Episode 121 - Recap

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Jeff takes the stage the usual cadre of kids – Marki, Spencer, Alana, Jacob, and Kyle – takes their seats on the stage. Their new classmate Marine Corps captains Robert joins the class. Jeff pulls up a picture of Robert in grade school. Jeff also tells the crowd that Robert had a 3.8 GPA in college. Robert chooses Kyle as his first student helper and Jeff runs down the rules to him. Robert asks Kyle what his favorite subjects are. He’s no help because he names every category on the board, so Robert picks 1st Grade Social Studies.

What is the only US National Holiday that always falls on a Thursday?

He locks in his answer with gusto. Jeff tells him that he has the right answer and has $1,000. Robert selects 1st Grade Math as his next subject for $2,000.

True or False: The sum of 2 whole numbers is always another whole number?

Kyle doesn’t need to save Robert because Robert has the right answer. Jeff asks Robert how many tours of duty Robert served in Iraq and Roberts says two. Jeff calls Robert a hero to resounding cheers from the audience. The always entertaining Kyle has to leave Robert and Alana comes up to help him. Robert introduces his family to the audience. He has a wife and two kids. Robert asks Alana what she’s good at and she says Geography and Animal Science. He goes for 2nd Grade English.

How many adjectives are in the following sentence: Spencer takes good care of his hairy dog.

Jeff checks in with Spencer to see what his answer is and he has the same answer as Robert – the right answer! Robert has $5,000.

Next, Robert goes for the $10,000 in 3rd Grade Animal Science.

What is the last stage that a butterfly goes through before it becomes an adult:
A. Pupa
B. Larva
C. Egg

Robert’s dad was an insect scientist so he better get this one right. He picks correctly and is sitting on top of $10,000. Jeff asks Robert what he will do if he wins big and he says that they will go to Florida.

Alana sits down in the class and Jacob comes up to help him. Jacob says his favorite subjects are Life Science and US History, so Robert picks 4th Grade Life Science.

Muscles are attached to bones by which of the following:
A. Ligaments
B. Tendons
C. Marrow

Robert says that he has torn a ligament so he knows the difference between the three. He picks correctly and has $25,000. Jeff says that the $50,000 is his favorite question on the ladder because you can’t lose money. Robert picks 2nd Grade Cultural Studies.

The leaf of what tree is on the Canadian national flag?

Jacob locks in his answer and so does Robert. He is correct and now has $50,000. Jacob returns to the class and Robert picks Marki to join him. Robert asks her what she’s good at and she says Geography or History. Robert isn’t too sure that she knows those subjects so he goes with 3rd Grade World Geography for $100,000.

The Ganges River flows through Bangladesh and what other country?

Robert doesn’t know so he goes for the peek off of Marki’s paper. Robert has a good feeling about Marki’s answer so he locks it in. He now has $100,000.

Jeff asks Robert if it’s true that he would buy a fishing boat with his winnings and Robert says yes. He picks 5th Grade Measurements at Marki’s urging for $175,000.

How many watts are used during one kilowatt hour?

Robert reasons it out and wins $175,000. Marki has to return to the class and Spencer comes up to join Robert. Robert picks 5th Grade US History for $300,000.

Who was the only person the be elected US President 4 times?

Robert locks in his answer but Jeff asks for more information to complete his answer. Robert locked in the incorrect answer and his only chance now is to be saved by Spencer. With the whole shebang riding on Spencer, the audience and class start chanting “Spencer, Spencer!” After a commercial break, Spencer’s answer is revealed and Robert gets the $300,000.

There is one question left for $500,000 – 4th Grade World History.

Ivan the Terrible was a czar of what country?

Robert is confident in his answer and locks in. Robert is right and he has half-a-million dollars. Everyone in the house rejoices for him and he is onto the million dollar question. The rules of the million dollar questions are that you don’t get a student helper, you are not allowed to see the question before you answer it, you cannot drop out after the question is revealed, and you are only able to see the subject of the question and not the question itself before you answer it.

Robert asks to see the subject and it is World History. Robert doesn’t think World History is worth losing $475,000 so he drops out. Jeff shows him the million dollar question.

Which Frenchman was the first European explorer to navigate the St. Lawrence River in Canada?