Episode 117 - Recap

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In yet another episode of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Pastor Ben takes the stage. Jeff shows a picture of Ben in a baseball outfit. Jeff reveals Ben’s most embarrassing moment as a child. Ben picks Jacob as his first helper. Ben picks 1st Grade Grammar as his first question.

What is the abbreviation in the following sentence:
The class voted for Mr. Foxworthy for Teacher of the Year.

Ben picks the answer and gets to the $1,000 level. He picks 1st Grade US Geography.

Alana went on a trip to go see Everglades National Park, what state did she go to?

He locks in his answer and gets it right for $2,000. Jacob sits down and Ben picks Kyle to join him next. Ben introduces some church members that he has brought along with him.

He goes to 2nd Grade Astronomy fro $5,000.

True or False: the planet Jupiter has a larger mass than Earth.

Kyle locks in quickly. Ben works it out and enters his answer. Jeff messes with him a little bit before telling him that we won $5,000.

Ben picks 2nd Grade World Geography.

What city is the capital of Japan?

Ben says he feels good about his answer and enters his answer. He gets it right and earns $10,000. Kyle has to sit so Alana gets up to help Ben. She says he should pick 3rd Grade Animal Science for $25,000.

True or False: the orca is a type of dolphin.

Ben is pretty smart and thinks he knows what an orca is, so he locks in his answer. Unfortunately, he gets it wrong but Alana saves him and he wins $25,000. He picks 3rd Grade World History for $50,000.

According to the ancient Roman calendar, the Ides of March falls on which day in March?

Ben has no idea so he decides to go for the copy since Alana already saved him once. After a commercial break, Jeff reveals Alana’s correct answer and Ben now has $50,000.

Alana has to sit down and Spencer joins him onstage. Ben picks 5th Grade Earth Science.

By definition, an anemometer measures the speed of what?

Ben again has no idea so he peeks off of Spencer who knows the right answer. He locks in Spencer’s answer and gets the $100,000. Out of cheats, Ben has to tackle the $175,000 question alone in 5th Grade US History.

Who immediately followed Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States?

Ben is pretty sure he knows the answer and locks it in after some hemming and hawing. He gets it right and moves onto 4th Grade Measurements for $300,000.

On a map, if one inch equals 20 miles, how many inches is 180 miles?

After some calculations, Ben works the question out. He locks in his answer and Jeff eventually reveals that he is right for $300,000! Jeff tells him he is 2 questions away from a million dollars. Jeff shows him the question in 4th Grade Cultural Studies for $500,000.

Who was the Greek god of wine?

Ben decides to play it safe and drops out of school. He says that he is not smarter than a 5th grader.

Next up is salesman Andy. He picks Spencer as his first 5th Grade Helper. Andy picks 1st Grade Health for $1,000.

True or False: The esophagus is a passageway that connects the mouth to the nose.

Andy selects incorrectly but Spencer saves him. Andy picks 2nd Grade Earth Science for $2,000.

A manmade lake created for the purpose for the purpose of storing water is called?
A. Channel
B. Reservoir
C. Isthmus

Andy doesn’t want to risk it so he peeks off of Spencer. Andy and Spencer have the same answer so Andy locks in and wins $2,000. Andy picks Jacob as his next partner. Jacob tells him to pick 4th Grade Math.

What is the product of 2/3 and 48?

Andy starts to sweat but is able to work it out mathematically. He locks in his answer and is right and wins $5,000.

The hour ends and Jeff says that Andy will be back next week for play for $10,000.