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Are You Being Served? - Recap

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Miss Brahms and Mrs Slocombe are having trouble with the lifts, since they are hand operated and Miss Brahms is not used to using it. Finally they give up and start moving a rack of dresses out of the lift and down the stairs, crashing right into Mr Mash, who makes a disparaging remark about women.

Mr Mash then goes over to drop off some stuff to Mr Humphries and also complains that the women’s department is being moved into the same area as the men’s department. Off he goes to bring Mrs Slocombe her new display model which she takes exception to. She thinks it’s ugly and tacky and wants it to be hidden away, but Captain Peacock has other ideas. He demands her to find somewhere prominent to place it, since Grace Brothers has the sole concession of Beauty Belle.

Enter Mr Lucas, whose lift skills are even worse than Miss Brahms’. He’s helping the Ladies’ Dept. move in a new expensive manikins. While moving it, however, Mr Lucas got the head stuck in the door, crushing the nose, ruining the manikin.

Mr Granger in particular has taken notice and shown his disapproval of Mr Lucas aiding the Ladies’ Dept. in their move. So he asks to see Mr Lucas, who is relieved to get out of an awkward situation: adjusting Mrs Slocombe’s tights when he thought it was the manikin’s. Mr Granger passively threatens Mr Lucas with getting the sack if that kind of action continues, then Lucas bemoans the fact that he doesn’t get a chance to get a customer very often to Humphries.

The opening bell rings and Mr Lucas is ready . . . well sort of. Captain Peacock finds several faults with Lucas’ appearance and tells him the correct way to present himself, including fluting his handkerchief. Also, while he is showing him how to flute, something drops out of his pocket onto the floor. When he’s done, Lucas again complains to Humphries.

A customer then appears. Lucas begs Humphries to let him serve him, since last week he had no commission, and Humphries finally agrees with the caveat to not mess it up! Mr Lucas eagerly approaches the customer with a sales pitch only to find out he’s looking for the gents. Mr Granger promptly comes over to chastise Mr Lucas for not completing a sale and jumping ahead of both himself and Humphries; he then tells Lucas to “pick up that litter,” as he makes his exit.

The litter is that thing that fell out of Peacock’s pocket, only now Lucas can see what it is: a Blue Cinema Club matchbook! Humphries advises against giving it to him directly and tells Lucas to leave it on the counter and he’ll see it. See it he does, and uses a tricky flute demonstration to snatch it back up. Just after that, Young Mr Grace makes his monthly entrance.

Mrs Slocombe innocently asks Miss Brahms to ask the Gents Dept. to remove their central display to that she can put her strapless bras there instead. This causes a huge uproar. Mr Granger absolutely refuses to let Mrs Slocombe have the stand, so she appeals to Capt Peacock, who is no help at all, so she appeals to Mr Rumbold. But alas! Rumbold was weak willed, as always, and backed Granger and Peacock.

Mr Granger, though, in the spirit of cooperation, agrees to let Mrs Slocombe have one bra on the central display, and she knows just the one to display. The Beauty Belle light up bra display! Mr Granger then, has to appeal to Mr Rumbold about his own decision!

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