Episode 201 - Recap

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Are you smarter than a 5th grader begins a new season with a new class Cody, MacKenzie, Nathan, Olivia, Sierra.

Katie Barbaro, valedictorian, 2140 on SATs

She chooses Cody to start.

1st grade animal science:
True or False: A platypus is a mammal.

Katie is sure and chooses correctly and nets $1k

1st grade Social Studies
A new feature is announced. This question was submitted by a actual 1st grader, who's school gets a computer lab from the show for getting her question chosen.

Who was the 16th president of the U.S.?
Easy one for Katie, who gets to $2k.

Katie chooses Mackenzie, who loves to sing.

3rd grade US geography
What river forms the boundary between Indiana and Kentucky?
Katie doesn't seem to know, but guess hoping MacKenzie will save her. They both have the same answer and it's right. $5k level obtained.

How many compound words are in the following sentence? "Someone from the classroom was playing baseball in the cafeteria"
She counts out 3 and locks in.

Sierra is the next classmate. Katie tells of a nickname KatieKat.
Sierra says she was just called "Brains".

3rd Grade Measurements for $25k
One inch is equal to how many centimeters?
A) 1.27
B) 2.05
C) 2.54
Sierra locks in quick, and Katie answers correctly.
She's safe with $25k minimum.

2nd grade Cultrual Studies for 50k
The following picutre shows the national flag of what country?
(a white flag with red circle is shown)
She knows it HAS to be Japan and grabs 50k.

All cheats are still alive, and Nathan is chosen.
Nathan wants to be an inventor when he grows up.
4 subjects left. Nathan advises science and she likes that idea.

5th Grade Science for $100k
What is the most abundanat element in the Universe?
Nathan locks in quickly. She's not sure so she peeks.
Nathan says Hydrogen, and she agrees too quickly.
The class says Water (not an element) and Carbon.
But Nathan is the only one right and she goes to the next level.
Jeff puts the Valedictorian medal on Nathan for helping her!

4th Grade Health for $175k
Which blood type is the universal recipient?
A) A
B) O
Nathan locks in quick and so does Katie.
She's right and keeps on truckin.

The medal is given back, and Nathan rejoins the class. Olivia from the Chicago interviews comes up.
4th grade Ancient Cultures for $300k
(still has copy and save)
THe great Sphinx in Egypt has the head of a man and the body of what species of animal?
Oliva locks quickly and Katie is pretty sure.
Katie is correct and goes on to the last question.

5th Grade World History for $500k
The Hundred Years was of the 14th and 15th centuries was primarily a conflict between England and what other country?
She thinks its Spain. She's not sure but gives it a try knowing she still has her save.
Olivia says Spain too and Katie has a horrible feeling.
She flunks out with $25k.

Answers below

1) True
2) Abraham Lincoln
3) Ohio
4) 3
5) C (2.54)
6) Japan
7) Hydrogen 3/4 of universe
8) C (AB type)
9) Lion
10) France