Episode 114 - Recap

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Jeff introduces the class of kids; music equipment salesman Michael joins the class. Jeff shows the audience a picture of Michael in elementary school and introduces Michael to the class. Michael chooses Jacob as his first helper. Jeff reads off his card that Michael is a big Bruce Springsteen fan. Unfortunately Jacob doesn’t even know who The Boss is – that’s how young he is! Anyway, Michael chooses 1st Grade Social Studies and gets asked this difficult question:

Irving Berlin wrote what patriotic anthem that
contains the words “stand beside her and guide her”?

He answers “My Country Tis of Thee”. They ask Michael’s wife Kelly who is in the audience and she says she doesn’t like the answer. Jeff goes to the class and sees that they have all said “God Bless America” except Jacob, his 5th grade partner, who has “America the Beautiful”. Michael is bounced having earned no money.

Jeff asks Michael’s wife Kelly if she will be the next contestant to salvage the family honor. She reluctantly accepts.

First she picks Kyle to be her 5th grade helper, and then she picks 1st Grade Spelling for her $1,000 question.

When reciting the English alphabet in order,
what is the fourth consonant you will say?

She thinks she has the answer and locks it in. She gets it right and moves on to the $2,000 question in 2nd Grade World Geography.

France borders which ocean?

She locks in her answer and gets it right. For her $5,000 question, she picks Marki to help her out. Kelly chooses 1st Grade Animal Science.

True or False: Every adult rhinoceros has exactly one horn?

Kelly admits that she just doesn’t know so she goes for the peek. Unfortunately, Marki’s knowledge of animals does not extend to the rhinoceros. To hedge her bets, Kelly chooses “False” so Marki can save her in the event her answer is wrong. Kelly gets the question right and moves on. Jeff tells her to double her money and go for $10,000. Kelly goes for US Geography.

What’s state’s nickname is “The Show Me State”?

Kelly doesn’t know so she goes for the copy cheat. Marki knows the answer and nets Kelly the $10,000 prize. Marki sits down and Alana comes up to the podium. Kelly chooses 2nd Grade Social Studies for $25,000.

What man who would later be President was the commander-in-chief of the American Army during the US Revolutionary War?

Kelly answers correctly and makes $25,000. Her next category is 3rd Grade Earth Science.

Which of the following scales is used to measure earthquake intensity?
A. The Richter Scale
B. The Saffir-Simpson Scale
C. The Fujita Scale

Since this is an easy one, Kelly gets it right immediately and makes $50,000. Alana has to return to the class so Kelly chooses Jacob to help her even though he betrayed her husband earlier.

Kelly chooses 4th Grade math for her $100,000 question.

How many numbers between 10 and 20 are perfect squares?

She answers and Jeff asks Michael what he thinks of the answer. He says he doesn’t feel good. Kelly is reassured of her answer and is proven right for $100,000. She says she would like to go to Space Camp with the money. Next for $175,000 Kelly picks in 4th Grade Astronomy.

Approximately does it take for the moon to make one full orbit around the earth?

Kelly, after some trepidation, locks in her answer and surprisingly gets it right.

Jacob returns to the classroom and Spencer comes up to join her. Kelly picks 5th Grade Measurements for $300,000.

How many pecks equal one bushel?

Since this question is something almost no one knows, Kelly decides to drop out with $175,000. Jeff thanks Michael for being a great sport and the show ends.