Antiques Roadshow (US)

  Season 20 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 00//1997 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
02 01x02 00//1997 Southfield, Michigan
03 01x03 00//1997 Concord, Massachusetts
04 01x04 00//1997 College Park, Maryland
05 01x05 00//1997 Portland, Ore.
06 01x06 00//1997 Portland, Ore.

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
08 03x01 11/Jan/2000 Columbus, Ohio
02 03x02 18/Jan/2000 Columbus, Ohio
03 03x03 25/Jan/2000 Birmingham, Ala.
06 03x06 15/Feb/2000 Tampa
07 03x07 22/Feb/2000 Providence, R.I.
16 03x09 02/Mar/2000 Special Edition
10 03x10 28/Mar/2000 Baltimore
11 03x11 04/Apr/2000 Baltimore
13 03x13 18/Apr/2000 Toronto
14 03x14 25/Apr/2000 Salt Lake City
15 03x15 02/May/2000 Salt Lake City
16 03x16 23/May/2000 Des Moines, Iowa
24 03x17 30/May/2000 Des Moines, Iowa

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
25 04x01 08/Jan/2001 St. Louis, Mo.
03 04x03 23/Jan/2001 St. Louis, Mo.
04 04x04 29/Jan/2001 Charleston, South Carolina
05 04x05 05/Feb/2001 Charleston, South Carolina
06 04x06 12/Feb/2001 Charleston, South Carolina
08 04x08 26/Feb/2001 Austin, Texas
09 04x09 26/Mar/2001 Denver
10 04x10 02/Apr/2001 Denver
11 04x11 09/Apr/2001 Denver
12 04x12 16/Apr/2001 Madison, Wisconsin
13 04x13 23/Apr/2001 Madison, Wisconsin
14 04x14 30/Apr/2001 Madison, Wisconsin
15 04x15 07/May/2001 Tulsa, Oklahoma
16 04x16 14/May/2001 Tulsa, Oklahoma
17 04x17 21/May/2001 Tulsa, Oklahoma
18 04x18 05/Oct/2001 Boston
19 04x19 12/Oct/2001 Boston
22 04x22 29/Oct/2001 Sacramento, California
23 04x23 05/Nov/2001 Las Vegas
24 04x24 12/Nov/2001 Las Vegas
49 04x25 19/Nov/2001 Las Vegas

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
51 05x02 28/Jan/2002 Tucson
53 05x04 11/Feb/2002 New York, N.Y.
54 05x05 18/Feb/2002 New York, N.Y.
55 05x06 25/Feb/2002 New York, N.Y.
56 05x07 22/Apr/2002 San Diego
57 05x08 29/Apr/2002 San Diego
58 05x09 06/May/2002 San Diego
59 05x10 13/May/2002 Indianapolis
61 05x12 27/May/2002 Indianapolis

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
62 06x01 21/Oct/2002 Miami
63 06x02 28/Oct/2002 Miami
64 06x03 04/Nov/2002 Miami
65 06x04 11/Nov/2002 New Orleans
66 06x05 18/Nov/2002 New Orleans
67 06x06 25/Nov/2002 New Orleans

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
68 07x01 06/Jan/2003 Albuquerque
69 07x02 13/Jan/2003 Albuquerque
70 07x03 20/Jan/2003 Albuquerque
71 07x04 27/Jan/2003 Seattle
74 07x07 15/Sep/2003 Cleveland
76 07x09 29/Sep/2003 Cleveland
77 07x10 06/Oct/2003 Kansas City
78 07x11 13/Oct/2003 Kansas City
79 07x12 20/Oct/2003 Kansas City
80 07x13 27/Oct/2003 Hot Springs
81 07x14 03/Nov/2003 Hot Springs
82 07x15 10/Nov/2003 Hot Springs
83 07x16 17/Nov/2003 Charlotte
85 07x18 08/Dec/2003 Charlotte

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
86 08x01 05/Jan/2004 Chicago
87 08x02 12/Jan/2004 Chicago
88 08x03 19/Jan/2004 Chicago
89 08x04 26/Jan/2004 San Francisco
90 08x05 02/Feb/2004 San Francisco
91 08x06 09/Feb/2004 San Francisco
93 08x08 23/Feb/2004 Oklahoma City
94 08x09 02/Mar/2004 Oklahoma City
96 08x11 05/Apr/2004 Savannah
97 08x12 12/Apr/2004 Savannah

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
98 09x01 03/Jan/2005 St. Paul, MN
99 09x02 10/Jan/2005 St. Paul, MN
100 09x03 17/Jan/2005 St. Paul, MN
101 09x04 24/Jan/2005 Omaha, NE
102 09x05 31/Jan/2005 Omaha, NE
103 09x06 07/Feb/2005 Omaha, NE
104 09x07 14/Feb/2005 Memphis, TN
105 09x08 21/Feb/2005 Memphis, TN
106 09x09 28/Feb/2005 Memphis, TN
107 09x10 28/Mar/2005 Reno, NV
108 09x11 04/Apr/2005 Reno, NV
110 09x13 18/Apr/2005 Portland, OR
111 09x14 25/Apr/2005 Portland, OR
112 09x15 02/May/2005 Portland, OR

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
114 10x02 16/Jan/2006 Tampa, Florida
115 10x03 23/Jan/2006 Tampa, Florida
117 10x05 06/Feb/2006 Houston, Texas
118 10x06 13/Feb/2006 Houston, Texas
120 10x08 27/Feb/2006 Los Angeles, CA
121 10x09 27/Mar/2006 Los Angeles, CA
122 10x10 10/Apr/2006 Bismarck, ND
123 10x11 17/Apr/2006 Bismarck, ND
125 10x13 08/May/2006 Providence, RI
127 10x15 22/May/2006 Providence, RI
128 10x16 29/May/2006 Fame and Fortune

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
129 11x01 01/Jan/2007 Honolulu, Hawaii
130 11x02 08/Jan/2007 Honolulu, Hawaii
131 11x03 15/Jan/2007 Honolulu, Hawaii
132 11x04 22/Jan/2007 Philadelphia, PA
133 11x05 29/Jan/2007 Philadelphia, PA
134 11x06 05/Feb/2007 Philadelphia, PA
135 11x07 12/Feb/2007 Tucson, AZ
136 11x08 19/Feb/2007 Tucson, AZ
137 11x09 26/Feb/2007 Tucson, AZ
138 11x10 26/Mar/2007 Mobile, Alabama
139 11x11 02/Apr/2007 Mobile, Alabama
140 11x12 09/Apr/2007 Mobile, Alabama
141 11x13 16/Apr/2007 Salt Lake City, Utah
142 11x14 23/Apr/2007 Salt Lake City, Utah
143 11x15 30/Apr/2007 Salt Lake City, Utah
144 11x16 07/May/2007 Jackpot!
145 11x17 29/Oct/2007 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
146 11x18 05/Nov/2007 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
147 11x19 12/Nov/2007 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
149 11x21 26/Nov/2007 San Francisco
151 11x23 10/Dec/2006 Oklahoma City
152 11x24 17/Dec/2007 Oklahoma City
154 11x26 31/Dec/2007 Savannah

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
155 12x01 07/Jan/2008 Baltimore, Maryland
156 12x02 14/Jan/2008 Baltimore, Maryland
157 12x03 21/Jan/2008 Baltimore, Maryland
158 12x04 28/Jan/2008 Orlando, Florida
160 12x06 11/Feb/2008 Orlando, Florida
161 12x07 18/Feb/2008 San Antonio
162 12x08 25/Feb/2008 San Antonio
163 12x09 31/Mar/2008 Spokane, Washington
165 12x11 14/Apr/2008 Spokane, Washington
166 12x12 28/Apr/2008 Lousiville, Kentucky
167 12x13 05/May/2008 Lousiville, Kentucky
168 12x14 12/May/2008 Las Vegas
169 12x15 19/May/2008 Las Vegas
170 12x16 26/May/2008 Las Vegas
171 12x17 03/Nov/2008 Politically Collect

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
173 13x01 05/Jan/2009 Palm Springs
174 13x02 12/Jan/2009 Palm Springs
175 13x03 19/Jan/2009 Palm Springs
178 13x06 09/Feb/2009 Dallas, Texas
180 13x08 23/Feb/2009 Wichita, Kansas
181 13x09 23/Mar/2009 Wichita, Kansas
182 13x10 30/Mar/2009 Chattanooga, Tennessee
183 13x11 06/Apr/2009 Chattanooga, Tennessee
184 13x12 13/Apr/2009 Chattanooga, Tennessee
185 13x13 20/Apr/2009 Grand Rapids
187 13x15 04/May/2009 Grand Rapids
188 13x16 11/May/2009 Hartford, Connecticut
190 13x18 25/May/2009 Hartford, Connecticut
191 13x19 23/Nov/2009 Relative Riches
192 13x20 21/Dec/2009 BIG & Little

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
193 14x01 04/Jan/2010 Raleigh (Hour One)
194 14x02 11/Jan/2010 Raleigh (Hour Two)
195 14x03 18/Jan/2010 Raleigh (Hour Three)
196 14x04 25/Jan/2010 Atlantic City (Hour One)
197 14x05 01/Feb/2010 Atlantic City (Hour Two)
198 14x06 08/Feb/2010 Atlantic City (Hour Three)
199 14x07 15/Feb/2010 Madison (Hour One)
200 14x08 22/Feb/2010 Madison (Hour Two)
202 14x10 29/Mar/2010 Denver (Hour One)
203 14x11 05/Apr/2010 Denver (Hour Two)
204 14x12 12/Apr/2010 Denver (Hour Three)
205 14x13 19/Apr/2010 Phoenix (Hour One)
206 14x14 26/Apr/2010 Phoenix (Hour Two)
210 14x18 24/May/2010 San Jose (Hour Three)
211 14x19 22/Nov/2010 Simply the Best
212 14x20 20/Dec/2010 Naughty or Nice

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
213 15x01 03/Jan/2011 Miami Beach (Hour One)
214 15x02 10/Jan/2011 Miami Beach (Hour Two)
216 15x04 24/Jan/2011 San Diego (Hour One)
217 15x05 31/Jan/2011 San Diego (Hour Two)
218 15x06 07/Feb/2011 San Diego (Hour Three)
219 15x07 14/Feb/2011 Des Moines (Hour One)
220 15x08 21/Feb/2011 Des Moines (Hour Two)
221 15x09 28/Feb/2011 Des Moines (Hour Three)
222 15x10 11/Apr/2011 Billings (Hour One)
223 15x11 18/Apr/2011 Billings (Hour Two)
224 15x12 25/Apr/2011 Billings (Hour Three)
225 15x13 02/May/2011 Biloxi (Hour One)
226 15x14 09/May/2011 Biloxi (Hour Two)
227 15x15 16/May/2011 Biloxi (Hour Three)
228 15x16 23/May/2011 Washington, DC (Hour One)
229 15x17 30/May/2011 Washington, DC (Hour Two)
231 15x19 07/Nov/2011 Junk in the Trunk
232 15x20 14/Nov/2011 Tasty Treasures
233 15x21 19/Dec/2011 Forever Young

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
235 16x02 09/Jan/2012 Tulsa (Hour Two)
236 16x03 16/Jan/2012 Tulsa (Hour Three)
237 16x04 23/Jan/2012 Eugene (Hour One)
238 16x05 30/Jan/2012 Eugene (Hour Two)
239 16x06 06/Feb/2012 Eugene (Hour Three)
241 16x08 20/Feb/2012 Pittsburgh (Hour Two)
242 16x09 27/Feb/2012 Pittsburgh (Hour Three)
243 16x10 26/Mar/2012 El Paso (Hour One)
244 16x11 02/Apr/2012 El Paso (Hour Two)
245 16x12 09/Apr/2012 El Paso (Hour Three)
246 16x13 16/Apr/2012 Atlanta (Hour One)
247 16x14 23/Apr/2012 Atlanta (Hour Two)
249 16x16 07/May/2012 Minneapolis (Hour One)
250 16x17 14/May/2012 Minneapolis (Hour Two)
252 16x19 18/Jun/2012 Vintage Phoenix
253 16x20 25/Jun/2012 Vintage Secaucus
254 16x21 02/Jul/2012 Vintage Houston
255 16x22 09/Jul/2012 Vintage Atlanta
258 16x25 05/Nov/2012 Junk in the Trunk 2
259 16x26 12/Nov/2012 Cats & Dogs
260 16x27 17/Dec/2012 Greatest Gifts

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
261 17x01 07/Jan/2013 Corpus Christi (Hour One)
262 17x02 14/Jan/2013 Corpus Christi (Hour Two)
263 17x03 21/Jan/2013 Corpus Christi (Hour Three)
264 17x04 28/Jan/2013 Boston (Hour One)
265 17x05 04/Feb/2013 Boston (Hour Two)
267 17x07 18/Feb/2013 Myrtle Beach (Hour One)
268 17x08 25/Feb/2013 Myrtle Beach (Hour Two)
269 17x09 25/Mar/2013 Myrtle Beach (Hour Three)
272 17x12 15/Apr/2013 Cincinnati (Hour Three)
273 17x13 22/Apr/2013 Rapid City (Hour One)
274 17x14 29/Apr/2013 Rapid City (Hour Two)
276 17x16 13/May/2013 Seattle (Hour One)
277 17x17 20/May/2013 Seattle (Hour Two)
278 17x18 27/May/2013 Seattle (Hour Three)
279 17x19 24/Jun/2013 Vintage Los Angeles
280 17x20 01/Jul/2013 Vintage Milwaukee
282 17x22 15/Jul/2013 Vintage Louisville
286 17x26 18/Nov/2013 Survivors
287 17x27 23/Dec/2013 Finders Keepers

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
288 18x01 06/Jan/2014 Boise (Hour One)
289 18x02 13/Jan/2014 Boise (Hour Two)
290 18x03 20/Jan/2014 Boise (Hour Three)
291 18x04 27/Jan/2014 Detroit (Hour One)
292 18x05 03/Feb/2014 Detroit (Hour Two)
293 18x06 10/Feb/2014 Detroit (Hour Three)
294 18x07 17/Feb/2014 Baton Rouge (Hour One)
295 18x08 24/Feb/2014 Baton Rouge (Hour Two)
296 18x09 24/Mar/2014 Baton Rouge (Hour Three)
298 18x11 07/Apr/2014 Kansas City (Hour Two)
300 18x13 21/Apr/2014 Anaheim (Hour One)
303 18x16 12/May/2014 Richmond (Hour One)
304 18x17 19/May/2014 Richmond (Hour Two)
307 18x20 23/Jun/2014 Vintage Tampa
308 18x21 30/Jun/2014 Vintage Columbus
309 18x22 07/Jul/2014 Vintage Toronto
310 18x23 14/Jul/2014 Vintage Baltimore
312 18x25 28/Jul/2014 Vintage Des Moines
313 18x26 22/Sep/2014 Knoxville (Hour One)
314 18x27 29/Sep/2014 Knoxville (Hour Two)
316 18x29 13/Oct/2014 Jacksonville (Hour One)
317 18x30 20/Oct/2014 Jacksonville (Hour Two)
318 18x31 27/Oct/2014 Jacksonville (Hour Three)
319 18x32 01/Dec/2014 Junk in the Trunk 4, Part 1
321 18x34 22/Dec/2014 The Boomer Years
322 18x35 29/Dec/2014 Manor House Treasures

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
324 19x02 12/Jan/2015 New York City (Hour Two)
325 19x03 19/Jan/2015 New York City (Hour Three)
327 19x05 02/Feb/2015 Austin (Hour Two)
328 19x06 09/Feb/2015 Austin (Hour Three)
329 19x07 09/Feb/2015 Celebrating Black Americana
330 19x08 16/Feb/2015 Bismarck (Hour One)
331 19x09 23/Feb/2015 Bismarck (Hour Two)
332 19x10 23/Mar/2015 Bismarck (Hour Three)
333 19x11 30/Mar/2015 Birmingham (Hour One)
334 19x12 06/Apr/2015 Birmingham (Hour Two)
335 19x13 13/Apr/2015 Birmingham (Hour Three)
337 19x15 27/Apr/2015 Santa Clara (Hour Two)
338 19x16 04/May/2015 Santa Clara (Hour Three)
339 19x17 11/May/2015 Charleston (Hour One)
340 19x18 18/May/2015 Charleston (Hour Two)
341 19x19 25/May/2015 Charleston (Hour Three)
342 19x20 15/Jun/2015 Vintage St. Louis
343 19x21 22/Jun/2015 Vintage Sacramento
344 19x22 29/Jun/2015 Vintage Denver
345 19x23 06/Jul/2015 Vintage Tulsa
346 19x24 13/Jul/2015 Vintage Las Vegas
347 19x25 20/Jul/2015 Vintage Madison
348 19x26 27/Jul/2015 Vintage Charleston

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
351 20x03 18/Jan/2016 Spokane (3)
352 20x04 25/Jan/2016 Little Rock (1)
353 20x05 01/Feb/2016 Little Rock (2)
354 20x06 08/Feb/2016 Little Rock (3)
355 20x07 15/Feb/2016 Charleston
356 20x08 22/Feb/2016 Charleston (2)
357 20x09 29/Feb/2016 Charleston (3)
358 20x10 28/Mar/2016 Tucson
359 20x11 04/Apr/2016 Tucson (2)
361 20x13 18/Apr/2016 Omaha
362 20x14 25/Apr/2016 Omaha (2)
363 20x15 02/May/2016 Omaha (3)
364 20x16 09/May/2016 Cleveland
366 20x18 23/May/2016 Cleveland (3)
367 20x19 20/Jun/2016 Vintage Tucson
368 20x20 27/Jun/2016 Vintage New York
369 20x21 11/Jul/2016 Vintage Indianapolis
370 20x22 01/Aug/2016 Vintage New Orleans
372 20x24 15/Aug/2016 Vintage Miami
373 20x25 05/Sep/2016 Vintage Boston

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S08 - #1 26/Apr/2004 Roadshow Favorites
S08 - #2 03/May/2004 Roadshow’s Greatest Finds
S09 - #3 09/May/2005 Wild Things
S11 - #4 19/Nov/2007 Unique Antiques

  Season 20 »
Network: PBS ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Arts & Crafts
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Mondays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 09, 1997
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