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Season 5

89 :05x01 - Conviction (1)

Taking over the Los Angeles offices of the supernatural law firm Wolfram and Hart proves to be more challenging than expected for Angel and the gang, especially when their first case involves representing an evil client who threatens to destroy the city. As the gang settles into their new careers at the law firm, they meet new and familiar faces, including the mysterious Eve, who will act as Angel's liaison to Wolfram and Hart's senior partners, and the bubbly vampire Harmony who is Angel's new assistant. Most surprising of all is the arrival of Angel's old nemesis and fellow vampire-with-a-soul, Spike, who makes a miraculous appearance.
Guest Stars: Marissa Tait as Woman | Susan Slome as Cindy Rabinowitz | Christopher Leps as Vampire | Dane Northcutt as Hauser | Rodney Rowland as Corbin Fries | Jordan Garrett as Matthew Fries | Chris Eckles as Special Ops Guy | Peter Breitmayer as Desmond Keel | Jacqueline Hahn as Judge | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall | Jonathan M. Woodward as Knox | Daniella Kuhn as Notary | T.J. Thyne as Lawyer | Dion Sapp as Sam | Marc Vann as Doctor Sparrow | Michael Shamus Wiles as Spanky
Director: Joss Whedon
Writer: Joss Whedon

90 :05x02 - Just Rewards (2)

Spike mysteriously materializes in Angel's office through the magic of an amulet, but no one, including Spike himself, understands the reason he has returned or why he is now a ghost. Meanwhile, Angel jeopardizes his own life when he tries to stop one of his evil clients from using human bodies as vessels for demon spirits.
Guest Stars: Bill Escudier as Hainsley Demon | Victor Raider-Wexler as Magnus Hainsley | Joshua Hutchinson as Novac | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall | William Utay as Manservant

91 :05x03 - Unleashed

Fred still continues to find ways to corporealize Spike, although is not having as much luck as she hopes for. Angel kills a werewolf, although not enough time to save a girl, Nina, from being bitten. It is up to Angel to help Nina get through this time, especially when she could be in danger!
Guest Stars: Braeden Marcott as Jacob Crane | Heidi Dippold as Jill | Jenny Mollen as Nina Ash | John Billingsley as Dr. Royce | Sascha Shapiro as Amanda
Director: Marita Grabiak

92 :05x04 - Hell Bound

Spike struggles to maintain his weak grip on reality as spectral forces threaten to send him to hell. He encounters ghostly apparitions, including an eighteenth-century serial-killer doctor. Meanwhile, Fred continues her quest to find a way of restoring Spike to his corporeal self.
Guest Stars: Allison Barcott as Armless Woman | Elliott Grey as Hanging Man | Judson Pearce Morgan as Bloody Lawyer | J.T. Lawson as No Face | Simon Templeman as Pavayne | Dorie Barton as Psychic | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Peter Kanetis as Lawyer #1 | Willow Geer as Glass Woman

93 :05x05 - Life of the Party

The consummate entertainer Lorne works around the clock to throw the ultimate Halloween party at Wolfram & Hart. When their guests begin to behave strangely and out of character, Angel and the gang investigate to find out what's causing the mysterious happenings.
Guest Stars: T.J. Thyne as Employee #1 | Michael Maize as Artode | Ryan Alvarez as Demon Slave | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall | Jonathan M. Woodward as Knox | Leland Crooke as Sebassis | Jim Blanchette as Devlin
Director: Bill L. Norton
Writer: Ben Edlund

94 :05x06 - The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

Angel learns that he must track down a retired Mexican wrestler to help him defeat Tezcatcatl, an ancient Aztec warrior who emerges every 50 years to take the heart of a hero to sustain his own existence. Angel is surprised to find the wrestler is employed at his company, Wolfram & Hart, and that he has a personal score to settle with Tezcatcatl.
Guest Stars: Bruno Gunn as Security Guard | Danny Mora as Number 5
Director: Jeffrey Bell
Writer: Jeffrey Bell

95 :05x07 - Lineage

Wesley's father mysteriously shows up at Wolfram & Hart, while the gang has to deal with a group of robots who have come to take over Angel. How successful will this takeover mission be?
Guest Stars: Roy Dotrice as Roger Wyndham-Pryce | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Jonathan M. Woodward as Knox | Treva Etienne as Emile
Writer: Drew Goddard

96 :05x08 - Destiny

When another mysterious package arrives at Wolfram & Hart that recorporealizes Spike, the gang learns that the existence of two living ensouled vampire heroes has created chaos in the world. After Eve tells them about a prophecy that states that the only way to restore order is to find the Cup of Perpetual Torment that bestows human life, Angel and Spike battle it out for the ultimate prize. A series of flashbacks show the history of Angel and Spike and their relationship with Drusilla.
Guest Stars: Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald | Justin Connor as Jerry | Mark Kelly (1) as Reese | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Juliet Landau as Drusilla | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall | Michael Halsey as Sirk
Director: Skip Schoolnik
Songs: Dead Kennedys -- Too Drunk to Fuck

97 :05x09 - Harm's Way

In this Harmony centered episode, Harmony tries to prove to Angel that she has not reverted back to her former ways, when she is accused of killing a demon rights activist.
Guest Stars: Danielle Nicolet as Tamika | Bryce Mouer as Hot Guy | Jennifer Haworth as Brittany | Stacy Reed as Charlotte | David Gangler as Danny | Christopher Gehrman as Rudy | Brendan Hines as Eli | Olga Vilner as Vinji Leader | Nick Jaine as Sahrvin Leader | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall
Director: Vern Gillum

98 :05x10 - Soul Purpose

Angel is plagued by dreams of Spike being the chosen champion and the new protector of the helpless, which makes Angel question if he is still doing what he use to do.
Guest Stars: Jodi Harris as Woman | Carmen Nicole as Lana | Rob Evors as Man | Clara Hughes (2) as Blue Fairy | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall
Director: David Boreanaz

99 :05x11 - Damage

When an emotionally unstable woman, Dana, escapes from a psychiatric ward, Angel learns that she was tortured as a child and is now searching for her tormentor. Andrew, a watcher-in-training, arrives from Sunnydale with surprising information about Buffy and to inform the group that Dana is also a vampire slayer. Meanwhile, Spike believes that if he can save Dana, he will prove that he is destined to be the vampire champion.
Guest Stars: Alex Alexander (1) as Carol | Kevin Quigley as Dr. Rabinaw: | Mesan Richardson as SWAT Team #1 | Debbie McLeod as Real Estate Agent | Michael Hungerford as Dock Worker | Jasmine Di Angelo as Young Dana | David Brouwer as Stock boy | Rebecca Metz as Young Nurse | Michael Krawic as Vernon the Creepy Psychic | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall | William Stanford Davis as Security Guard | Tom Lenk as Andrew | Navi Rawat as Dana
Songs: White Zombie -- Blood, Milk and Sky

100 :05x12 - You're Welcome

In this landmark 100th episode, Cordelia wakes up from her coma and is shocked to see that Angel is working with the enemy, Wolfram & Hart. Cordelia puts Angel back on track, when he's having doubts and Lindsey tries to get rid Angel once and for all.
Special Guest Stars: Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald | Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase |
Guest Stars: T.J. Thyne as Lawyer | Ryan Alvarez as Demon Slave | Mark Colson as Izzy | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall
Director: David Fury
Writer: David Fury

101 :05x13 - Why We Fight

Lawson, a mysterious man from Angel's past, arrives at Wolfram & Hart and takes the gang hostage. Through flashbacks to World War II, it is revealed that Angel worked with the U.S. Navy to recover a captured German submarine with American sailors on board. The ship also has a secret cargo, a dangerous trio of vampires, including Spike, who were kidnapped by the Germans and forced to help the Nazis. When the sub comes under attack, Angel saves Lawson's life by turning him into a vampire. Now, sixty years later, Lawson has arrived at Wolfram & Hart seeking revenge.
Guest Stars: Joel Polis as Captain Franklin | Lindsey Ginter as Cmdr. Petrie | Bart McCarthy as Nostroyev | Camden Toy as Prince of Lies | Mikey Day as O'Shea | Matt Goodwin as Hodge | Bradley Snedeker as Tyler | Nick Spano as Spinelli | Roy Werner as Heinrich | Scott Klace as Initiative Man | Eyal Podell as Lawson
Director: Terrence O'Hara

102 :05x14 - Smile Time

When a popular children's show begins to steal the life forces of children by hypnotizing them, Angel goes directly to the studio to uncover the evil doings. Upon entering the building, Angel triggers a spell that transforms him into a puppet. In a race against time, puppet-Angel and company must find a way to reverse the spell, save the lives of hundreds of children and return Angel to his normal vampire state. Meanwhile, Nina, the werewolf Angel befriended, returns to declare her romantic intentions, but puppet-Angel is too embarrassed to reciprocate.
Guest Stars: David Fury as Gregor Framkin | Jenny Mollen as Nina Ash | Abigail Mavity as Hannah | Ridge Canipe as Tommy | Jennie Vaughn as Tommy's Mother | Jonathan M. Woodward as Knox | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall | Marc Vann as Doctor Sparrow
Director: Ben Edlund
Writer: Ben Edlund

103 :05x15 - A Hole in the World

When a mysterious sarcophagus is delivered to Wolfram and Hart, Fred accidentally opens it and releases a ancient powerful demon called Illyria. Now with only 24 hours left to live before the demon consumes her, Angel and the gang must figure out a way to save her before its too late.
Guest Stars: Gary Grubbs as Roger Burkle | Jennifer Griffin as Trish Burkle | Jeremy Glazer as Lawyer | John Duff as Delivery Man | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Jonathan M. Woodward as Knox | Kevin Grevioux as Delivery Man | Alec Newman as Drogyn
Director: Joss Whedon
Writer: Joss Whedon

104 :05x16 - Shells

Angel and Spike return from England defeated, knowing that the ancient demon Illyria has completely taken over Fred's body and soul. Upon learning that Knox and Gunn have each contributed to her demise, Wesley goes for revenge and Angel tries everything to restore Fred, including calling on an old friend from Sunnydale. Meanwhile, Illyria tries to locate an ancient temple where she believes she will find an army ready to help her destroy mankind.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Griffin as Trish Burkle | Jonathan M. Woodward as Knox | Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall | Marc Vann as Doctor Sparrow
Songs: Kim Richey -- A Place Called Home

105 :05x17 - Underneath

Hoping that Lindsay has information on the Senior Partners' ultimate plans, Angel, Spike and Gunn track him down in a bizarre and terrifying suburban hell. Meanwhile, a nearly invincible stranger sent by the Senior Partners infiltrates Wolfram & Hart looking for Eve.
Special Guest Stars: Christian Kane as Lindsey |
Guest Stars: Nicholl Hiren as Trish | Adam Baldwin as Hamilton | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Christian Boewe as Zach | Jared Poe as Carlos
Director: Skip Schoolnik

106 :05x18 - Origin

Angel resists the appeal of parents seeking help from Wolfram & Hart regarding their son's supernatural abilities after he discovers that the boy is his son, Connor. Despite his reservations, Angel is forced to bring Connor into conflict with an old adversary to prevent his son's memories from being restored. Meanwhile Wesley uncovers a mysterious deal struck by Wolfram & Hart that threatens the secret Angel desperately wants to protect.
Special Guest Stars: Vincent Kartheiser as Connor |
Guest Stars: Jack Conley as Sahjahn | Jim Abele as Connor's Father | Adam Baldwin as Hamilton | Dennis Christopher as Cyvus Vail | Adrienne Brett Evans as Connor's Mother
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Writer: Drew Goddard

107 :05x19 - Time Bomb

When Illyria's powers become unstable and cause her to erratically jump through time, she learns that the gang intends to kill her. Upon returning to the present, Illyria plans to murder everyone before they're able to attack her. To save everyone's lives, Angel goes into the past with Illyria to alter the course of events.
Guest Stars: Jaime Bergman as Amanda | Nick Gilhool as Fell Brother #1 | Jeff Yagher as Fell Leader | Adam Baldwin as Hamilton
Director: Vern Gillum
Writer: Ben Edlund

108 :05x20 - The Girl in Question

Angel and Spike decide to take a trip to Rome, Italy when they learn that The Immortal, an enemy of theirs, is having relations with Buffy. While on their journey, they get caught up in a struggle between demon clan leaders.
Special Guest Stars: Tom Lenk as Andrew | Julie Benz as Darla |
Guest Stars: Gary Grubbs as Roger Burkle | Jennifer Griffin as Trish Burkle | Vikki Gurdas as Bartendress | David S. Lee as Alfonso | Carole Davis as Ilona Costa Bianchi | Juliet Landau as Drusilla | Irina Maleeva as Old Demon Lady | Andrew Abelson as Italian Man | Rob Steiner as Pietro | Dominic Pace as Bouncer
Director: David Greenwalt

109 :05x21 - Power Play

The gang starts to have doubts about Angel's loyalties when he appears to have become very close with the Circle of the Black Thorn, an evil secret demon society. When Drogyn, the guardian of the deep well, makes a startling revelation, the gangs' fears that Angel has become evil seem to be validated.
Guest Stars: Leland Crooke as Sebassis | Mark Colson as Izzy | Alec Newman as Drogyn | Adam Baldwin as Hamilton | Dennis Christopher as Cyvus Vail | Elimu Nelson as Ernesto | Stacey Travis as Senator Bruckner | Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald | Jenny Mollen as Nina Ash
Writer: David Fury

110 :05x22 - Not Fade Away

In the series finale, Angel and the gang prepare for the fight of their lives as they prepare to take on the entire organization of The Circle of the Black Thorn.
Special Guest Stars: Christian Kane as Lindsey | Vincent Kartheiser as Connor |
Guest Stars: Julia Lee as Anne | David Figlioli as Bartender | Leland Crooke as Sebassis | Mark Colson as Izzy | Adam Baldwin as Hamilton | Dennis Christopher as Cyvus Vail | Stacey Travis as Senator Bruckner | Sarah Thompson as Eve | Ryan Alvarez as Pee Pee Demon
Director: Jeffrey Bell
Classification: Scripted
Genre: | Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled
Network: WB ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1999
Ended: May 19, 2004
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