

The 25th season concludes with the search for the U.S. Marshal's latest addition to the 15 most-wanted list.

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Classification: Documentary
Genre: Crime
Status: Canceled
Network: Lifetime ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 07, 1988
Ended: October 12, 2012
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