Animal Atlas

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
00 01x00 Unknown All About Birds
00 01x00 Unknown Animal Mix-ups
00 01x00 Unknown Endagered Animals
00 01x00 Unknown Animal Talk
00 01x00 Unknown Animal Beauties
00 01x00 Unknown Animal Intelligence
00 01x00 Unknown Primates
00 01x00 Unknown Ancient Animals
00 01x00 Unknown Reptiles
00 01x00 Unknown Sea Creatures
00 01x00 Unknown Camouflage
01 01x01 25/Sep/2004 Animal Appetites
02 01x02 02/Oct/2004 Animal Babies
03 01x03 09/Oct/2004 Wild Cats
04 01x04 16/Oct/2004 Monkey Business
05 01x05 23/Oct/2004 The Bear Facts
06 01x06 30/Oct/2004 Elephants and Us
07 01x07 06/Nov/2004 Animal Locomotion
08 01x08 13/Nov/2004 What's That?!
10 01x10 27/Nov/2004 A Crash of Rhinos
12 01x12 22/Jan/2005 Habitats
13 01x13 25/Jan/2005 Animal Antics
13 01x13 29/Jan/2005 Herbivores
14 01x14 05/Feb/2005 Home Sweet Home: Primordial Worlds of Swamps and Rainforests
15 01x15 12/Feb/2005 Who's a Rodent?!
16 01x16 19/Feb/2005 Marsupials
17 01x17 26/Feb/2005 Animal ABCs
18 01x18 23/Apr/2005 Savanna Safari
19 01x19 30/Apr/2005 Animal Senses
20 01x20 07/May/2005 Great Birds of a Feather
22 01x22 28/May/2005 Hide or Seek: Predator vs. Prey
23 01x23 28/May/2005 Down on the Farm
23 01x23 28/May/2005 Big Bad Wolves
26 01x26 28/May/2005 Home Sweet Home: Shore, Sand and Sea

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 02x01 Unknown/Unaired Mermaids, Sirens and Sea Cows: Legends of the Manatee
02 02x02 Unknown/Unaired The Dolphin Show!
04 02x04 Unknown/Unaired Tortoises & Turtles
05 02x05 Unknown/Unaired Loss of the Wild: Wild Cats, Great and Small
06 02x06 Unknown/Unaired Fish Tales: Let's Swim!
07 02x07 Unknown/Unaired Animals of Myths and Legend
08 02x08 Unknown/Unaired What's That?! Under the Sea
09 02x09 Unknown/Unaired Florida Springbreak, Wildlife-Style!
10 02x10 Unknown/Unaired Bright Birds
11 02x11 Unknown/Unaired First and Primate
12 02x12 Unknown/Unaired The Greatest of Apes
13 02x13 Unknown/Unaired Monkey See, Monkey Do?
14 02x14 Unknown/Unaired Big Bird Don't Fly
15 02x15 Unknown/Unaired The Horse, of Course
16 02x16 Unknown/Unaired Beasts of Burden
17 02x17 Unknown/Unaired The Ungulates: By Hoof, by Claw or by Nail
18 02x18 Unknown/Unaired Adapt and Thrive
19 02x19 Unknown/Unaired The Secrets of Animal Communication
20 02x20 Unknown/Unaired Who's Got Milk?: A Day at the Dairy Farm
22 02x22 Unknown/Unaired Who's Kingdom Is It Anyways?
23 02x23 Unknown/Unaired The Behemoths
24 02x24 Unknown/Unaired Bringing Up Babies
25 02x25 Unknown/Unaired Home on the Range
26 02x26 Unknown/Unaired Six Legs, No Backbone

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
28 03x02 Unknown/Unaired What's a Lemur?
27 03x03 Unknown/Unaired Man-Eaters and Other Predators
27 03x04 Unknown/Unaired Endangered!: Say Hello, Say Goodbye
27 03x05 Unknown/Unaired Animal Passport: Africa!
27 03x06 Unknown/Unaired Nine Giraffes
27 03x07 Unknown/Unaired Legs!
27 03x08 Unknown/Unaired Mammals Got Game!
27 03x09 Unknown/Unaired Who's a Pig? (And Who's Not)
27 03x10 Unknown/Unaired Animal Passport: The Americas!
27 03x11 Unknown/Unaired A Barrell of Monkeys
27 03x12 Unknown/Unaired The Real King Kongs
27 03x13 Unknown/Unaired Ape-Man of the Forest
27 03x14 Unknown/Unaired What's in a Name?
27 03x15 Unknown/Unaired Secrets of Animal Survival
27 03x16 Unknown/Unaired Three Bears, No Goldilocks
27 03x18 Unknown/Unaired Animal Passport: Australia!
27 03x19 Unknown/Unaired Who's Domesticated? (And Who's Just Tame?)
27 03x20 Unknown/Unaired Canine, Feline, Equine
27 03x21 Unknown/Unaired A Whale of a Good Time!
27 03x22 Unknown/Unaired Who's at the Aquarium?
27 03x23 Unknown/Unaired Going Amphibious!
27 03x24 Unknown/Unaired Animal Passport: Asia!
27 03x26 Unknown/Unaired Who's at the Zoo?

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
28 04x01 Unknown/Unaired 30 MPH

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