Battle Scars - Recap

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The scene opens with Roxy telling Finn that T.J. is going to the Air and Space Museum. He says that he wants to go too. Trevor asks how Cody’s hand is doing. He says that he can bend his fingers. Roxy says that she can drop Cody off at the hospital. He says that he doesn’t need it. Treavor says that they are sorry about Jessica and Cody says that he doesn’t care about her. At Gloria’s place, Gloria is upset at Hector and goes over to Roxy’s. She tells her that Hector cheated on her and Roxy says that she is sorry. Cody comes downstairs and Gloria is startled. He goes back upstairs and apologizes for scaring her. Gloria apologizes to Roxy and she reassures her that he will be alright. At the base, Wisnewski goes up to Trevor and tells him that Hector is asking to move back to Barracks. They go up to him and say that he has to fix the problem with his wife. Trevor says that if he doesn’t comply then he will have an Article 15 on him.

Roxy goes into a bedroom and apologizes for Gloria. She says that it really isn’t that bad and says that he is still the same great guy. He disagrees. At the hospital, Bernie, a patient at the hospital, says that he needs his meds. However, the system says that they have him listed as deceased. Denise goes up and says that she knows someone who can help. Claudia sits to talk to him with Denise and they say that they can fix this. Hector goes to the bar and tries to plead with Gloria to come to marriage counseling. She asks him why and he says that he can get Article 15, which means a demotion and lower pay. She doesn’t feel sorry for him, but agrees to go. Kevin comes home and finds Jackie wrapped in a towel. He kisses her and the towel comes off. After they get “busy”, Kevin tells Jackie that everything went well at the meeting. However, he says that he is going to Pakistan. She tells him that she will be fine. Marisa Coleman, from Human Resources, talks to Bernie and Claudia. They ask how he was put as deceased list. She says that the VA has him listed as such and every agency jumped on board. They can authorize his medication though.

Bernie thanks Claudia for her help and asks her to drive him around a few places. She agrees. Bernie brings in food to a friend who is in a wheelchair and Claudia is happy to be there even though she is starting to feel like his chauffer. Roxy gets home to find Cody alone tossing a ball against the wall. She asks how his appointment went. He says that it is nothing new. She offers to give him the name to a doctor who can help him through what he is going through and he is condescending on the subject. He says that he has been to several and they are all the same. He tells her that he appreciates everything she is doing for him, but he is not her problem. Kevin talks to the brigades in his platoon and says that Frank’s brigade is going to stay back from Pakistan. He acknowledges the news, but is clearly not happy about it. Charlie comes in to see Joan and tells her that they are going to need more computers for the kids. Joan sees the ring on her finger and Charlie says that they haven’t set a date yet. She tells her that she will do what she can about the computers.

Later that night, Charlie asks about what they are planning. She asks Nikki what really is going on. Nikki says that her mother is coming. Charlie says that her mother calls her Nikki’s roommate and Nikki tells her that Charlie needs to tell her mother her own way. Frank tells Denise that he is not going on Pakistan. He says that Kevin could be setting him up for something and that he is throwing him under the bus because of politics. SemCom is who makes the rules. The next day, Denise talks to Jackie and asks if Frank is being left behind. Jackie says that Kevin trusts Frank to stay behind. Claudia and Bernie go to another administrator and he says that there is another Bernard Walachucks. The one who died was in Afghanistan and his parents think he is alive. Bernie feels bad. The administrator tells him that he will have it cleared up in 3 weeks. Claudia goes to see Michael and tells him to talk to a few people to fix the problem. He tells her that she is a good lawyer.

Nikki’s mother, Loraine, is there and Charlie asks if Nikki told her mother. She says that she hasn’t. Charlie blurts out that they are not roommates, but finances. Loraine is shocked and says that she has to leave. Outside, Loraine asks what she did wrong. Nikki says that she did nothing wrong. Loraine asks to be taken back to the hotel. Jackie talks to Kevin and asks about Frank’s brigade staying behind. Kevin says that the White House doesn’t want Frank’s brigade in after the incident in Africa. Nikki gets back home and Charlie apologizes for what happened. Nikki tells her that she shouldn’t have done that and that she should have allowed her to handle it. Charlie says that she waited for her to do so, but she never did. Nikki is upset and goes upstairs. Trevor shows Cody a picture of them before the accident. Cody says that he didn’t get to do anything in the field. Trevor tries to tell him that his career is not over, but Cody says that it is. At marriage counseling, Hector and Gloria talk and Hector is asked on what happened with the other woman.

Cody is practicing his exercise when he drops it and Roxy’s dog gets it. Cody yells at the dog to give it back. Roxy tells Cody that he can’t do that and that she had a friend who died in the war and that his mother would be grateful to be there and so would her friend. At marriage counseling, the counselor asks if both of them want this. Gloria says that she doesn’t know. Outside, Hector asks what that was about. She admits to him that she doesn’t know if she wants to stay with him. They play the blame game and Gloria stomps off. Loraine packs her bags and Nikki begs her to stay. She says that she is breaking her heart and tells her mother that she never wanted to hurt her. She says that the Army understands that she is gay. Loraine hugs her and says that she had dreams of her walking down the isle and having children. She says that can still happen, but in a different picture. She says that it would mean a lot to her if she was there.

Gloria goes over to Roxy’s and Cody answers the door. He says that Roxy is out, but should be back soon. She tells Cody that she is sorry about the other day. She says that her husband cheated on her. Cody says that his wife left him. They talk and find out that they can help solve each other’s problems. Cody asks her if any woman can love him and she says that he can have a life after this and says that love is a lot more than looks. She says that she still believes in love.

At the ceremony, Nikki and Charlie wait around to see if Loraine is going to show up. Kevin congratulates the soldiers on their time in Narubu, Africa for Operation Javelin. Nikki gets her Medal of Valor. Nikki sees her mother there. Charlie smiles and so does Loraine. Afterward, Loraine shows her acceptance to Charlie when she poses in a picture with them. Claudia comes up to Bernie and tells him that she pulled a few strings. Bernie asks for a ride to a graveyard. He visits the friends from when he served. He says that they don’t have anyone to help them anymore. Cody is leaving and tells Trevor that he is changing his MOS to Intelligence. They are proud of him. Cody apologizes to Roxy and she tells him that it is alright and that he is always welcome. The episode ends.