Tough Love - Recap

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The scene opens with detectives telling that Henry Thompson could be linked to several murders and that Denise did a good thing stopping him. They say that Denise and Claudia are going to have to be at a press conference that they are going to have. The detectives thank them for their cooperation and tell them that the FBI is taking over. Hector comes up to Gloria and tells her that he is sorry for everything. He tells her that she can keep her job at the bar and says that he is good with it. She tells him that she has been hanging out with Jackie and he says that he doesn’t mind it. She tells him that her heart is with him always. He tries to tell her something, but instead, kisses her. The next day, Denise, Jackie and Claudia talk and Jackie asks them how they are doing. Denise says that she is doing alright. Jackie says that despite anything, it is good to see that they are out socializing at least.

Denise gets to work and Connie asks how she is doing. She says that she is good to go. Connie is impressed that Denise is calm after such a tragic event. Joan and Roland are on the phone with friends trying to find where David could have gone. At the same time, Marcus and his cousin, Levon, have David with them. Suddenly David’s phone rings, but Marcus tells him to ignore it. He tells David that they will have him home before dinner. Marcus wants to show David around the old neighborhood and talk an elderly man who remembers Marcus. As they walk future down the road, they are approached by a group of gang members. They ask where Levon was on Tuesday. They grab him and start to beat him up. Marcus tries to stop them, but gets beaten up too. David tells them to stop. Later at the hospital, Joan and Roland come in to find David waiting in the waiting room. They ask if he is alright and he says that he is. Marcus comes out and says that he is sorry. Joan tells him that he stepped over the line and they tell him that they are going to call his parole officer.

At the Army Hospital, Denise tries to save a life, but it is too late. They decide that the man is dead and call it. Denise is in charge of preparing the body and she is clearly emotional as she looks at the dead man. At the house, Roland and Joan tell David that he is grounded and David admits that it was him who contacted Marcus. They don’t care and that they are going to handle things with Marcus. They leave the room after taking away David’s cell phone and Joan tells Roland that she knew that they should have never let Marcus into David’s life. Trevor and Roxy are playing cards with Finn when Jessica calls Roxy. Trevor comes into the bedroom and Roxy says that Cody is there for hand surgery and asks if Trevor has talked to him. He says that he never got back to him. Roxy says that they are going to lunch with them. He asks how he is doing, but she doesn’t know. Angela, from The Atlanta Star, calls Denise and tells her that she should share her story, but Denise tells her not to call again. Frank comes in and asks if she is alright. She admits that she isn’t.

Roxy comes in the bar with a heavy load and Gloria gives her a hand. Roxy tells Gloria that she is going to need her help because she has company in town. Gloria says that everything is going to be fine and that they would be glad to see her and Trevor. Marcus goes up to Roland and tells him that the fight wasn’t his fault, but that it was his cousin’s fault. Marcus begs him not to put him back into jail. Roland says that he is still waiting for his parole officer’s call. Roxy and Trevor get to Jessica and Cody’s place and Jessica answers the door. She welcomes them in. Cody comes out and says hello halfheartedly. Roxy suggests that they go out, but Cody says that it is not a good idea. Jessica and Roxy are going to get take out and leave. Trevor sits down with Cody and he tells him that he tried to contact. Cody says that he knows and that he is purposely avoiding conversation. He says that he wants to be remembered as who he was.

Jessica and Roxy are getting back from getting takeout when Jessica starts to break down. She says that she doesn’t know how much she is going to be able to take. Roxy tells her that she is just tired and that she loves Cody. Jessica says that she never wanted Cody to sign up and says that they had problems before. Roxy tells her to hold on. At Roland and Joan’s house, David asks if Roland hates Marcus. He says that they hate what he did. David asks if Roland wants Marcus to go to jail and Roland says that Marcus knew what was going on and says that he deserves. He says that it isn’t fair, but that is the consequences. Roland goes out to Joan and tells her that David is going to blame himself for Marcus going to jail. They realize that they have a bigger problem then they thought before.

Roxy visits Jessica at a restaurant and Jessica says that she has been forced to be caretaker rather than wife. Roxy says that she needs to talk to Cody or else it is going to get worse. She agrees. Hector gives Gloria a necklace. She says that it is lovely. At Mercer Hospital, Jessica and Cody are called into surgery and Jessica kisses him and wishes him luck. However, her face is showing something different as he leaves. Roxy tells Gloria at the bar that Hector is making up for something with a present like that. Gloria defends him and tells Roxy that he is trying. Roxy gets a call from Cody. There is a problem. They go to their house and find that Jessica left Cody. There is a note with her wedding ring on the nightstand. Jackie and Claudia are at the gun range and Claudia is impressed that Jackie is so well trained with a gun. Jackie has Claudia shoot the gun and she doesn’t like it. Jackie convinces her to take her time with it and not to let Henry win. She manages.

Back at Cody’s place, Roxy talks to Trevor and tells him that they can’t leave Cody alone. She tells Trevor that she knew that Jessica was unhappy, but nothing like leaving. Suddenly they hear banging around and Trevor goes up to Cody and hugs him. He cries. Denise talks to the Maris at the hospital church. She says that she killed a man and doesn’t know if she can get out of the funk that she is in. He says that sometimes it is needed to take a life, to preserve a life. He tells her that God forgives her, but she needs to forgive herself. Marcus comes into see Roland. He tells him that he talked to Marcus’ parole officer telling him that he had no complaint. Marcus tells Roland that he wanted to give David a part of history and Marcus tells Roland that it is better that David doesn’t know about him. He tells Roland that he is not going to mess things up anymore, but Roland has Marcus come over.

Marcus says goodbye to David and tells him that he will be back. He tells David to listen to his parents and promise that he will write. On the patio, Marcus thanks Joan. She tells him that they are looking out what is best for David. Marcus tells her that he hopes that she can forgive him. He leaves and Joan tells him that she appreciate how he handled things with David. She says that was what being a father all is about. Marcus smiles and says that there is hope for him after all. Roxy tells Finn that Cody is going to be staying with them. Finn says hello and welcomes him. Denise asks Frank how their little one is doing and he asks how her talk went with Maris. She says that it was good. Hector says that he needs a break from work and Gloria checks her emails. However, a message from the girl Hector slept with pops up. Gloria asks Hector and he lies and says that he doesn’t know her. However, she can see through his lie and tells him to get out. The episode ends.