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Episode 103 - Recap

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“The Most Embarrassing Game Show on the Planet” starts off with returning contestant Susan. Spencer saves her by answering a question about clouds correctly allowing her to move on. She picks 3rd Grade Astronomy question which is:

Of the following which kind of star is the hottest?
A blue giant,
A red dwarf
A regular yellow star

She guesses the answer correctly and moves on to a fourth grade math question.
Her next question pertains to how many sides a rhombus has. She guesses wrong and leaves with $25,000.

Next up is an accountant named Phillip. He picks Laura as his first 5th grade helper and after consulting her chooses 1st Grade Animal Science. He is asked if Komodo dragons are extinct. He gets the question right without help from Laura and moves onto the next question. He picks 1st Grade Earth Science. He is asked in which month summer ends in the northern hemisphere. Phillip goes back and forth between August and September for a really long time until he finally goes for a cheat and picks the right answer. He gets $2,000 and Laura sits down.

Phillip chooses Jacob as his next student helper and picks 2nd Grade World Geography. He is asked which country has the biggest population after China. He answers the question right and earns $5,000. After a message from Phillip’s mom and his 3rd Grade teacher, Phillip is almost moved to tears and moves on to 2nd Grade Astronomy.

The question is:

Which planet is typically the brightest in the night sky?

He answers Mars and gets it wrong. Jacob, however, comes through with the save and gets Phillip $10,000. Jacob sits down and Spencer joins him.

After questions such as “An Amendment to the US Constitution must be ratified by what percentage of the states?” and “In what year was Abraham Lincoln first elected US President?” Phillips moves onto the $100,000 question and chooses Alana to help him out.

His next question is:

A decagon has how many sides?

He gets the answer right and moves onto the $175,000 question in 4th Grade Measurements where he is asked:

How many cups are in 5 ½ gallons?

In a straight up guess, he gets the question right and moves onto the $300,000 question.

Kyle is up next to help him out in 5th Grade Earth Science.

He is asked in what geologic era are we in now?

He can’t answer it right so he decides to call it a day and leave with $175,000.