Season 1

1 :01x01 - Rabbot

In the opener, Dr. Wierd reveals his creation:the Rabbot. He then sprays it in the eyes with hairspray, causing it to run away and go on a rampage through town. It crushes Carl's car. When the episode officially starts, the Teens find Carl yelling about his car. They decided this is a job for their detective team and went searching for clues as to what "killed" Carl's car.

2 :01x02 - Escape From Leprauchpolis

Leprauchauns use Dr. Weird's Rainbow Machine to mug people from afar, apparently for shoes. Although they don't end up with anything more than a gold chain, a Banarama tape with no case, and rollerskates.
Guest Stars: Scott Hilley as Flargon | Scott Hilley as Flargon

4 :01x04 - Mayhem Of The Mooninites

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Director: Jay Edwards

5 :01x05 - Balloonenstein

Meatwad acquires the power of static electricity.
Director: Jay Edwards

6 :01x06 - Space Conflict From Beyond Pluto

Frylock discovers some new intelligent outsider! Well, they aren't exactly intelligent. Plus, Shake cuts Carl's yard!...sort of.
Director: Jay Edwards

8 :01x08 - Revenge Of The Mooninites

Meatwad needs tickets so he can get a prize from the Harvest Time Festival. Right on cue, the Mooninites show up and offer to help him get whatever he wants. Once again, he joins them. They get plenty of tickets but they get the belt from the band, The Foreigners, for themselves instead. Ignignokt says it has special powers, but could this be true?
Director: Jay Edwards

9 :01x09 - MC Pee Pants

Meatwad starts listening to rap, and he gets subliminal messages in a song, I Want Candy. He runs out of candy so he goes trick or treating in the middle of July. When he goes to Carl's house, he finds out that the song kept Carl up all night, and now he needs candy too. Meatwad and Carl decide to go visit the rapper, MC Pee Pants, but something seems wrong about the rapper and his song.
Guest Stars: Matt Maiellaro as Satan | Matt Maiellaro as Satan
Director: Jay Edwards
Songs: Chris Ward aka mc chris -- I Want/Need Candy

10 :01x10 - Dumber Dolls

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Guest Stars: David Cross as Happy Time Harry
Director: Jay Edwards

12 :01x12 - Circus

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Director: Jay Edwards

13 :01x13 - Love Mummy

The Aqua Teens discover a monster in their basement...a mummy, to be exact.
Director: Jay Edwards

14 :01x14 - Dumber Days

Meatwad discovers he doesn't have a brain, and gets a real one that might be just a little too much for him to handle.
Director: Jay Edwards

17 :01x17 - Mail Order Bride

Shake and Carl are getting quite a big present for Christmas!
Guest Stars: Rita McGrath as Svetlana | Rita McGrath as Svetlana
Director: Jay Edwards

18 :01x18 - Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future

A robot visits Carl claiming to be the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future. He reminds Carl about a Christmas for young Carl, which Carl remembers except for the lasers and robot stomping around. The only problem is, the Cybernetic Ghost came a few months too early for Christmas. So, the Cybernetic Ghost says he will be back in December. Unfortunately, he doesn't actually leave. Carl finds his pool full of blood, and the Cybernetic Ghost tells to the Teens who dropped by and Carl meaningless stories that are supposed to explain it. When Carl gets the real answer, it is as upsetting as...well, as about everything else that happens when you live next to "freaks".
Guest Stars: Matt Maiellaro as Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past | Glenn Danzig as Himself | Chris Ward (1) as Young Carl | Matt Maiellaro as Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past | Glenn Danzig as Himself
Director: Jay Edwards

Season 2

19 :02x01 - Super Birthday Snake

Meatwad gets a new thing leads to another and Meatwad and a zombie rabbit end up threatening to eat Frylock's brains.
Director: Jay Edwards
Writer: Dave Willis

20 :02x02 - Super Hero

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Director: Edward Hastings
Writer: Dave Willis

21 :02x03 - Super Bowl

Meatwad wins two tickets to the Super Bowl! But which "friend" will he take with him?

23 :02x05 - Super Model

Meatwad gets Shake addicted to plastic surgery.
Director: John Brestan

24 :02x06 - Super Spore

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Director: Jay Edwards

25 :02x07 - Super Sir Loin

Meatwad has a new favorite rapper since they got rid of MC Pee Pants. This one brainwashes Meatwad into bringing him food, supposedly for the shorteez, better known as poor and starving. Meatwad ends up leaving the Teens with no food though. When Frylock listens to the rapper, he realizes that the rapper sounds very a bad way. A very bad way.
Songs: Chris Ward aka mc chris -- 4 Da Shorteez

26 :02x08 - Super Squatter

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27 :02x09 - The Meat Zone

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Writer: Dave Willis

28 :02x10 - Super Trivia

Once again, the Teens lose a trivia challenge to Wayne "The Brain" McKlaine. In an attempt to win next week's challenge, Frylock puts all the world's information on a giant CD and ties Meatwad and Shake to chairs forcing them to watch it for a week. Meatwad, lacking a brain, doesn't seem to have learned a thing. Shake has learned it all, but Frylock forgot to add sports to the disk. The Teens bring Carl along that night to help with sports, but are they any match for Wayne this time?
Guest Stars: Seth MacFarlane as Wayne | Seth MacFarlane as Wayne
Director: Jay Edwards

29 :02x11 - Universal Remonster

Shake turns on the television and sees Assisted Living Dracula on. Frylock thinks it is too scary for Meatwad so he turns it off, but it turns back on again. Frylock pulls the plug to find out what is going on, and a little monster made of remotes, named the Universal Remonster, plugs it back in. Soon, Shake starts using it to scare Meatwad by having it make objects fly around his room. He also uses it to fetch pretzels, a function that he calls the pretzel beam. Frylock is determined to find out where it came from.

30 :02x12 - Total Re-Carl

Frylock uses Carl as a guinea pig to test out his new environmentally friendly toilet. However, it goes haywire and destroys Carl's body. The Aqua Teens test several new replacements to rebuild him, without success.
Director: Phil Samson

31 :02x13 - Revenge Of The Trees

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Guest Stars: Matt Maiellaro as Master Tree | Jim Fortier as Shrub | Jay Edwards as Tree #2 | Vishal Roney as Tree #1 | Edward Hastings as Tree #3 | Edward Hastings as Tree #3 | Vishal Roney as Tree #1 | Jay Edwards as Tree #2 | Matt Maiellaro as Master Tree
Director: Jay Edwards

33 :02x15 - The Shaving

As the Aqua Teens are preparing for their Halloween night, a monster named Willie Nelson arrives from the attic. After Shake sees how wimpy Willie is, he tries to train him to be a scarier monster. Meanwhile, Shake and Carl pranked eachother back and forth, but Willie scared the hell out of them all when they saw the attic full of dead bodies, organs, etc.

34 :02x16 - Broodwich

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Guest Stars: H. Jon Benjamin as Mr. Sticks | Isaac Hayes, III as The Voice
Director: Jay Edwards

35 :02x17 - Kidney Car

After Shake destroys Carl's car in a demolition derby, Carl gives it to the Kidney Foundation, who in turn, give it to Meatwad; as he has been on the waiting list for quite some time. After futile efforts to fix the car, Shake modifies it with a jet engine, which ends up destroying Carl's new rent-a-car.

37 :02x19 - Frat Aliens

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Director: Edward Hastings

38 :02x20 - The Clowning

Carl gets some new hair, but little does he know that the hair is from the evil clown society! Frylock tries to help, but it’s too little too late. Eventually, Frylock gives up and freezes Carl into ice “until he can find a cure”. Cut to 67 years into the future, and Carl is a frozen coat rack for the Aqua Teens.
Guest Stars: Matt Maiellaro as Styro-Head
Director: Jay Edwards

39 :02x21 - The Dressing

After the Aqua Teens invite Carl to their house for a belated Thanksgiving dinner, Turketron, who doubles as the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past, comes to retrieve his ancestor: the Thanksgiving turkey. Soon, a Turketron army comes to avenge the turkey's death, and Shake redirects them to Carl.
Guest Stars: Barry Mills as Hustlin' Tom Turkey | Barry Mills as Hustlin' Tom Turkey
Director: John Brestan

40 :02x22 - The

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Phil Samson

41 :02x23 - The Cloning

Shake has cloned one too many TV's with Frylocks cloner, and the most recent of them starts airing mysterious clips of the Aqua Teens. The TV gives Shake the idea to clone money with it, and conflict emerges between him and Frylock.
Guest Stars: Dave Willis as Singing Puppet | Scott Hilley as George Washington | Dave Willis as Singing Puppet
Director: Edward Hastings

42 :02x24 - The Last One

The Mooninites round up all the local villains to a special meeting on the moon, with the exception of Emory & Oglethorpe. After role call, the gang tries to come up with a plan to get revenge on the Aqua Teens, but they become more concerned about what to call themselves.
Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt as DP/Skeeter | Todd Barry as Romulox | Dave Willis as Satan | Jim Fortier as Tree | H. Jon Benjamin as Mothmonsterman | Mike Schatz as Emory | Chris Ward (1) as MC Pee Pants | H. Jon Benjamin as Mothmonsterman | Jim Fortier as Tree | Dave Willis as Satan | Todd Barry as Romulox | Patton Oswalt as DP/Skeeter | David Cross as Happy Time Harry | Mike Schatz as Emory
Director: Jay Edwards

Season 3

43 :03x01 - Video Ouija

Meatwad starts playing a video game version of Ouija. As a plan to scare the heck out of Meatwad on the game, Shake commits suicide to be in the game. Unfortunately, Meatwad gets tired of the game and starts playing a new one while Shake is stuck in the game. In an attempt to bring Shake back, Frylock hires a shaman, but this shaman seems a little, well, clueless.

44 :03x02 - Unremarkable Voyage

Frylock has a new invention-a shrink ray. Shake and Meatwad want to use it for their own benefit, including enlarging, but Frylock has another idea. He plans to use it to shrink a huge microchip with plenty of memory so it would fit inside a computer. Unfortunately, Meatwad eats it when he hears it called a "chip". After a few unsuccessful attempts to get Meatwad to throw it up, Frylock decides to shrink himself to get it out. This causes all sorts of trouble though.
Writer: Dave Willis

47 :03x05 - eDork

Shake gets what he claims to be new technology. It is a giant helmet and battery pack that sends messages. He offers one to Frylock, but Frylock doesn't want it and gives it to Meatwad. When Frylock shows his tiny phone to Shake and takes a picture of him, Shake adds on a tripod and camera to the helmet. Meanwhile, Carl now has the other helmet, and he is using it to watch farm porn. As Shake adds more and more to their helmets, it gets more and more obvious that this stuff is a bad idea. Since niether of them can move under the weight of the stuff, Meatwad has lots of fun.

48 :03x06 - Little Brittle

Meatwad finds a third rapper that he likes named Little Brittle, but this time Frylock instantly realizes it is MC Pee Pants again. The strange thing is that his lyrics only ask people to visit him. When Frylock and Meatwad visit him in the old folks home, he says that he doesn't remember anything about his previous schemes or Meatwad and Frylock. Frylock stops being suspicious, but he still believes that Satan sent him back for a reason. Frylock tells Meatwad to stay with Little Brittle because someone has to. But Frylock finds a strange sight when he comes back with cupcakes.
Guest Stars: Matt Maiellaro as Satan
Songs: Chris Ward aka mc chris -- Little Brittle and the C Bag

49 :03x07 - Robositter

Frylock and Shake have to get jobs since they are really low on money. Meatwad is too young to work Carl has to babysit him. Shake hates work, especially when he finds out where he is working. When they get home, Frylock asks Carl how Meatwad was. Carl says he doesn't know, but he did watch him help himself to the medicine cabinet. Meatwad is okay, but Frylock realizes that he needs a better babysitter. He builds a robot babysitter, thus the name Robositter. But is a robot really better or worse?
Guest Stars: Ashley Ward as Sheila | Ashley Ward as Sheila
Director: John Walts
Writer: Dave Willis

50 :03x08 - Moon Master

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51 :03x09 - Diet

Carl and Meatwad both need to lose weight, so Frylock makes a bet with Carl that Meatwad will lose less weight than Carl. Frylock tries to get Meatwad to exercize and eat healthy, but Shake keeps making delicious food around Meatwad. Carl is on the South Bronx Paradise diet which is where he can eat anything he wants as long as he keeps eating South Bronx Paradise candy bars. He starts losing weight at an amazing, then alarming, rate. Frylock decides to check out one of those bars, and he doesn't like what he finds.
Director: John Walts

52 :03x10 - Dusty Gozongas

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Guest Stars: Scott Thompson (1) as Dusty Gozongas | Scott Thompson (1) as Dusty Gozongas

53 :03x11 - T-Shirt Of The Living Dead

The Teens visit a museum, and see a t-shirt that is said to have belonged to Osiris, Egyptian god of the dead. Shake steals it and uses it. Unfortunately, he washes it in the wrong temperature water and it shrinks so much that it can only fit Meatwad. He uses it to call the Easter Bunny and the Easter Bunny's twin brother. He also calls Santa who's pissed because it's July. Meatwad summons a few other creatures from his mind which cause a lot of trouble for Santa and Carl.
Guest Stars: Nick Ingkatanuwat as Taped Tourguide | Nick Ingkatanuwat as Taped Tourguide

55 :03x13 - Carl

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Guest Stars: Kim Manning (1) as Donna Bryson | Amanda Marks as Donna/Sex Phone Operator | Lisa Willis as Stacie | Lisa Willis as Stacie | Jennifer Stephens as Amber | Kim Manning (1) as Donna Bryson
Director: John Brestan

Season 4

56 :04x01 - Dirtfoot

Shake sees a show where the detective always gets hurt so he can get laid. So Shake decides to "fall" down a well. He lives there for a day before Frylock and Meatwad check out the well and meet the well's other resident.

57 :04x02 - Boost Mobile

Frylock discovers a huge electricity bill, and Shake gets a new friend. This friend seems to be a giant Boost Mobile cell phone. Frylock has several ideas to get rid of it for good, but Shake seems to be afraid to get rid of it.
Guest Stars: Daniel Dumile as Boost Mobile Phone

58 :04x03 - Deleted Scenes

Shake invites the audience to watch deleted footage of his "Untitled Master Shake Project" (aka scenes from the movie that were deleted, including whole sub-plots) showcasing the schemes of the Plutonians to snatch the vital piece of the InsaneOFlex machine with the aid of a hypnotized Carl, whilst The Mooninites use a pimped-up gigantic Moonmobile to wreak havoc on the neighborhood.
Writer: Dave Willis

59 :04x04 - Dickisode

Carl wins the prize in a Wong Burger instant win contest of having his dick ripped off. In order to stop having to hide from the dick hunters, Frylock performs a sex change operation on Carl (thus defeating the purpose). The dick hunters grab Carl's dick out of the trash and the Teens head to Mr. Wong's headquarters to get it back. There, they learn his plan: a very sick, twisted, and idiotic plan.
Guest Stars: Brendon Small as Commercial Guy #1, Dick Cutter #1 | Tommy Blacha as Mr. Wong Burger | Andy Merrill as Commercial Guy #2, Dick Cutter #2 | Brendon Small as Commercial Guy #1, Dick Cutter #1 | Tommy Blacha as Mr. Wong Burger

60 :04x05 - Hand Banana

Frylock makes Meatwad a new dog named "Handbanana", using Make Your Own Dog 1.0 and Shake's DNA. Handbanana turns out to be evil and turns his attention to Carl. Carl attempts to retaliate by making his own dog , but there's just something about Carl that Make Your Own Dog 1.0's just can't get enough of.
Guest Stars: Fred Tatasciore as Handbanana | Fred Tatasciore as Handbanana

61 :04x06 - Party All The Time

Frylock notices a strange growth on his face; a biopsy reveals this to be malignant melanoma. The time machine he built goes to waste as Frylock, facing the uncertainty of recovery and the debilitating effects of chemotherapy, sinks into depression. Meatwad, Shake, Carl, and Andrew W.K., meanwhile, try to console and cheer him the only way they know how: parties and fire.
Guest Stars: Andrew W.K. as Himself | Mark Camacho as Doctor | Andrew W.K. as Himself | Mark Camacho as Doctor

62 :04x07 - Global Grilling

Shake is busy expectorating in order to make a mucus-man. Frylock notes that the mucus must be heated to the proper consistency, so Shake brings home a grill, the Char-Nobyl 6000, which uses "actual pieces of the sun combined with some radioactive vials from Chernobyl." After starting it, Shake cannot turn the grill off. The heat it produces is intense, and the ionizing radiation it emits destroys the ozone layer, leading eventually to the enslavement of mankind.
Guest Stars: Richard Steven Horvitz as Mucus Clones | Andy Dick as Mucus Clones | Richard Steven Horvitz as Mucus Clones | Tom Kenny as Mucus Clones | Andy Dick as Mucus Clones | Chantal Strand as Mucus Clones

63 :04x08 - Grim Reaper Gutters

Meatwad and Shake start out reminiscing about past experiences they had. Frylock comes in and reminds them of the many times he saved them via a video tape of clips from different episodes. Then, they invite Carl over to try to get rid of Dan from Grim Reaper Gutters.
Guest Stars: Tera Patrick as herself | Tera Patrick as herself

64 :04x09 - Moonajuana

The Mooninites come to Earth and cause more trouble.

65 :04x10 - Bart Oates

Shake and Meatwad are arrested for DUI, and Carl is taking advice from bart Oates on how to be a winner.

66 :04x11 - Antenna

The Teens lose television reception due to a large tower over Carl's house. Carl gets only a show of two aliens who pretend to stack boxes every time he looks, but he seems to be getting bad eyes and a bloody nose from it. Frylock decides to climb the tower to find out what's going on.
Guest Stars: George Lowe as Himself | George Lowe as Himself
Writer: Dave Willis

67 :04x12 - Ezekial

Shake takes on the most important role of his life—that of a father. A small milkshake creature appears at Carl's door asking about his mommy. Carl sends him next door to Shake. Of course, even if Shake wanted him, he wouldn't make the best father.
Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt as Ezekial | Patton Oswalt as Ezekial

68 :04x13 - Carl Wash

Meatwad decides to put his natural talent to use and gets a job at a local car wash. It is owned and operated by two brains known only as Carl and Carl Junior, and their business plan is anything but ordinary.

Season 5

69 :05x01 - Robots Everywhere

The Aqua Teen house is taken over by a group of robots.

70 :05x02 - Sirens

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71 :05x03 - Couple Skate

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72 :05x04 - Reedickyoulus

• No Summary (Add Here)

73 :05x05 - Hoppy Bunny

• No Summary (Add Here)

75 :05x07 - Dummy Love

• No Summary (Add Here)

76 :05x08 - The Marines

• No Summary (Add Here)

78 :05x10 - Boston

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Season 6

79 :06x01 - Gene E.

When the trio is granted invisibility, they use it to spy on women in the bathroom.

80 :06x02 - Shake Like Me

Shake learns what it is like to be a stereotype after being bitten.

84 :06x06 - Time Machine

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86 :06x08 - Fry Legs

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Natasha Leggero as Unknown | George Lowe as Officer | Natasha Leggero as Unknown | George Lowe as Officer

87 :06x09 - Der Inflatable Fuhrer

• No Summary (Add Here)
Writer: Dave Willis

Season 7

89 :07x01 - Rabbot Redux

• No Summary (Add Here)

90 :07x02 - Rubberman

• No Summary (Add Here)

92 :07x04 - Monster

• No Summary (Add Here)

94 :07x06 - IAMAPOD

• No Summary (Add Here)

95 :07x07 - Juggalo

• No Summary (Add Here)

96 :07x08 - Multiple Meat

• No Summary (Add Here)

99 :07x11 - One Hundred

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Season 8

100 :08x01 - Allen (1)

Master Shake is frozen in cryonic sleep, and the Aqua Teens neighbor Carl is killed by a mysterious alien named Allen.

101 :08x02 - Allen (2)

Master Shake wakes up from cryonic sleep and believes that he is in the future, and challenges Allen to a battle, believing he is the "Futuristic Future Ruler of the Future."
Guest Stars: Matt Berry (2) as Allen | Matt Berry (2) as Allen

102 :08x03 - Intervention

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104 :08x05 - The Creditor

• No Summary (Add Here)

105 :08x06 - Vampirus

• No Summary (Add Here)

106 :08x07 - Wi-Tri

• No Summary (Add Here)

107 :08x08 - Jumpy George

• No Summary (Add Here)

108 :08x09 - Lasagna

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109 :08x10 - Spy

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Season 9

110 :09x01 - Big Bro

Not much is known yet, other than Frylock is playing with Gerald, a nine year old kid, presumed to be Carl's son, and they are building a soap-box derby racer reminiscent of 2 Wycked, when Carl breaks down and destroys it. It is then that Gerald's mother pulls over in the car, presumed to be a hooker Carl knocked up.

Source: Adult Swim

111 :09x02 - Chicken and Beans

Meatwad indulges into projectile vomiting while performing on stage with Frylock. This instantly makes him a viral hit on the Internet, giving him fame and fortune, a new band, and a massive ego.

Source: Adult Swim

112 :09x03 - Shirt Herpes

Shake gets a mythical shirt that takes him back to the land of dragons where he rules as their king.

Source: Adult Swim

115 :09x06 - Bookie

Master Shake bets on the house for pro-football, causing chaos with Shake as Terry and his assistant try to kill him.

Source: Adult Swim

117 :09x08 - Buddy Nugget

• No Summary (Add Here)

118 :09x09 - Zucotti Manicotti

Meatwad is visited by his favorite puppet star.

Source: Adult Swim

119 :09x10 - Totem Pole

A heavy metal band has a strange request.

Source: Adult Swim

Season 10

120 :10x01 - Muscles

After experiencing a stroke, Master Shake decides to turn his life around by getting in shape. However, Shake's muscles become sentient and commit crimes while he sleeps.

Source: Adult Swim

121 :10x02 - The Dudies

Carl helps Shake train for the title of "Coolest Dude Ever."

Source: Adult Swim

122 :10x03 - Merlo Sauvignon Blanco

Master Shake's addiction to shellfish begins to take a severe toll on his health, so Frylock convinces him to seek professional (and inexpensive) help from a therapist-cum-magician whose unconventional treatments belie questionable motives
Writer: Dave Willis

124 :10x05 - Working Stiffs

Meatwad and Master Shake must earn money to get the cable turned back on.

Source: Adult Swim
Writer: Dave Willis

126 :10x07 - Freda

Master Shake falls for the perfect woman.

Source: Adult Swim

127 :10x08 - Storage Zeebles

• No Summary (Add Here)

128 :10x09 - Piranha Germs

• No Summary (Add Here)

129 :10x10 - Spacecadeuce

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 11

130 :11x01 - Mouth Quest

• No Summary (Add Here)

132 :11x03 - The Hairy Bus

Bachelors scream for medical attention whilst experiencing the ultimate party bus trip.

134 :11x05 - Knapsack!

• No Summary (Add Here)

135 :11x06 - Rabbit, Not Rabbit

• No Summary (Add Here)

136 :11x07 - Hospice

• No Summary (Add Here)
Type: Animation
Genres: Adult Cartoons
Status: Ended
Airs: Sundays at 12:00 am
Runtime: 15 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 2001
Ended: August 23, 2015
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