Not-So-Abandoned House - Recap

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Runge gets a call about three pitbulls attacking two people. She got a call the previous week at the same location. As she is heading there, she is told that a person is trapped in the house with a dog. With assistance from an officer, she captures Gemini the dog. After taking the dog to ACC, she goes to the hospital to take photos of the man's wounds. He has three bad punctures and temporary loss of his arm. Against the wishes of the family and the victim, it is decided to put the dog down.

A stray cat is brought in, and the microchip under its skin reveals that its owner lives over 3,000 miles away in Florida! The owner hasn't seen the cat in seven years. The owner flies out, and the two are reunited. It makes national news.

Sadler gets a call about an abandoned house with a dog inside. It's in the dangerous part of town. She goes in and finds a mother pitbull and her puppies. As she goes upstairs, she hears a noise. She then discovers people living there illegally. As Sadler and a man from the housing association wait for backup, the two people slip away with the dog, leaving the puppies. Four of the six are sent to a foster home. Unfortunately, since the puppies were taken away from their mother too early, it lowered their immune system. One dies of parvo.