The Hunt for a Dog-Fight Kingpin - Recap

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Runge investigates a complaint about two pitbulls chained up in a backyard. She suspects the owner is involved in dog-fighting. After searching the backyard, she finds a dog treadmill, which is illegal because it is used to train fighting dogs. She then finds the dogs, named Jack and Jill. The two are covered in scars. The owner moved, so his brother is watching after the dogs for him. Runge takes the treadmill, and the owner later signs the dogs over and pays a citation fine.

Sadler gets a call from the sheriff's department. An eviction left many cats behind. With backup, she collects all 25 cats over a two-hour period. They will be put up for adoption.

O'Brien responds to a call about a bird in a hotel lobby. He captures the lovebird, and as he is leaving with it, he sees a Lost Bird poster with a picture of the same bird on it! He then returns the bird to its owner.

Runge responds to a complaint about a homeless woman in a camper with 19 cats! She goes inside and finds that two sisters, Yin and Yang, have eye infections, so the owner signs them over. The woman explains that she has cancer, and the cats are her life. Yin and Yang fully recovery and are adopted.

Scott gets a tip about a neglected rooster. When he arrives at the location, he finds the rooster in a very small cage. There is also a duck in another small cage with filthy water. An elderly woman says that they belong to her 10-year old grandson. Scott talks with the boy's mother and convinces her to sign them over. The duck is later adopted by a school.