Season 9

136 :09x01 - Asia Files - Volume 1

We go back to Anthony Bourdain's favorite places in Asia. In Volume 1, Bourdain explores the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. He samples goat, cockles and encounters one animal he won't eat... monkeys!

Source: The TRAVEL Channel

137 :09x02 - Asia Files - Volume 2

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138 :09x03 - Asia Files - Volume 3

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in The Asia Files - Volume 3. Bourdain visits Sri Lanka, India and China. He dines on fish head curry and visits the world's tallest bungee jump. Will Bourdain take the plunge?

Source: The TRAVEL Channel

139 :09x04 - Asia Files - Volume 4

Get the best of Anthony Bourdain's Asia trips in Asia Files - Volume 4. Bourdain explores Thailand, Laos and China. He spends time with a Muay Thai fighter and meets a businessman with a taste for the American Wild West.

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140 :09x05 - Asia Files - Volume 5

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142 :09x07 - Europe Files - Volume 2

Anthony explores his trip to Europe.

144 :09x09 - Europe Files - Volume 4

Anthony explores some of his trips to Europe.

145 :09x10 - Europe Files - Volume 5

Continuing to look back at journey's to Europe.

147 :09x12 - Europe Files - Volume 7

Dining on snails and black pudding dim sum; a festival full of food and tradition.

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148 :09x13 - US Files - Volume 1

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149 :09x14 - US Files - Volume 2

Homemade tamales and barbecue brisket; shooting the boucherie hog.

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150 :09x15 - US Files - Volume 3

The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 3, in which he further explores Hawaii and Missouri. He chows down on SPAM sushi and purchases a pricey aloha shirt, then digs into a squirrel pot pie.

Source: The Travel Channel

151 :09x16 - US Files - Volume 4

The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 4, in which he further explores Montana, Illinois and Maine. He tries his luck at fly-fishing and dines on foie gras dogs and Road Kill.

Source: The Travel Channel

152 :09x17 - US Files - Volume 5

The best of Anthony Bourdain's US trips in The US Files - Vol. 5, in which he further explores Missouri and Michigan. He hunts for suckers, raccoons and ducks, gorges on pierogies, and is gifted a raccoon penis bone.

Source: The Travel Channel

153 :09x18 - US Files - Volume 6

Chili dogs, lamb noodles and oxtail; walking The Wire in Brooklyn.

Source: The Travel Channel

154 :09x19 - Latin American Files: Volume 1

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Latin America trips in The Latin America Files - Volume 1, in which he further explores Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. In Mexico City, Tony visits a food cart for fresh blue corn tortillas which are, as he puts it, the "best tortillas ever." Continuing on his tour of Mexican street foods, Tony samples "wet tacos" filled with guts, tongue and eyeballs, followed by tacos al pastor. Then Tony and Carlos, the head chef of Les Halles in NYC, make their way to Carlos' hometown, Puebla, outside Mexico City. Carlos introduces Tony to the traditions surrounding bullfights: parades, street food, liquor, and spirit.

Source: The Travel Channel

155 :09x20 - Latin American Files: Volume 2

Snacking on the cocaine of fruits; plates of grilled meat; penis soup.

Source: The Travel Channel

156 :09x21 - Latin American Files: Volume 3

We've compiled the best of Anthony Bourdain's Latin America trips in The Latin America Files - Volume 3, in which he further explores Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua. Tony meets his friends Carlos and Martin in Mexico City at Cantina La Mascota. In Mexico City, a cantina is a bar where the more you drink, the more delicious food is brought your way. After that, they head off to one of the training centers for Lucha Libre. Similar to the American WWE with a bit more flair, Lucha Libre is one of the great Mexican sports beloved by all. Champion wrestler El Octagon teaches the three friends a few moves in the ring and shows them why he is the reigning champion. Then they explore a bit of Mexico's history, traveling down river just as the Aztecs did hundreds of years ago.

Source: The Travel Channel

158 :09x23 - Latin American Files: Volume 5

Highlights of Anthony Bourdain's trips to Chile, Brazil and Colombia include dining on hoof soup and pulled pork. Also: He walks in the footsteps of drug lord Pablo Escobar.

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162 :09x27 - Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 2

More highlights are shown of Anthony's Eastern Hemisphere trips in which he continues to find out more about Australia and Egypt.

163 :09x28 - Eastern Hemisphere Files - Volume 3

Anthony continues to take a look back at some of his favorite moments spent in the Eastern Hemisphere.

164 :09x29 - Asia Files - Volume 6

Anthony takes a look back at some of his favorite moments traveling through Asia.

165 :09x30 - Whole Roasted Piggie

From pork chops to hooves; shooting a boucherie hog in Louisiana; crispy sucking pig in the Philippines.

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166 :09x31 - Bar Hopping

Spicy tuna roll; fermented cactus sap in Mexico; arm wrestling a woman in Missouri; shrimp and sake.

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167 :09x32 - Travel Buddy

The show features a visit to Chernobyl in Ukraine and a game of feather bowling.

168 :09x33 - Transportation Gone Wild

The recipe for the perfect form of transportation: a nice car, or maybe a scooter, or boat, and if possible bring a chef along. Any way you measure it, transportation is a huge part of traveling, so why not make it memorable. In Laos, Tony finds himself in Wang Prabang, a spiritual hillside community known for its beautiful monuments and places of worship. Elephants are revered in this community, so what better way to show his respect than to ride an elephant through the jungles? In Tony's words, "it feels like your riding on top of a giant scrotum." In Medellin, Colombia, buses are a highly regarded expression of individuality and pride.

Source: The Travel Channel

169 :09x34 - Eccentric Seafood

The show features wriggling octopus and Korean beer in Queens.

170 :09x35 - Extreme Games

The show features a slide ride down a luge run during a blizzard in China and a bull fight in Mexico.

171 :09x36 - The Meat, The Fire

The most prehistoric method of cooking still proves to be the best. A juicy cut of meat, the open fire, and repeat. In Yabuli, China, Tony is invited by a local man to dine with him and his wife, Shelly, at a popular mobile restaurant. The specialty of this motorbike-powered doublewide is meat. On a stick. They devour steak on a stick, chicken organs on a stick and butterfly larvae on a stick. In Uruguay, Tony learns the true meaning of taking your time to enjoy life. In the tiny village of Garzon, chef Francis Mallman has opened a popular restaurant that specializes in cooking foods over fire.

Source: The Travel Channel

172 :09x37 - Between the Buns

Tony bites into a foie gras dog in Chicago, then examines the finest kind of beef in NYC and inserts a polish sausage into a tunnel of toppings in Hawaii.

173 :09x38 - Path Less Traveled

Not everything is located on a map. Tony visits communities found only by GPS, leading him off the beaten path. Tony explores a bit of Mexico's history, traveling down river just as the Aztecs did hundreds of years ago. At the end of an isolated canal, Tony stumbles upon Diego, living on the Island of the Dolls. It's a weirdly creepy wonderland of headless doll bodies, doll heads, and various body parts strewn throughout the trees. The dolls were hung years ago by Diego's uncle who lived there alone. He thought the dolls would protect him from the ghost of a dead girl who roamed his little island.

Source: The Travel Channel

174 :09x39 - Cookout

Friends, food and the great outdoors. Some food just really isn't right to eat in a restaurant. Outside of Barcelona, Spain, Tony's friend Lucy suggests they take part in a local favorite, calsotada. At a calsotada, the entire community comes together to relax outside, play soccer, drink immense amounts of wine, and enjoy grilled local onions called calcots. After downing three or four of the giant grilled slices of perfection and drinking wine to his heart's content, Tony is a calsotada pro. In Honolulu, Hawaii, Tony meets radio DJs Lanai and Kaleho, who invite Tony to their home for a barbecue.

Source: The Travel Channel

175 :09x40 - Catch of the Day

Fresh seafood, straight off the boat. "Drop a net in the river and you've got more crabs than a beanbag chair at Tila Tequilas." In Colombia, Tony heads across the channel from Cartagena to Tierra Bomba, an island with a completely different way of life than its bustling urban sister city. The streets are reminiscent of an African village, the people make their living off of the sea. Arnufo, a local lobster fisherman, invites Tony and Jorge to a meal at his mother's restaurant, the only restaurant on the island, complete with lobster that Arnufo caught that morning. Then he jets to Croatia, two decades after its brutal war for independence, which is now touted as The New Riviera.

Source: The Travel Channel
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