Are You There, Chelsea?


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The downward spiral of NBCRating: 2 likes, 1 dislikes
After watching the third (and last for me) episode, I was struck by the tremendous difference in quality of screen writing from the glory days of NBC with Seinfeld and the dreck that is this show. Seinfeld was clever and witty, while this show just makes me cringe. In the most recent episode, the central character Chelsea is annoyed with her roommate because she is a virgin. The roommate is preventing the superslut from having sex in every room of their apartment, so Chelsea is determined to get her laid. The minor plot is about breast milk and a feud between two other characters. Seriously! While Seinfeld would tackle risque subject matter at times, they did it with style and not crudity. The executive at NBC that gave the green light for this series needs to be fired.

Review posted on Thursday, January 26th 2012 at 4:28 pm