Episode 115 - Recap

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As usual, the kids take the stage, and then construction executive Dennis comes on. He has an apple for Jeff. Jeff calls him a brown noser. Jeff gets Dennis started right away. Dennis chooses Spencer as his first helper. Jeff says that Dennis has a 5th grade daughter named Alana. Dennis asks Spencer which category he should pick. Dennis picks 1st Grade Science.

Which of the following foods has seeds inside?
A. Orange
B. Potato
C. Carrot

Dennis picks his answer and earns $1,000. For $2,000 Dennis picks 2nd Grade Animal Science.

True or False: Chickens are cold-blooded animals.

Spencer and Dennis have the same answer and… they are both correct! Spencer sits down and Kyle comes up to join him.

Dennis picks 3rd Grade World History for $5,000.

True or False: Vikings, also knows as Norsemen, originated in Scandinavia.

Kyle locks in almost immediately. Dennis says he thinks Vikings are from Minnesota. Dennis locks in his answer, which is not Minnesota, and gets it right. Jeff cuts to commercial break and when they get back, Dennis plays for $10,000 in 4th Grade Geography.

What country borders Spain to the west?

Dennis admits to being terrible at geography so Jeff suggests he peeks off of Kyle. Dennis locks in with Kyle’s answer and gets the $10,000 prize. Kyle sits down and Dennis selects Jacob to help him out. Jacob tells him he’s good at math so Dennis picks 2nd Grade Math for $25,000.

If Jacob always goes bowling three times a week,
how many times does he go bowling in 11 weeks?

Dennis feels confident that he knows the answer so he locks it in. Jeff messes with him a little bit before he tells him that he got it right.

Dennis picks 1st Grade Spelling for $50,000.

How many times does the letter “N” appear in the word environment?

Dennis has it right and earns $50,000. Jacob has to sit so Alana comes up to help him out. Dennis picks 5th Grade Geography for the $100,000 question.

Completed in 1825, what man made waterway in New York state connects the Hudson River to the Great Lakes?

Dennis decides to gamble and goes for the copy off of Alana. Unfortunately, she says Gradeson and Dennis has to leave with $25,000.

Next up, is teacher and football coach Levi. Jeff shows a picture of Levi as a kid. Levi introduces some students from the audience that has brought to support him – it’s the defensive line from the football team he coaches. Jeff says that he thinks Levi will do well because he is a teacher. Levi picks Kyle as his first helper. Levi picks 3rd Grade Social Studies for $1,000.

What US state was named after a King of England?

Levi locks in New York hoping that Kyle will be able to save him if he gets it wrong. He does get it wrong but Kyle does save him and he moves on to the $2,000 question in 1st Grade Animal Science.

True or False: All birds are mammals.

Levi sweats a little bit before he goes for the copy. Luckily, Kyle knows the answer and Levi is on to the $5,000 question. Kyle has to sit so he picks Alana. His next question is 4th Grade US History.

During what decade did James Marshall discover gold nuggets, sparking the famous California Gold Rush?

Levi is pretty sure he knows the answer and locks it in and gets it right. For the $10,000 question he picks 4th Grade World Geography.

Mount Kilimanjaro is located on what continent?

Levi sweats some more before Jeff tells him that he has a peek left. Levi goes for the peek. Alana says Asia and Levi agrees with her. Unfortunately, that’s the wrong answer and Levi flunks out and leaves with no cash.

Next, real-life rocket scientist Karl comes out. Karl picks Kyle to help him out and for $1,000 Karl picks 3rd Grade Social Studies.

True or False: Vermont was one of the original 13 colonies.

Kyle locks in and Karl works out his answer out loud. Unfortunately, Karl gets it wrong but Kyle saves him. For $2,000 Karl picks 1st Grade Geography.

The US state of Indiana borders which Great Lake?

Karl doesn’t know so he goes for the peek off Kyle. Kyle says Lake Erie and Karl agrees. Sadly, that is not the right answer and Karl has to go home with no money.