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America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model Cast

Name (Sort)   Character (Sort)
Tyra BanksplayedHerself (Host & Judge - S01-present) (282Eps.)
Kelly CutroneplayedHerself (Judge - S18-present) (68Eps.)
J. AlexanderplayedHimself (Runway Coach S01-S18/Judge S05-S13 &S21-) (253Eps.)
Rob Evans (2)playedHimself (Judge - S19-S20) (29Eps.)
Nigel BarkerplayedHimself (Photographer & Judge - S02-S18) (218Eps.)
André Leon TalleyplayedHimself (Judge - S14-S17) (51Eps.)
Paulina PorizkovaplayedHerself (Judge - S10-S12) (39Eps.)
Twiggy LawsonplayedHerself (Judge - S05-S09) (65Eps.)
Jay ManuelplayedHimself (Photo Shoot Director - S01-S08) (98Eps.)
Janice DickinsonplayedHerself (Judge - S01-S04) (46Eps.)
Nolé MarinplayedHimself (Judge - S03-S04) (26Eps.)
Eric NicholsonplayedHimself (Judge - S02) (11Eps.)
Beau QuillianplayedHimself (Judge - S01) (9Eps.)
Kimora Lee SimmonsplayedHerself (Judge - S01) (9Eps.)
Mirjana PuharplayedHerself (S21, 8th Place)
Sophie SumnerplayedHerself (S18, Winner) (13Eps.)
Laura LafrateplayedHerself (S18, Runner-up)
Annaliese DayesplayedHerself (S18, 3rd Place)
Alisha WhiteplayedHerself (S18, Quit in Episode 10)
Eboni DavisplayedHerself (S18, 4th Place)
Catherine ThomasplayedHerself (S18, 5th Place)
Lisa D'AmatoplayedHerself - S05, 6th Place (S17, Winner) (13Eps.)
Allison HarvardplayedHerself - S12, Runner-up (S17, Runner-up)
Angelea PrestonplayedHerself - S14, 4th Place (tie) (S17, 3rd Place)
Laura KirkpatrickplayedHerself - S13, Runner-up (S17, 4th Place)
Dominique ReighardplayedHerself - S10, 4th Place (S17, 5th Place)
Shannon StewartplayedHerself - S01, Runner-Up (S17, 6th Place)
Alexandria EverettplayedHerself - S16, 4th Place (S17, 7th Place)
Bianca GoldenplayedHerself - S09, 4th Place (S17, 8th Place)
Kayla FerellplayedHerself - S15, 4th Place (tie) (S17, 9th Place)
Bre ScullarkplayedHerself - S05, 3rd Place (S17, 10th Place)
Camille McDonaldplayedHerself - S02, 5th Place (S17, 11th Place)
Isis KingplayedHerself - S11, 10th Place (S17, 12th Place)
Sheena SakaiplayedHerself - S11, 6th Place (S17, 13th Place)
Brittany BrowerplayedHerself - S04, 4th Place (S17, 14th Place)
Brittani KlineplayedHerself (S16, Winner) (13Eps.)
Molly O'connellplayedHerself (S16, Runner-Up)
Hannah Jones (2)playedHerself (S16, 3rd Place)
Kasia PilewiczplayedHerself (S16, 5th Place)
Jaclyn PooleplayedHerself (S16, 6th Place)
Mikaela SchipaniplayedHerself (S16, 7th Place)
Monique WeingartplayedHerself (S16, 8th Place)
Dalya MorrowplayedHerself (S16, 9th Place)
Sara LongoriaplayedHerself (S16, 10th Place)
Dominique WaldrupplayedHerself (S16, 11th Place)
Nicole Lucas (2)playedHerself (S16, 12th Place)
Ondrei EdwardsplayedHerself (S16, 13th Place (quit))
Angelia AlvarezplayedHerself (S16, 14th Place)
Ann Ward (2)playedHerself (S15, Winner) (13Eps.)
Chelsey HersleyplayedHerself (S15, Runner-Up)
Jane RandallplayedHerself (S15, 4th Place (tie))
Christin "chris" WhiteplayedHerself (S15, 5th Place)
Lyzbeth "liz" WilliamsplayedHerself (S15, 6th Place)
Esther PetrackplayedHerself (S15, 7th Place)
Kendal Brown (2)playedHerself (S15, 8th Place)
Kacey LeggettplayedHerself (S15, 9th Place)
Alexia "lexie" TomcHekplayedHerself (S15, 10th Place)
Rhianna AtwoodplayedHerself (S15, 11th Place)
Sara BlackamoreplayedHerself (S15, 12th Place)
Terra WhiteplayedHerself (S15, 13th Place)
Anamaria MirditaplayedHerself (S15, 14th Place)
Krista WhiteplayedHerself (S14, Winner) (12Eps.)
Raina HeinplayedHerself (S14, Runner-Up)
Alexandra UnderwoodplayedHerself (S14, 4th Place (tie))
Jessica SerfatyplayedHerself (S14, 5th Place)
Alasia BallardplayedHerself (S14, 6th Place)
Anslee Payne-franklinplayedHerself (S14, 7th Place)
Brenda ArensplayedHerself (S14, 8th Place)
Tatianna KernplayedHerself (S14, 9th Place)
Simone LewisplayedHerself (S14, 10th Place)
Ren VokesplayedHerself (S14, 11th Place)
Naduah RugelyplayedHerself (S14, 12th Place)
Gabrielle KnieryplayedHerself (S14, 13th Place)
Nicole FoxplayedHerself (S13, Winner) (13Eps.)
Erin WagnerplayedHerself (S13, 4th Place (tie))
Jennifer AnplayedHerself (S13, 4th Place (tie))
Sundai LoveplayedHerself (S13, 5th Place)
Brittany MarkertplayedHerself (S13, 6th Place)
Ashley "rae" WeiszplayedHerself (S13, 7th Place)
Kara VincentplayedHerself (S13, 8th Place)
Ashley HowardplayedHerself (S13, 9th Place)
Bianca RichardsonplayedHerself (S13, 10th Place)
Lulu BraithwaiteplayedHerself (S13, 11th Place)
Courtney DaviesplayedHerself (S13, 12th Place)
Rachel EchelbergerplayedHerself (S13, 13th Place)
Lisa RamosplayedHerself (S13, 14th Place)
Teyona AndersonplayedHerself (S12, Winner) (13Eps.)
Aminat AyindeplayedHerself (S12, 3rd Place)
Celia AmmermanplayedHerself (S12, 4th Place)
Felicia "fo" PorterplayedHerself (S12, 5th Place)
Natalie PackplayedHerself (S12, 6th Place)
Lauren "london" Levi-nanceplayedHerself (S12, 7th Place)
Tahlia BrookinsplayedHerself (S12, 8th Place)
Sandra NyanchokaplayedHerself (S12, 9th Place)
Kortnie ColesplayedHerself (S12, 10th Place)
Nijah HarrisplayedHerself (S12, 11th Place)
Jessica SantiagoplayedHerself (S12, 12th Place)
Kelly "isabella" FalkplayedHerself (S12, 13th Place)
Brittany 'mcKey' SullivanplayedHerself (S11, Winner) (13Eps.)
Samantha PotterplayedHerself (S11, Runner-Up)
Analeigh TiptonplayedHerself (S11, 3rd Place)
Marjorie ConradplayedHerself (S11, 4th Place)
Elina IvanovaplayedHerself (S11, 5th Place)
Joslyn PennywellplayedHerself (S11, 7th Place)
Lauren Brie HardingplayedHerself (S11, 8th Place)
Clark GilmerplayedHerself (S11, 9th Place)
Hannah FitzpatrickplayedHerself (S11, 11th Place)
Brittany RubalcabaplayedHerself (S11, 12th Place)
Nikeysha ClarkeplayedHerself (S11, 13th Place)
Brittney 'sharaun' BrownplayedHerself (S11, 14th Place)
Whitney ThompsonplayedHerself (S10, Winner) (13Eps.)
Anya KopplayedHerself (S10, Runner-up)
Fatima SiadplayedHerself (S10, 3rd Place)
Katarzyna DolinskaplayedHerself (S10, 5th Place)
Lauren UtterplayedHerself (S10, 6th Place)
Stacy Ann FequiereplayedHerself (S10, 7th Place)
Claire UnabiaplayedHerself (S10, 8th Place)
Aimee WrightplayedHerself (S10, 9th Place)
Marvita WashingtonplayedHerself (S10, 10th Place)
Amis JenkinsplayedHerself (S10, 11th Place)
Allison KuehnplayedHerself (S10, 12th Place)
Atalya SlaterplayedHerself (S10, 13th Place)
Saleisha StowersplayedHerself (S09, Winner) (13Eps.)
Chantal JonesplayedHerself (S09, Runner-up)
Jenah DoucetteplayedHerself (S09, 3rd Place)
Heather KuzmichplayedHerself (S09, 5th Place)
Lisa JacksonplayedHerself (S09, 6th Place)
Ambreal WilliamsplayedHerself (S09, 7th Place)
Sarah HartshorneplayedHerself (S09, 8th Place)
Ebony MorganplayedHerself (S09, 9th Place (quit))
Janet MillsplayedHerself (S09, 10th Place)
Victoria MarshmanplayedHerself (S09, 11th Place)
Kimberly LeemansplayedHerself (S09, 12th Place)
Mila BouzinovaplayedHerself (S09, 13th Place)
Jaslene GonzalezplayedHerself (S08, Winner) (13Eps.)
Natasha GalkinaplayedHerself (S08, Runner-Up)
Renee AlwayplayedHerself (S08, 3rd Place)
Dionne WaltersplayedHerself (S08, 4th Place)
Brittany HatchplayedHerself (S08, 5th Place)
Jael StraussplayedHerself (S08, 6th Place)
Whitney CunninghamplayedHerself (S08, 7th Place)
Sarah VonderhaarplayedHerself (S08, 8th Place)
Diana ZalewskiplayedHerself (S08, 9th Place)
Felicia ProvostplayedHerself (S08, 10th Place)
Cassandra WatsonplayedHerself (S08, 11th Place)
Samantha FrancisplayedHerself (S08, 12th Place)
Kathleen DuJourplayedHerself (S08, 13th Place)
CariDee EnglishplayedHerself (S07, Winner) (13Eps.)
Melrose BickerstaffplayedHerself (S07, Runner-Up)
Eugena WashingtonplayedHerself (S07, 3rd Place)
Amanda BabinplayedHerself (S07, 4th Place)
Michelle BabinplayedHerself (S07, 5th Place)
Jaeda YoungplayedHerself (S07, 6th Place)
Anchal JosephplayedHerself (S07, 7th Place)
Brooke MillerplayedHerself (S07, 8th Place)
A.J. StewartplayedHerself (S07, 9th Place)
Megg MoralesplayedHerself (S07, 10th Place)
Monique Calhoun (1)playedHerself (S07, 11th Place)
Megan MorrisplayedHerself (S07, 12th Place)
Christian Evans (2)playedHerself (S07, 13th Place)
Danielle EvansplayedHerself (S06, Winner) (13Eps.)
Joanie DoddsplayedHerself (S06, Runner-Up)
Jade ColeplayedHerself (S06, 3rd Place)
Sara AlbertplayedHerself (S06, 4th Place)
Furonda BrasfieldplayedHerself (S06, 5th Place)
Nnenna AgbaplayedHerself (S06, 6th Place)
Brooke StarichaplayedHerself (S06, 7th Place)
Leslie ManciaplayedHerself (S06, 8th Place)
Mollie Sue Steenis-GondiplayedHerself (S06, 9th Place)
Gina ChoeplayedHerself (S06, 10th Place)
Kari SchmidtplayedHerself (S06, 11th Place)
Wendy WiltzplayedHerself (S06, 12th Place)
Kathy HoxitplayedHerself (S06, 13th Place)
Nicole LinkletterplayedHerself (S05, Winner) (13Eps.)
Nik PaceplayedHerself (S05, Runner-Up)
Jayla RubinelliplayedHerself (S05, 4th Place)
Kim StolzplayedHerself (S05, 5th Place)
Kyle KavanaughplayedHerself (S05, 7th Place)
Coryn WoitelplayedHerself (S05, 8th Place)
Diane HernándezplayedHerself (S05, 9th Place)
Sarah RhoadesplayedHerself (S05, 10th Place)
Cassandra JeanplayedHerself (S05, 11th Place (quit))
Ebony TaylorplayedHerself (S05, 12th Place)
Ashley BlackplayedHerself (S05, 13th Place)
Naima MoraplayedHerself (S04, Winner) (13Eps.)
Kahlen RondotplayedHerself (S04, Runner-Up)
Keenyah HillplayedHerself (S04, 3rd Place)
Christina MurphyplayedHerself (S04, 5th Place)
Michelle DeightonplayedHerself (S04, 6th Place)
Tatiana DanteplayedHerself (S04, 7th Place)
Tiffany RichardsonplayedHerself (S04, 9th Place (tie))
Rebecca EpleyplayedHerself (S04, 9th Place (tie))
Lluvy GomezplayedHerself (S04, 10th Place)
Noelle StaggersplayedHerself (S04, 11th Place)
Brandy RusherplayedHerself (S04, 12th Place)
Sarah DankelmanplayedHerself (S04, 13th Place)
Brita PetersonsplayedHerself (S04, 14th Place)
Eva MarcilleplayedHerself (S03, Winner) (13Eps.)
Yaya DaCostaplayedHerself (S03, Runner-Up)
Amanda SwaffordplayedHerself (S03, 3rd Place)
Ann MarkleyplayedHerself (S03, 4th Place)
Norelle Van HerkplayedHerself (S03, 5th Place)
Nicole BorudplayedHerself (S03, 6th Place)
Toccara JonesplayedHerself (S03, 7th Place)
Cassie GrishamplayedHerself (S03, 8th Place)
Kelle JacobplayedHerself (S03, 9th Place)
Jennipher Frost (1)playedHerself (S03, 10th Place)
Julie TitusplayedHerself (S03, 12th Place)
Kristi GrommentplayedHerself (S03, 11th Place)
Leah DarrowplayedHerself (S03, 13th Place)
Magdalena RivasplayedHerself (S03, 14th Place)
Yoanna HouseplayedHerself (S02, Winner) (11Eps.)
Mercedes YvetteplayedHerself (S02, Runner-Up)
Shandi SullivanplayedHerself (S02, 3rd Place)
April WilknerplayedHerself (S02, 4th Place)
Sara Racey-TabriziplayedHerself (S02, 6th Place)
Catie AndersonplayedHerself (S02, 7th Place)
Xiomara FransplayedHerself (S02, 8th Place)
Jenascia ChakosplayedHerself (S02, 9th Place)
Heather BlumbergplayedHerself (S02, 10th Place)
Bethany HarrisonplayedHerself (S02, 11th Place)
Anna BradfieldplayedHerself (S02, 12th Place)
Adrianne CurryplayedHerself (S01, Winner) (9Eps.)
Elyse SewellplayedHerself (S01, 3rd Place)
Robin ManningplayedHerself (S01, 4th Place)
Kesse WallaceplayedHerself (S01, 5th Place)
Giselle SamsonplayedHerself (S01, 6th Place)
Ebony HaithplayedHerself (S01, 7th Place)
Nicole PanattoniplayedHerself (S01, 8th Place)
Katie ClearyplayedHerself (S01, 9th Place)
Tessa CarlsonplayedHerself (S01, 10th Place)
Classification: Reality
Genre: Competition | Fashion/Make-up | Talent
Status: Returning Series
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 20, 2003
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